Twisted Tales



Fairy tales & folk tales, most people know them, they’re embedded in our consciousness. I rather like to pervert them! I give them an adult slant so if you read them at bedtime, the last thing you’ll feel is sleepy!


A BDSM Fairy Tale #1

A modern take on Goldilocks and the three Bears

Twisted Fairy Tale #2

A cross-dressing take on Red Riding Hood

Twisted Fairy Tale #3

The Gingerbread Man bites off more than he can chew

Twisted Fairy Tale #4

Hansel & Gretel’s torturous adventure in 7 parts

1. Who’s a Pretty Boy Then

2.What Greta Did

3. Hans’ Knees

4. Hit me Baby

5. Comfort Break

6. The Great Escape

7. Hans & Greta – Finale

Kiss me Caitlin  (inspired by Taming of the Shrew, sprinkle of Puss in Boots)

1. Part 1

2. Part 2


Lots of stories are well known, so they’re in the domain for me to twist as well. Let me pepper them with x-rated clothes, toys or action for your salacious enjoyment.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Alys and Hatter enjoy a special tea


Fan Fiction : Bridget Jones Re-imagined

1. Joni Bridges begins an unwise e-mail flirtation

2. Joni’s flirtation with Daniel Clover goes to the next level

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