oral sex

Wax Like a Porn Star

  I don’t want to bang on about the lockdown that we are under in the UK, except to observe that it’s very hard to feel like your best self when you are unable to have the grooming/ beauty treatments in which you’d usually indulge. I had been trying to grow my hair prior to …

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Riding boots, sheer blouse and spread jacket

The Breadcrumb Trail [part 2]

  Hello my Dark Darlings, Your patience has been rewarded, here’s the second part of Victoria’s flirty relationships with her work colleagues, one by text and one in person. If you haven’t read part 1, here’s the start of the story   “C’mon stud!”   Victoria stood up, leaning in to whisper by Toby’s ear, “let’s …

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Goddess : Friday Flash

Here  is the ‘Goddess’ edit of my latest story Christmas Cracker In order to participate in #FridayFlash the story must be under 500 words, this is 150 long.   “Fuck me,” she breathed, clawing at him. “With pleasure, my goddess,” Wesley responded, hooking up her leg to access her soaked pussy. She, in turn, fumbled …

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Jack Off

“Is that what you’re wearing?”  The note of disapproval was unmistakable. Immediately I tugged the skirt down a bit and tweaked the shoulder straps, uncomfortable with how much flesh was on show, although it had looked fine upstairs in my wardrobe mirror. “Don’t you like it?”  I could feel my face and neck flush with …

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