Flash Fiction

Stone staircase with graffitti

Second Place

This piece was originally submitted for #FridayFlash – a flash fiction meme run by F.Leonora (Prompt: Places)but it’s eminently suitable for #WickedWednesday‘s (Prompt: Dark Streets)   (image courtesy of Charlie) Faye hurtled up the stone staircase, determined not to trip or stumble, lactic acid seared quad and calf muscles while lungs burned with exertion. Joe’d …

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The night air was cold, a heavy dampness hanging around, creeping into clothes, seeping through her scratchy wool coat, swirling round legs.  Her breath made puffs like smoke while the orange street lights lit nothing well, everything looked sickly. The smell of his chips, sharp with vinegar, made her nose crinkle, her tummy rumble. His …

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