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model in black skimpy lingerie and lace top stockings plus white satin gloves

We Discovered A Stack of Girlie Magazines

Discovering soft porn in the 70s and how it – and my attititudes – have evolved When I was younger I read porn magazines. My first contact was when I shared my best friend’s discovery of a stack of her dad’s 1970’s spicy literature. They looked battered but we pored over them, giggling. I struggled to …

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Young woman dressed as maid, uniform, duster

Cleaner Close – A Young Woman’s Accidental Journey into BDSM

Part 1: While cleaning her employers’ house, Josie stumbles across live-streaming kinky sex Josie crunched up the gravel drive, big droplets of rain still dripped from the trees, so she hunched into her jacket and kept her hands in her pockets. The big house looked a little intimidating. The Gravesons liked everything modern, so the …

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Dream Study

This is Part 1 – there will be further episodes   Madison looked curiously round the room. The other participants in the study were absorbed in completing questionnaires on the iPads they’d been given. She recognised a couple of girls from around campus and the guy near the door was someone she’d assumed had grown …

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Enosh the Archer

    This piece was written specifically for @F.Leonora‘s #FridayFlash meme.   The picture prompt this week provided by @LasciviousLucy       The Archer     ‘Faint heart never won fair lady,’ Enosh reminds himself as he stands on the steps, struggling to remain motionless and hold his pose.   Yeah, he wishes he’d thought harder …

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