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Erotic Short Stories are the lifeblood of my blog. They are the reason I created Pillow Talk, to share and promote my writing.

I love to create short fiction which touch on sexy, adult themes.  Some stories are more romantic than others, and sometimes I will write so much sexy action that the tale is bordering on pornographic!

I write flash fiction, which is deliberately short. A piece of prose to get the reader squirming in their seat in as few words as possible.

Other times I write longer pieces, and sometimes I turn my fiction into a series (see the page dedicated to Erotic Fiction : Serials).

Being hetero myself, I’ll often write from a female PoV and the action will quite likely involve a male/penis owner BUT not always.  I have written FF (lesbian) stories and MM (homosexual) stories.  I enjoy supernatural tales, so I’ve tried my hand at other-worldly lovers too!

To check out my short stories search on the memes: Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and FridayFlash or look for the tag Short Stories.

If you enjoy what you read, I’d love you to leave me a comment or share the link on social media.

Sometimes comments can start a thought process which will result in a new piece of writing.

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