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I use Twitter like a cocktail party, where I chat to people and discover their likes, dislikes and interests.  This way I meet fascinating people, some of whom have things to share but no forum (i.e. they aren’t a blogger … yet!)

[Enter stage left] My ‘Guest’ feature!

Here you will meet folk who write or share pictures, I loan them space on my blog, using a post as a soapbox.  In the interest of broadening minds, and to keep Pillow Talk fresh, I share my space.  Visitors taking the time to leave encouraging comments may be the catalyst which prompts my guests into taking the next step with their kink/ hobby.

Rollcall of Guests


PJA Woode  Sharing Another Blogger’s Secret Face Value

A Guy in Panties  Men in Black (Panties)  Peek a Boo  … Next Step  Beach Body

PTC  Enchanted Valley   Enchanted Valley, Lovers’ Tryst

Vlad Lioncourt Face Value

Francesca Demont 3 Seconds to Orgasm (Part 1) (Part 2)

Starcross  Sharing!

Jacques @beforesunset 50’s Big Glamour Knickers (collab.) Aisle 23

Charlie @bravocharlie101 See Through a top pick for #SinfulSunday


Purple microphone Interview Slot

Interview with a Blogger / #SoSS

Oddly enough, even though we are all here as a result of ‘sex’ and most of us do it in some form or another, talking about it openly is still considered taboo.  Many bloggers feel ‘censored’ – by what they can share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Web providers have been know to shut us down and delete our content with no notice.  For this reason #SoSS was born, a way of sharing links and content amongst ourselves and raising awareness of other bloggers.

Most Saturdays I share some links to posts and images that have grabbed my attention, and once a month I have a feature where I interview a fellow blogger or someone involved in this community to find out more of what makes them tick.  Why not subscribe to my blog so you never miss an interview?

Here are a few of the interviews from 2018, when it was a weekly feature:

Elliott Henry

Nero Black

Girl on the Net

Little Switch Bitch

A M Harding

Interview hi-lights



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