Lingerie Loving Men

It’s hard to pinpoint when my interest began, perhaps the 1st time I saw the Rocky Horror Show with Tim Curry as the brazen and sexually voracious Baron Von Frankenfurter. He wore stockings and a basque with such pride and pizzazz that I was enchanted.

There is something wonderful about a man who is sure of who he is, so sure that he can enjoy wearing underwear designed with women in mind and feel enhanced rather than diminished by it. The fabrics of ladies’ lingerie are so much more sensuous – no wonder people are enchanted by them. I find fishnet quite intoxicating, so I can relate.

Meet Jacques, always has an appreciative eye for detail on  pretty panties


Here’s a guy I refer to as Mr XX in some skimpies & stockings

Their curves differ may from mine, still I  appreciate anyone’s fascination for all the colours and styles available – sternly constricting, or barely concealing one’s charms – lingerie has a magical appeal on any body type.


Here’s a Man Called Alice looking sensational

My association with lingerie wearing men began gradually.

First I wrote an erotic version of Red Riding Hood which featured a cross-dressing guy as my figurative ‘wolf’  (the fairy tale does put him in Grandma’s clothes).

Mr Morsel flaunting some french fancies!



A regular favourite of mine from Twitter is Rachel – here in some pastel pink stockings and retro silk drawers


From posting the first twisted fairytale I began to befriend people on-line – people who enjoyed the same kink as me: guys who were proudly showing off their bodies in satin and lace, silky stockings and garter belts galore.


The fairytale drew visitors to my blog, people who also liked to admire men wearing knickers, panties, tights & etc.

Later I wrote a twisted fairy-tale based version of Hansel & Gretel in 7 parts (these episodes feature cross-dressing Part 1 / Part 3 /Part 5 / Part 7) but I hope you’ll read them all.


Knickers’n’Tights often shows off his recent purchases

I’ve persuaded some friends to share their motivations and emotions about their love of lingerie. These are some of my most visited posts:



Men (in Black) Panties * Guy Wearing Panties – Next Step * He Wears 50s Glamour Big Knickers * Beach Body *


To some its a kink and to others it’s an expression of who they are.

A Man Called Alice * Mr Morsel  *  Knickers’n’Tights  * Rachel  * Gentle New Man * Susie * Charlie Bravo * images and DMs kindly shared, amongst several other Twitter acquaintances

Charlie Bravo modelling t-shirt & pants in the showerSee  Through : Charlie Bravo


I’ve interviewed Susie Mace, Charlie X and A Man Called Alice – all AMAB who readily express their enjoyment from wearing lingerie



Here’s a Man Called Alice modelling a very frilly thong for Bank Holiday Bumday

I’ve written several Crossdressing themed stories for other sites.

With this page, I’ve gathered all the links in this one place to cater to an audience with an appetite for Lingerie Loving AMAB’s .

Charlie Bravo demonstrates white knickers going see-thru when wet


CharlieX let me use this image to illustrate Risky Business

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