Longer Series ~ Erotic Fiction

Longer Series of fiction


Sometimes, to get the full effect of a plot and all it’s nuances, it’s necessary to write a longer piece of fiction.  To build suspense I serialise them.  I’ve grouped the titles here.

The Twisted Fairytales are a special group: I take a traditional fairy tale and place it in a modern setting with an erotic context.


The Halloween Party : Part 1, Part 2

Singleton Freya prepares for a fancy dress party with a little ‘help’ from fwb Mike


Cleaner Close

Part 1 : Josie cleaning job allows her to be a voyeur to BDSM activities

Part 2 : Josie gets her first taste of BDSM

Part 3 : Josie interacts with slave Maya and her master

Part 4 : Josie’s carries out self pleasure ‘homework’ under master’s watchful eye

Part 5 : Maya teases ‘pet’ Josie with pee play while their master watches

Part 6a : Josie attends a sex party, putting on a fetish display with Maya

Part 6b: At the party Josie plays patient to  a ‘doctor’ and  ‘nurse’

Part 7a:  Master puts Josie through slave training

Part 7b: Master & After watching party footage Josie’s coaxed to experience a nipplegasm


Sex in the City – Daring Carrie: Part 1, Part 2 This story is currently unavailable

Big has specific instructions which ensure he enjoys Carrie’s shopping trip as much as she does


One Night in Paris : Part 1, Part 2

A couple’s weekend in Paris is choc full of sexy fun and frolics


Joni Bridges’ Diary: Part 1, Part 2

An homage to Bridget Jones: our heroine’s e-mail banter and OTT flirting with her boss leads to falling into bed together


Tainted Love: Part 1, Part 2

In a fantasy slave training scenario, a Master uses hypnosis to suggest sexual behaviour to his slave before taking a voyeuristic role as she picks strangers in a bar with whom to act out his dark suggestions


Dragon Tale

Part 1 : A princess negotiates her kidnap with a dragon

Part 2 : Why Princess Violetta needs to escape

Part 3 : The kidnap and escape

Part 4 : The dragon makes plans to dominate Princess Violetta

Part 5 :  Princess Violetta experiences punishment and pleasure the Dragon’s way

Part 6 :  Princess Violetta bends to the Dragon’s dominance


Mind the Gap 

Part 1 :  Singleton Posy is attracted to a younger guy

Part 2 :  Hamish and Posy realise the attraction is mutual

Part 3 :  Hamish and Posy get physical

Part 4 :  Hamish throws a NYE party and gets horizontal with Posy

Part 5 :  Posy teaches Hamish how she likes her sexy interaction


The Diary Uncovered

Part 1: Finding his sub’s diary Master gets clued up to Rabbit’s thoughts on their sexy play

Part 2: Master uses temperature play to punish Rabbit’s bratty behaviour

Part 3: Further revelations from Rabbit’s diary – thoughts on body piercing and being bratty

Cocktail Hour: Rabbit’s on an assignment, supressing her arousal in a crowded bar

Beach Bunny:  Rabbit is challenged to masturbate in a public place

Owed an Apology:  Rabbit must carry out pelvic floor training but is tempted into un-sanctioned self pleasure

Hoping for Forgiveness: Rabbit is angry when she reflects back on an examination which ended in orgasm denial


School Reunion (I’ve Waited a Long Time) Part 1, Part 2

Retracing her steps to school, Lizzie discovers what she’s been missing since letting Frank slip through her fingers.


While the Cat’s Away…the Cougar will Play  Part 1, Part 2

Taking advantage of a wife’s absence: an older, single woman makes a play for a younger man.



Part 1:  Madison participates in a dream study – an easy way to make money or probing into her kinks?
Part 2: In her first dream Madison dances naked for a crowd
Part 3: Madison suspects the survey is more sexual than scientific.  In her dreams she’s part of a harem
Part 4: Madison must pleasure the owner of the harem. In the study she is teased to a high state of arousal
Part 5: Madison dreams she’s home alone pleasuring herself in an exposed location with assorted sex toys


Shiver Me Timbers 

A tale of Pirates stowaways, and captivity

Part 1:More than the ship is taken hostage
Part 2: Smuggling the booty back to his cabin
Part 3: Sexy Stowaway


Raising Edward Thackeray~A Halloween Themed Tale of Re-Animation

Intro: Cassie and her girlfriend take a Graveyard Dare

Part 1: Edward Thackeray gains strength from the lovers who visit his grave

Part 2: Edward’s ghost gains enough energy to touch and feel

Part 3: Edward is re-animated enough to haunt the living


The Breadcrumb Trail

3 colleagues whose flirtation escalates on 1 debauched night out

  1. Victoria gets two guys hot and bothered juggling sexting with RL flirting
  2. Victoria and Toby get a room, but she cant stop sexting  Mason
  3. Victoria wants Toby and Mason, using facetime they enact a threeway liaison

Kiss Me Caitlin

Told in a traditional folk tale style, a humble blacksmith is attracted to the most sought-after woman in the land. Can she really be as alluring as she seems? [Part 1] [Part 2]

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