Young Posy

Teenage girls by the sea making heartshapes with their hands


I am a gregarious person – a bit of a people-pleaser who dislikes conflict.  I enjoy being part of a team (but not the leader) and I enjoy being friendly, particularly encouraging and settling people who are shy into the social circle. Although I have plenty of friends I’ve learned that a friend you can …

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Loving Myself

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” – Andre Gide [2 minute read] I’ve written a previous post about when I discovered how much I enjoyed time spent with my hands down my pants during puberty.  Privacy was at a premium when I was at boarding school, so sometimes being in the shower was the only …

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Working out the Kinks

  #Kink of the Week : #Masturbation Monday Mutual Masturbation This rarely happens, but as soon as I read the prompt for Kink of the Week I knew what I wanted to write, actually I wanted to start writing immediately! I love reading erotica with passages where one person masturbates for the other’s pleasure. Perhaps …

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