White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

Sweet Dreams are Made of This : Interview with Sweetgirl

  It’s a Saturday and so it is time to share. I have been reading more of Sweetgirl’s blog recently, and liking what I find. Her relationship with Mr H is 24/7 D/s and she describes aspects of it honestly and with wit. She share’s great pictures, finding time also to read and comment generously

Kiss Me Caitlin … (contd.)

This piece of fantasy/enchantment fiction follows on from my submission for to #MasturbationMonday, concluding here for #WickedWednesday. It was inspired by the halloween-themed stockings May Moore modelled and a story prompt a friend provided.   There had been a commotion in the village when Caitlin’s most recent suitor had arrived to pay court. To emphasise

Sharing E-Lust 120

Photo courtesy of Purple’s Gem Welcome to Elust 120– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #119? Start with the rules,

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Outdoor Sex :This could’ve been my specialist subject in my youth! [6.5 min read] Living at home did not lend itself to privacy, but with my libido banging a big bass drum in my ears, my boyfriend and I used to have sex in his car all the time.  The places would vary, stopping in

White Panties

OK – this was confusing!  She could not stop looking up another girl’s skirt! She liked boys, she knew she did, she’d done some thrilling kissing with boys and let one feel under her jumper but over her bra, yet she couldn’t take her eyes off the glorious glimpse of pristine white panties under an

Sharing Saturday #SoSS No.6

Blogger Uncovered – Posy Churchgate Hello Dark Darlings, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and I’m still struggling to type with one hand, so this blog shares less about other bloggers whose work I’m inspired by but more about me, hope that’s OK? Also huge thanks to Vampy Valentine for her input/collaboration and 3 of my most

As I often say ~ Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!! It’s been a funny old week!  Definitely not my best week of the year when I received the disappointing news that I didn’t get a ‘new blogger’ rating from Kinkly, but Pillow Talk‘s a small site and I don’t use Twitter or Facebook to promote myself