Book Junkie

My name is Posy Churchgate, and I’m addicted to books. I saw Brigit’s prompt for #tellmesomethingtrue and immediately wanted to respond, because I love to talk on the topic of books/ reading – if you visit my blog you’ll know I sometimes write reviews. I am sharing a picture of one of my bookcases – …

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Being a Bitch is My Kink

  Discussing Kink Vs Fetish: an interesting one, it’s a delineation I struggle to remember. Here’s how A Scottish Lass defined it when she set the prompt on the 4Thoughts and Fiction meme Kinks are defined as something sexually non-conventional whereas a fetish is the sexual gratification gained from an object, piece of clothing or …

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Thinking Out Loud

Diaries & Journals I confess diaries fascinate me, but I wouldn’t sneak a peek at someone’s without permission. I’d be violating their trust. [4.5 min read] A journal is somewhere the writer needs to feel able to record their thoughts for the purpose of self-analysis, and to censor those thoughts (in case of discovery) seriously …

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