Give and Take – Anal Play (1) : Guest Fiction

Here follows part 1 of a story which Canadian Erotica is crafting – I’m lucky enough to  get a sneak preview to share with you! The participants,a young MF couple, are very familiar with each other. They make the most of time alone to explore their anal fantasies with toys and lots of teasing.  

Fiction Relay – Part 10 : The Bad Angel

  This story is part of the Fiction Relay.  For a summary of the plot so far, and links to ALL the earlier episodes follow this link. I’m following on from Liz Black‘s Part 9 – Such a Sweet Girl Content Warning – this work of fiction contains disturbing themes of blood play, emotional manipulation

Down Memory Lane

  The prompt for #WickedWednesday is currently Family Heirloom This is a terrible time to ask me about heirlooms! Currently I’m clearing the contents of my parents’ cottage. They were both sentimental people, each kept mementos and various vintage items. Some are special because of the person who gifted them, others were genuinely passed down

Being a Bitch is My Kink

  The 4Thoughts and Fiction prompt is currently Kink Vs Fetish, which is an interesting one, a delineation I struggle to remember, but here is how A Scottish Lass defined it when she set the prompt: Kinks are defined as something sexually non-conventional whereas a fetish is the sexual gratification gained from an object, piece

Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 10

  This continues a historical boarding school series about a young French aristocrat, which I am writing alongside EveRay – you can read her previous chapter here   On the train journey home from London I studied Miss Ranson, unable to identify her mood. I know gifting her The Well of Loneliness had hit the mark.