White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

Sweet Dreams are Made of This : Interview with A Submissive Wife

  It’s a Saturday and so it is time to share. I have been reading more of A Submissive Wife’s blog recently, and liking what I find. Her relationship with Mr H is 24/7 D/s and she describes aspects of it honestly and with wit. She share’s great pictures, finding time also to read and

Something Old, Something New … Interview

This week our interviewee may be new to you – she certainly hasn’t been blogging long but she’s really finding her voice, and its fascinating.  I have also found, within my usual weekly round-up, a couple more bloggers whose writing I hadn’t read until this week – thank goodness for the #WickedWednesday and #MasturbationMonday memes

#SoSS – It’s Saturday and the Weekend Starts Here!!

Hello my Dark Darlings, my ‘hot’ blogging shares for this week are as follows:- Ria welcomes a long lost Dom back into her life Scandarella tells a dystopian tale of otherworldly desires and cravings E T Costello remembers his first love as they crest over and let loose at term’s end  Eve’s stream of consciousness

Sharing & Caring Amongst the Fifty-Shaders!

Hello my Dark Darlings, I have only a few links to share with you this week, as I’ve been more than a little pre-occupied with holiday preparations, but here’s what I’ve been reading, listening to and appreciating.After that I’m sharing an interview with the erudite Victoria Blisse who I’ve only been getting to know in

Sharing it like Pass the Parcel

Here we are, ready for another #SoSS Saturday of sharing?  Not only blog posts I’ve enjoyed but a great interview with a sex blogger – lets get cracking! https://thelifeofelliottandallthatjizz.com/2018/06/16/like-a-peeping-tom/ https://kaylalords.com/2018/06/waiting-for-release/ https://knkstriped.wordpress.com/2018/06/20/my-inner-brat/ https://ina-morata.com/2018/06/20/waiting-for-him-to-come-18/ https://www.bellesa.co/story?id=322/horatio-slice-confessions-of-a-space-pirate-chapter-3- https://isabellelauren.com/summer-100-round-one-results/ https://petrapanreviews.com/2018/06/lovehoney-cuban-heel-stockings/ http://pieces-of-jade.com/2018/06/20/june-20-release/ http://subsmissives.com/reviews/bdsm/kalis-teeth-review/ My Dark Darlings, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has always encouraged my

Hot Shares for this Saturday!

Good morning my Dark Darlings, thanks for checking out my blog on the weekend – yes!  #ShareourShitSaturday has come round again!  I shall recommend erotica which caught my eye this week (mostly from the #MasturbationMonday and #WickedWednesday memes)   I’m also interviewing a charming lady who I spent some time with at #Eroticon in March –