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Sharing our Shizzle, Deal with It!!

      Hello my Dark Darlings!  Well the summer vacation has officially begun, so for this week’s #SoSS let’s jump straight into the sparkling water and get our feet wet!  Some great links will follow of articles and stories and pictures which have entertained me this week – I hope you feel the same

Hot Holiday Reading!

For #MasturbationMonday I thought I’d share Book Reviews / Recommendations  I can’t speak for everybody, but my holiday experience is enhanced by great books to read!  While vacationing, there is plenty of time to pass: waiting at the airport/station/harbour, travelling on the plane/train/ship and then during your time relaxing by the pool or sea, in

Good Girls Don’t

~ Young Posy begins her sexual journey ~When I was about 14 I was a prolific reader and very into pop music – these facts are important because both media introduced me to the concept of female self pleasure!  I’ve posted before about how society is totally accepting (encouraging almost) about males/penis owners masturbating, but

Sharing – with Sauce!

#SoSS This Saturday my Helping of Suggested Bloggs to Read has Sauce on It! https://medium.com/@ThePinkSeam/mantis-moon-b279922885be https://cimmeriansentiment.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/kindle-time-quick-and-dirty-short-stories-nsfw/ https://wrigglykitty.com/2017/11/05/over-exposed/ http://sexwithemily.com/masturbation-taught-sex-ed/#.Wu28Aujwbrd https://theotherlivvy.com/2018/05/05/who-deserves-sex/ https://pandorasbox86blog.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/american-vampire-in-london/ And the Sprinkles on the Sauce … an Interview with Tabitha Rayne! What made you decide to write a sex blog?  Actually, my blog started out as a way to promote my books and do

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie!

Hello my Dark Darlings, It’s #FriskyFriday already! I’ve been working on a collaboration with my good friend E.T. Costello and it’s nearly ready for public consumption!!   I am very excited, as he’s such a talented, creative person, that I’m able to share this picture, hinting at the finished piece.  You’ll need to look out for