Cocktail Hour

  The prompt for #FridayFlash is an image provided by @Charlton_Tod, a beautiful mural of a girl with a cocktail.  It inspired me to write this piece of flash fiction, which I am also submitting for #WickedWednesday [3 min read] It’s cocktail hour and the bar is busy, people crowded at the counter, laughing and

Near Miss

This short post is submitted for #food4thoughtFriday  & #WickedWednesday. It’s based on a friend’s anecdote Greta lay stretched out on a bed with straps extending from each corner to hold her arms and legs in a spread eagle position.  Nipple clamps hung from Greta’s firm breasts and a large dildo was sunk so deep in

Purple Prose

Hello my dark darlings – for #WickedWednesday I may have to feed you some morsels of erotica I have been working on, because my focus has been on them rather than writing something on the theme of ‘purple’ which Marie Rebel has put forward this week.   I will spill, however, that purple is my favourite

… But Words Can Never Hurt Me

Sticks and Stone May Break my Bones,  but Words can Never Hurt Me  [anon. ~ from nursery rhyme] I’m so excited as I get the pen to write on my skin, that my heart is beating hard, making my breasts jiggle perceptibly.  I’ve packed for a weekend away with my man, plenty of wispy triangles

A Dragon Tale (Part 5)

You can start here, or you can read Parts 1, 2,  3 and  4 first. Violetta was hot and tired, she’d gathered more firewood while the dragon was out hunting.  Next she visited the stream to fill the bucket with water, and while there she bathed, laying her dress aside to stand in the water and drench her arms

#SinfulSunday – Prime Rump

I say ‘prime rump’ with tongue in cheek because I actually am a little sparse in the rump department! Let’s call it ‘neat’ cos that’s how I think of my bum.   I totally love this track by Goldfrapp, it is on my ‘sexy’ playlist! Twist – by Goldfrapp Before you go and Leave this town