Fairy tales

Classic fairy tales brought into modern day and given a sexy twist – definitely not for reading to children!

  Sizzling Sequel – Hot Holiday Reading I will admit there are slight downsides to reading on a Kindle or similar e-reader, but not many!   You can’t go into a charity shop and get a pre-loved book for 10/20/50p, but if you follow the Kindle daily deals there are often books for 79/99p or £1.50 …

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A Dragon Tail – Part 6

You can start here, or you can read Parts 1, 2,  3 , 4 and 5 first.Later that day Violetta was at the stream again, washing herself clean of the blood and body fluids which coated her skin, but which she’d worn proudly, like a trophy, while she and the dragon had repeatedly played, teased and fucked, finally lying down together to …

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