Elust Digest – #129

Welcome to Elust 129 – Erotic Non-Fiction Vivastreet Interview Symptomatic: (self) love in the time of… Putting it in Overdrive Blogging I’m still standing The initiatives of #noEroticon Erotic Fiction When Lightning Comes From The East Latex Honour Bondage – Up Against The Wall Pushing his face into her cunt Fear Fuck Forced to Orgasm Tsk-Tsk

Nadine Tries Anal Play with Her Master

This piece of erotic fiction features Nadine a submissive who has recently begun to serve the Master, as one of his playmates. All sex is consensual and participants are over 18. The product featured in their play was gifted to me by BestVibe.com in return for a story describing it’s features. [18.5 min read] Kneeling

Red lips

Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 2. Term Begins

This is part of a historical serial which I am writing with EveRay and is better if read in the right order. If you have missed the earlier episodes they are here: Prologue Chapter 1 – Part 1 Chapter 1 – Part 2   How did the British unerringly design such ugly buildings?    As