About Me

Posy Churchgate is my pen name.  I’m female, married and heterosexual.

I’ve been writing erotica for other people to read since 2016.  I started writing stories and posting them on Literotica, where they got read but I quickly realised I wanted all the glory for myself. I created Pillow Talk fuelled by a glass of champagne at my elbow and the NYE fireworks on TV!  For a while it felt like I was blogging to about 6 faithful readers who’d followed me over from Literotica. A couple of bloggers I had begun to follow gave me good advice. 

  • create a Twitter account in order to join a community and promote my posts
  • participate in memes and competitions to encourage and expand my work.

I continue to experiment with  different genres and styles of erotic writing.  I am now a contributor to other erotic platforms (Frolic Me, Bellesa, MyErotica). Regularly up-dating this blog Pillow Talk  showcases my writing, but has proved therapeutic too.

I have long-held a dream to be a writer, I toyed with the idea of journalism when I left school.  Twitter can be a friend OR a downfall! I love reading posted comments or getting involved in a juicy Twitter thread, but it fuels my procrastination


I’ve been happily married for many years, we embrace experimentation within our relationship. Reading and writing erotic fiction keeps me learning new things.  Occasionally I discover new kinks I didn’t know I had, or techniques I wish I’d known about years ago!  My firm belief is that “libido is like a muscle, use it or lose it!” 

I’ve always been very curious sex and how everybody else does it!  I’m fascinated to learn motivations behind kinks while gaining a perspective on lifestyles others enjoy.  I’m a chronic over-sharer, which is the ideal character trait for a blogger! I’ve met so many wonderful creative people since going on-line and made several genuine friends, some of whom I have met IRL.  I do not support kink-shaming or judgemental behaviour, and endeavour to be respectful of people’s pronouns and supportive to all.


When not reading or writing, I have coffee (or something stronger) with friends. I walk my dogs, hate the cold and ignore the news. I’m happiest with family, binge watching shows or horror films!

You can find my erotic writing in print now too.

Discovery – An Eroticon Anthology (Amazon)
Seven Days in April – The Lockdown Diaries (Amazon)
Breaking Limits – An Anthology about Strong Women Letting Go (Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo)

The Gift – And other Erotic Stories – an anthology compiled by Kate Pasithea


I do – however value my privacy and want to be respectful to my family.  Any attempt to un-mask me or discover my real identity would result in me ceasing to write this blog and associated fiction.




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