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Twisted Tales

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2020 Interview a Blogger

2020 Interview a Blogger

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Erotic Fiction (Serials)

Erotic Fiction (Serials)

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P is for Panties

It’s so important to support each other, and some wonderful people have been great today. Compliments and sharing has abounded on my Twitter timeline, and that’s a very positive things. On this blog I sometimes share pictures – selfies in lingerie. Many of my sex blogging friends do the same. Different genders and varied body

Down Memory Lane

  The prompt for #WickedWednesday is currently Family Heirloom This is a terrible time to ask me about heirlooms! Currently I’m clearing the contents of my parents’ cottage. They were both sentimental people, each kept mementos and various vintage items. Some are special because of the person who gifted them, others were genuinely passed down

Scottish Lass is going to Spill the Beans!

  Meet Scottish Lass – kindly sharing her responses to my interview questions. SL is a frank and friendly blogger, who shares her thoughts and happenings regarding the BDSM lifestyle she shares with her Dom on Sex and Spanx. She hasn’t been on the blogging scene very long, so here’s a great opportunity to learn

Being a Bitch is My Kink (song lyrics)

  The 4Thoughts and Fiction prompt is currently Kink Vs Fetish, which is an interesting one, a delineation I struggle to remember, but here is how A Scottish Lass defined it when she set the prompt: Kinks are defined as something sexually non-conventional whereas a fetish is the sexual gratification gained from an object, piece

Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 10

  This continues a historical boarding school series about a young French aristocrat, which I am writing alongside EveRay – you can read her previous chapter here   On the train journey home from London I studied Miss Ranson, unable to identify her mood. I know gifting her The Well of Loneliness had hit the mark.

Pulling Mussels (from a Shell)

      Fun Theme Photo Meme – the current prompt is Back to Life Musically Ranting & September Song Project – the prompt is Encore! Ever since I started sharing photos of me on my blog, my go-to choice of image is to show my legs,. My favourite way to ‘dress’ my legs is

Teachers & Influencers

  [6 minute read] I had a few teachers at school who I liked, mainly because they taught a subject I enjoyed or did well at. A few I couldn’t get along with too, some were just sour and strict in their demeanour while others, I suspect the trouble was a personality clash.   The

Social Media – Not Always Friendly

  I used to love social media – not Facebook, I came to that pretty late and got bored very quickly. I find WhatsApp immensely useful for talking to friends/ family as a group chat, but I’ve fallen out of love with Twitter. I joined Twitter to promote my writing but quite quickly got involved

Thanks for the Memories

  Nobody really wanted the job of clearing my Dad’s house after he died, it was too sad. So many memories, both tangible and intangible, are in the cottage where he had lived for 35 years. It was the house to which my parents retired to when my father no longer worked in the capital