model in black skimpy lingerie and lace top stockings plus white satin gloves

We Discovered A Stack of Girlie Magazines

Discovering soft porn in the 70s and how it – and my attititudes – have evolved

When I was younger I read porn magazines. My first contact was when I shared my best friend’s discovery of a stack of her dad’s 1970’s spicy literature. They looked battered but we pored over them, giggling. I struggled to imagine her dad reading them, while also trying to keep a lid on the funny feeling I got from looking at the women lewdly displaying themselves in the colour pictures.

Before the internet existed, glossy men’s magazines were the #1 destination for soft porn: naked girls’ pictures and saucy short stories. You’ve heard of Playboy I’m sure, but Fiesta was a favourite of mine. These magazines provided quite an education in my late teens, probably shaping some, but not all, of the preferences and kinks in my current make-up.

A decade on from my first sight of those 1970’s girly magazines, I discovered pocket sized publications made up primarily of stories and small ads (escorts, people wanting to hook up or selling sex aids). I’m sure harder stuff existed, publications more specific to fetishes, but that wasn’t what I was into. Others from my era probably started the same way, and can remember when, for soft porn, guys could not be ‘hard’ and girls could not be ‘wet’. Another difference in the 70’s and 80’s, from porn now, was that girls had hairy pussies, and surgically enlarged breasts were rare.

The internet explosion in recent decades, has changed the accessibility of titillating material. You Porn and its fore runners meant that a shy youth could painlessly view naked and willing looking models of either sex with just a few keystrokes (there are free sites and those behind a paywall). Take a moment to ponder (or remember) the heart-stopping embarrassment of reaching for a sexy magazine from the top shelf in the newsagent — hiding it in a newspaper perhaps, or visiting another town to make the purchase. Problem #2 was keeping it somewhere safe but discreet to read at your leisure, I’ll bet lots of people hoped their mum wouldn’t discovered their sexy cache of publications under the bed.

Today most people can view pornographic images, although some countries have stricter controls than others. The internet has made them easily accessible. Now heavy, raw porn and the practices it portrays, might be perceived as mainstream by naive practitioners. Teenagers today could try kinks like anal or breath play before they’ve even had a chance to get ‘bored’ with the more ‘vanilla’ practices and positions. People are hungry for a new thrill.

It’s a tough industry. Internet porn is constantly hungry for new faces, new bodies, because their consumers are. This makes the turnover for glamour models and sex workers who star in skin flicks high. An actor’s ‘moment in the sun’ can be very shortlived. This may push the young / inexperienced to step over lines they didn’t want to cross. Fresh talent could arrive, be the hottest thing and make a few films, then languish getting no more calls from filmmakers. Time passes and they fall into the bracket of Hotwife or Milf and, even later Older Woman in the May to September love storyboards.

Any films made can all too easily be pirated and uploaded to PornHub or other sites where the creator will not earn any income from views.

The boyfriend I had in my twenties, regularly brought home men’s magazines. These glossy magazines were filled with soft porn in the form of naked girls’ pictures and saucy short stories. We would read the stories together, view the pictures and, once we felt horny, we’d fool around and end up having sex.

When I looked at these magazines I compared my breasts to the women in their pages. Mine were big-ish, but I was fascinated by the little breasts, gentle peaks sometimes dominated by large flat nipples. I loved to look at these boobs, which were so small they weren’t even orbs, and I envied these girls, who could go without a bra.  The girlie magazines usually featured more women with large, full breasts, bigger was treated as sexier, which gradually led to the popularity of models getting silicone implants.

I was also fascinated by the range of pussies displayed in these magazines, dark hair, light hair, curly or straight (I don’t remember any being shaven as they are now). The inner folds of flesh came in varied shades too, their lips were different shapes and sizes. Not everyone was symmetrical and neat, as my sheltered teens had led me to imagine. At my school, other girls kept themselves wrapped in towels and used cubicles in which to change or shower. I’d had little chance to review my peers and learn how huge a variety existed and all were normal.

The girlie magazines provided a valuable ‘through the keyhole’ opportunity to closely study the bodies of other females, plus I liked their pouty, sexy expressions, and the naughty settings.

Magazine Photo Shoots

These had a pattern: one girl (occasionally two) would be fully dressed for the first picture, in the next they would begin shedding garments, or unbuttoning / unzipping clothes. By the third picture the girls wore underwear only, often the bra was often. Next shot the model’s legs were spread, and all their womanly secrets on display. For the last picture the state of undress was much the same but the girl would strike a different pose, perhaps bending over something, or a rear view image whilst the girl looked coquettishly back over her shoulder.

If there was fancy-dress or props, they’d inject some novelty into the photo spread e.g. “Ooops! I was drinking milk and I’ve spilled it. Now it’s dripping off my breasts and into my naked pussy.”

model in black skimpy lingerie and lace top stockings plus white satin gloves
Image from Pixabay

At this time I didn’t earn much, but I loved treating myself to sexy undies. I also always wore stockings because my boyfriend and I preferred them, so I’d buy matching bras, garter belts and knickers.

It was exciting when my boyfriend ran his hand up my leg and under my skirt, to that exotic area of bare flesh above the stocking top and before the knickers began. He had a manual job, so his skin was rough and rasping. It thrilled me to feel his hands pawing my gusset aside before he sank his fingers into me. I’d abandon myself to his rough foreplay, which made me feel like a delicate fragile thing in the hands of a lusty hungry savage. I’d close my eyes and lie back, letting him push my skirt up round my waist, plunging in and out of my slippery hole with his fingers.

I imagined my pale flesh on display, my pretty satin suspenders framing my dark pussy while I abandoned myself to the sensations he awoke with those rough fingers or his tongue. Meanwhile I floated in the heady whirl of my escalating arousal. The sounds of his breath, made rasping with excitement, was music to my ears. Juices ran out of me once he’d awoken the sex kitten hidden within my ‘girl next door’ exterior.

Grinding down on his hands, I’d moan as quietly as I could, not wanting him to stop his exquisite torture. At this stage I thought sex was meant to be quiet, I hadn’t learned how sexy my sighs and groans could be, or that I could use them to convey my levels of enthusiasm for a particular touches or moves.

I would kneel over him in a lingerie set, letting him pinch at my breasts through my bra. Soon I’d be straddling one of his legs and bending to the task of taking his hot, swollen dick in my mouth. He had taught me what he liked, encouraging me to lick and suck around the bulbous helmet until he was breathing heavily. I’d quickly learned the grip of my hand and my mouth simultaneously brought him to an explosive climax.

With my wet pussy rubbing his thigh, he knew I was turned on. In front of his face was the vista of my bulging breasts, jiggling in my lacy bra. Once he came, decorating his stomach and groin with ropes of opaque cum, I might gently suck his member as it wilted, lapping at the trails of semen, tasting his salty climax.

Sometimes I’d read out a story from one of the magazines, or we’d lie side by side reading and swapping magazines, sharing what we found hot. That’s when we’d kick around the idea of submitting photos of me, in the hope I’d get picked for a reader’s wives photo session. While I lacked confidence that my body was good enough, he loved my big boobs, my slim legs and my small, pert bum.

I worried that I couldn’t relax around total strangers, a crew of technicians, enough to take off my clothes and open my legs. What didn’t frighten me, was being admired and lusted over by total strangers once the magazine hit the shelves. That extra layer of ‘distance’ woke the exhibitionist in me. When I thought about images of my nubile body in magazines or stuck to walls for blue collar workers up and down the country to ogle or wank over, it was a heady dream.

Because the idea made me us so hot, after these discussions my boyfriend and I would have wild sex, me on top riding him hard, until we both climaxed in a sweating, heaving tangle of limbs.

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2 thoughts on “We Discovered A Stack of Girlie Magazines”

  1. “Any films made can all too easily be pirated and uploaded to PornHub or other sites where the creator will not earn any income from views.”

    Not anymore, at least not for PornHub and co. PornHub and its sister websites (YouΠorn etc) now require you to be verified with an ID to upload anything, whether images or videos. Same with xHamster, and gradually this expands to more websites – basically any site that targets monetization. Same with sites with webcam models of course (OnlyFans, Chaturbate etc)

    Weirdly PornHub now treats everyone who wants to be verified as a… model, even if they just want to upload an avatar (yes, even for a mere avatar you need an ID or passport). Only stories and comments are allowed by anonymous users.

    xHamster used to have an image or video verification (where you shot yourself displaying your handle) but since they introduced ID verification to upload content they… downgraded the former verified users to “Community Users”, which is something like.. semi-verified.

    This was largely done not to combat piracy but revenge / unsolicited / exploitative porn. It was done after VISA, Mastercard and co blacklisted them for allowing -or not caring about- revenge porn when an anti-porn crusader “journalist” at the NYT reported about PornHub in particular – with an article that was *way* too exaggerated and wildly inaccurate, lacking any reliable sources or data. It was enough to rile up the Evangelicals in the US against the… “evils of porn” and start boycotting VISA and co.

    The result after the blacklisting by the credit card cartel was that cam models were unable to get paid for many months, since live webcam sites were also blacklisted. OnlyFans almost closed, and many went bankrupt that relied on that revenue, all because of ideology…

    The current situation? The webcam models use “high-risk” payment processors (PayPal and Stripe do not allow porn either) who act as intermediates with VISA and co and fleece the cam models of fat 2-digit cuts. That “journalist” and the fundamentalists created an entirely new payment processor industry, since more are cropping up each month. Free market at work 😉

    I still recall that shame of buying porn magazines by the way. I never bought them from the news stands of my neighborhood because the owners new my parents 🙂

    1. Thank you for providing me with more up-date information than I knew when I wrote that sentence. I listened to an audible series by the reporter Jon Ronson, and the topic of uploading was discussed then, but I hadn’t realised how much things had moved on since.

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