woman model cat costume tail sexy

Cleaner Close – (6) Josie becomes a Pet for Master & Maya

woman model cat costume tail sexy
Image from Victoria on Pixabay

Josie is not only a maid, but also a slave for her Master, who’s previously introduced her to the pleasures on offer from sex toys and submission

Josie made her way up the stony drive, to the sound of birds’ song and the sun slanting through the trees. As she approached, her eyes were drawn to the top floor of the house. Its blinds were, as always, drawn for privacy, but now she felt a thrill deep inside at the thought of the domination, punishment and pleasure she could experience there. What went on in that room filled her waking thoughts and fuelled vivid dreams which made her pussy wet and fluttering with pleasure.

She unlocked the door at the side of the house, sensing her pulse pick up in anticipation. She began to exchange her practical clothes for the black maid’s dress and apron she wore to clean the house. Before Josie could zip up the dress, she became aware that Maya in the kitchen doorway, a smile on her pretty face.

“I have a present from the Master,” she said, and produced an object from behind her back. Josie’s legs went weak with desire, it was a chrome anal plug with a fabulous, bushy fox tail attached.

“He wants you to wear it while you work today,” Maya said, looking mischievous. “Shall I help you put it in?”

Josie couldn’t suppress a nervous giggle, but she nodded, slipping off her knickers and turning her back to lift her skirt. She tilted her naked bum in Maya’s direction. Josie felt the other girl approach and drop to her knees.

“I’m just applying some lube.”

Maya’s breath was warm against Josie’s skin, but goosebumps broke out with anticipation. Master couldn’t know this had featured prominently in her fantasies.

“It’s gonna be cold babe.”

Maya’s voice pierced her reverie, as she felt the plug’s cold density probing her anal whorl, pressing insistently to invade her inner sanctum until, with a gentle pop, it was inside. It’s coldness and weight magnified the feeling of fullness its size created. It flared wider than the black silicone butt plug with which she’d been doing her homework.

As it nestled within, Josie’s arousal and sensitivity increased, as if her body had woken from a slumber and was horny. The tickling of the fur tail against Josie’s bare skin was delightfully sexy; every move she made sent tingles of desire flashing from her back passage to her nipples and moistening pussy.

“Girl, you look HOT!” Maya exclaimed.

She swung the tail so its trailing brush stroked the back of Josie’s thighs. The metal plug was hard and unforgiving, its weight very present within her sensitive back passage. While Josie gloried in the invasion, she experienced mild humiliation at being turned into an animal. How would Master play with a pet? A blush crept up her neck to colour her face, for Maya to witness her debasement.

“I’ve never worn anything like that!” Maya sounded envious.

When Josie strained to look over her shoulder, trying to peek at her tail, that small movement stirred thrills deep inside.

“Will you like being his pet, Josie?”

Maya stroked Josie’s hair away from her face to look deep into her eyes, Josie nodded.

“I’d like a pet too.” Maya kissed Josie tenderly on the lips, then gave her tail a tiny tug.

The girl-on-girl kiss and the tug on her tail made Josie’s slit moist. It was exciting and illicit to be desired by a woman. Maya turned reluctantly on her heel and left the room.

Josie slipped stockinged toes into shoes then strode towards the kitchen, hyper-aware of every step she took, the tail swaying gently under her dress. It titillated her gently but insistently with every move she made. For over an hour she worked at her chores, wiping surfaces, dusting ledges and vacuuming carpets, becoming hornier and wetter with every movement she made.

Josie was conscious that her Master was watching on live feed, and exaggerated all her bends and made stretches positively feline. Her pussy lips grew puffy with arousal, moisture gathered in her slit and slathered the top of her stockings.

After she returned the vac to the cupboard, she turned to find Maya waiting on the landing. The slave was dressed predominantly in black straps and buckles. She beckoned Josie over, with that look of mischief on her face again.

“Turn around,” she commanded, slapping Josie’s bare bottom.

Tingles and thrills radiated through her bum, particularly the muscles gripping the anal plug. Josie stood to savour the leg-trembling desire, and was barely aware when Maya unzipped her dress.

“Face me,” Maya was firm.

Her eased the straps of Josie’s bra off her shoulders, then teased the lace cups away from each nipple. Leaning in, Maya fastened her lips around one tight nipple and began to suck firmly, while teasing with her teeth. Josie revelled in the gentle torment, letting her head drop back as the other girl suckled hard. It was toe-curlingly erotic, hot and cold pricking sensations travelled from breast to clit at hyper-speed.

“How did that feel?” Maya asked.

Josie struggled to surface from a pool of lust-induced lethargy to reply, “fantastic!” Her breathing was ragged as she coped with the onslaught of pleasure and pain.

“Your tail looks fantastic!” Maya enthused helping Josie to shed dress and bra, leaving only stockings and shoes.

“Wear these for Master.”

Maya produced a headband with dark-tipped fox ears attached.

She placed it on Josie’s head, tucking her hair to cover her own ears. Josie’s face looked slack and dreamy, she was experiencing an overload of stimulation, but Maya was all business.

“Proceed,” she said firmly.

Josie set off,walking languorously, with a sway to her hips to swish the bushy fox tail. She was a filthy sex goddess, drawn to the Pleasure Zone by the burning desire in her pussy and her stretched back passage.

Josie embraced her role as Master’s pet, a venal vixen whose reward would be physical gratification. She was willing to perform or receive any sexual favour her Master desired.

Maya entered the access code, leading the way along the corridor to the room Josie remembered so well, its walls and cabinets stocked with myriad items for causing pleasure and pain. Thanks to the internet, Josie was more educated now and recognised many items. Her eyes locked onto Master, seated in his leather chair, dressed in a singlet and black leather jeans.

Their eyes locked and she felt drawn towards him, but he raised his hand in a ‘stop’ gesture.

“A pet should approach her Master on all fours,” he said sternly.

Josie complied immediately. The floor was hard and cold against her knees, but the fox tail tickled deliciously against her thighs and calves as she crawled, with a dip in her lower back which made her butt jut out.

“Thank you for bringing my pet, Maya,” he said.

Josie rubbed herself against his legs with her head and body as she’d seen cats do. Master’s hand trailed down her flank, cupping her breast in passing, then he slapped her firmly on the buttock, and Josie moaned with desire.

“Is that a purr my pet?” Master smirked.

He slapped her other butt cheek even harder. Josie gasped and bit her lip, desperate to touch herself. The fire in her clitoris was building, but she knew touching would be forbidden, so she continued rubbing against Master’s legs, nudging them wider apart to get her head into his lap.

“Your pet is beautiful Master. Look how she caresses you. I’d love to stroke her, with your permission.” Maya’s voice was silky with seduction as she approached Josie’s tilted posterior.

“Stroke away,” said Master.

Maya’s slim, cool fingers touched Josie’s labia, the slick folds parted easily, allowing her access to tease her slit. Slave Maya caressed her lush lips, from the sensitive nub of her swollen clit to her pulsing anus adorned with the fox-tail dildo. Josie’s pussy became awash with liquid evidence of her desire. She parted those lips to spread her warm wetness around, awaking a million delicious sensations. Josie was struggling to cope, knowing she was forbidden to cum without permission.

Master watched the girls’ activities intently. He unbuttoned his flies to release his engorged member, parting his legs for Josie to nuzzle and suck his cock and balls. She made animal mewls of pleasure as she sank her open mouth over him, taking his length down her throat. She sucked sloppily up and down him several times, then focused on the tip of his penis. Lapping its mushroomed head, she swirled her tongue to massage the raised edge and tantalise its many nerve endings. Master growled with pleasure, as she reverted to sucking and bobbing, taking his hot flesh as deep in her throat as she could manage. He put no pressure on her head, rather allowed her to choose her own speed and technique.

Master particularly enjoyed the vibrations from her moaning, Maya continued fingering her hot pussy while Josie sucked him off.

“Help my Pet onto my lap Maya,” Master commanded.

Josie was lifted under her arms, help to stand on legs of jelly. Maya held her steady while she straddled Master, with a knee either side of his hips. Then Josie hovered above him while he grasped his cock, sliding it provocatively between her slick pussy lips.

“Show me how much you want this my Pet.”

Josie’s face was flushed and lipstick smeared, from sucking his rod.

“I want it so much Master. Please let me ride you,” Josie begged.

With Master’s cock positioned at her entrance, Maya released Josie, who sank down, fast and hard, on his swollen member. She delighted in the shock rush of sensations, his girth filled her pulsing hole, made tighter by the solid butt plug which stretched her back passage, rubbing within her. Josie groaned and panted with arousal and effort as she shunted herself up and down. She picked a fast, grinding rhythm, wanting it rough and animalistic.

“Cum when you’re ready my Pet,” Master approved.

As Josie rode him hard, each descent pressing the butt plug against her, it was these shocks, rippling outwards, tipped her over the edge. Josie began to cum, a throbbing which exceeded anything she‘d experienced previously. Her pussy and back passage were clutching in syncopation, pulsing around his cock and the plug respectively, their rings of surrounding muscle seemingly bounced back by these objects.

The waves of Josie’s orgasm went on and on. Her eyes were squeezed shut, in the rapture of climax but fully aware of her Master cumming too. His cock’s pulses propelled seed deep into her burning core. Satiated, Josie’s whole body sank down against Master as she rode out the last waves of pleasure.

Suddenly Maya was pulling her off.

“I have plans for you little one,” the slave girl purred.

It seems this was not the moment for Josie to rest.

[To be continued …]

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