girl long hair, bardot style top stands at kitchen counter

Cleaner Close (5) Josie is Plugged & Watched While She Plays

girl long hair, bardot style top stands at kitchen counter

Josie leans into the formality of being Master’s slave, embracing every opportunity to explore & experiment with toys

Two weeks had passed since Josie’s initiation by Master, then a package was delivered to her house. It contained a contract to read and sign, listing BDSM activities against which Josie was required to indicate if she would willingly participate. As well as those she welcomed, there would be some definite No’s, and others about which she would feel curious, so might be coaxed into trying. She’d learned this kind of agreement was standard, so she put it aside to complete later.

There were two small boxes in the package. The first box contained a device with a rubber bulb and a narrow, plastic tube or nozzle. With shaking hands Josie opened the next box to discover a small, black silicone butt plug, with a flared out end. Shaking it revealed there was a weight inside, like the love egg. It seemed safe to conclude that her latest ‘homework’ would be preparing her back passage for penetration.

Josie felt lightheaded with shock, but simultaneously, a twitch in her pussy at the thought of preparing herself to be Master’s plaything. She immediately browsed ‘anal play’ to learn how to use her ‘props’. The section on butt plugs advised inserting the device while feeling relaxed, using lots of lube. Following the trail of what other people bought when they purchased anal plugs helped her identify the first item as an anal douche, used for cleansing before and after ‘back-door play’. Every aspect had been considered.

Later Josie took a hot shower. As she soaped herself, her fingers lingered around her mons.

She luxuriated in her baby smoothness, happy Maya had advised her to get intimately waxed, as it had increased her sensitivity. Wrapped in a towel, Josie prepared to try out her new gadgets. Filling the basin with warm water, she submerged the douche, squeezing the bulb to draw in the water. She’d remained in the shower, now she carefully slid the nozzle between her butt cheeks and into her back passage, it was so slim she barely felt it. The sensation of water flushing into her was odd, it quickly ran out and down her legs into the shower tray. Josie repeated the procedure before rinsing the douche clean and separating the two parts to dry.

Josie was determined her Master would find her fragrant and supple. She’d begun taking pilates classes and always moisturised her body. Today her ministrations with the lotion were causing her to moan. Bolts of thrill began radiating towards her pussy: her juices were flowing, causing a wetness at the apex of her thighs. Josie imagined she was being watched by Master.

She could almost hear his strict instruction, “Pleasure yourself my little Slut!” Her reply would be, “I’m wet for you Sir.”

Josie dipped her longest finger deep inside her pussy then showed it to the mirror.

“See? my pussy is always ready for you. Should I taste myself?”

Imagining his answer, Josie sucked on her finger, while studying her reflection, to perfect a seductive expression.

She began to drum on her clitoris with her finger, fast taps which made its sensitive tip thrill. Her nipples became tight hard buds alongside a heaviness in her breasts. She turned to the shelf to locate the butt plug and lube.

Josie squeezed clear lube over the dome of the butt plug, willing herself to relax, before nudging the tip of the toy at her back passage. The cold of the jelly was a shock and her heart beat fast, but she pressed inwards until she felt her muscles begin to give. She continued with a slow, firm push until the plug slipped in. Now the only part left outside her was its flared base.

She examined the sensation, not too big or different from normal, rather a giddy feeling of fullness. What should she do to enjoy it? Josie tried pinching and twisting her nipples and quickly realised she felt more pleasure, as if a larger area than her pussy was getting excited. Returning her hand to her clit, her fingers slid peachy juice around the inner and outer lips, which were becoming slicker by the minute.

Josie wanted more — more of everything.

As if the plug in her butt was making her greedy, she yearned to draw as much pleasure into herself as possible. She felt breathless, her body seemed to belong to someone else, and when she looked in the mirror she saw herself as a primal creature. Pupils dilated, lips wet and a flush to her skin. All this from wearing a wicked little butt plug!

Josie decided she would leave the plug in place for a while longer. Throwing on a robe, she went to the kitchen to get a cold drink. As she stood in the low-lit kitchen, sipping water, her phone pinged with the arrival of a text message.

“Did you receive my gifts?”

By the caller ID, Josie knew it was Master, so she replied, “Yes Sir.”

“Have you tried them?”

“Yes Sir. Thank you.”

“I knew you would be impatient, my slut. Did you enjoy the plug?”

“I am enjoying it now, Sir,” Josie’s cheeks flushed as she texted back.

“Did you cum?”

“Not yet, Sir.”

“Open your robe, wanton slut. I want to watch you cum.”

Josie was startled, where was he? The kitchen was empty, so she looked out into the blackness which enveloped her garden and the fields beyond.

Her phone pinged, “Follow orders, or I will punish.”

Josie’s pulse kicked up. She pulled slowly at her robe to bare her breasts.

“Better. Walk to window.”

Josie moved to the black expanse of glass, scanning the dark exterior space, while her heart thumped.

A new text, “Touch yourself.”

Tentatively Josie’s hand grasped a nipple to pinch and twist it. The familiar heat of desire began to unravel inside so, moving her hand to the other breast, she tweaked and pulled at both.

Reading Master’s commands made strings of desire tug at every erogenous zone, waking a throbbing in her body. Josie licked her lips and let her head drop back, exposing her pale neck; if the Master wanted a show, she would give him one. She popped a finger in her mouth and nibbled, sucking at her index finger suggestively. The same finger slowly trailed down her body before dipping between her pussy lips. She gasped her delight as she plundered her slit with two digits. When she began working them in and out, the only sound was a squelching in the darkness.

“Yes. Fuck yourself dirty girl!”

His message flashed on her phone, causing Josie to groan.

She moved to open the fridge, the light illuminating her naked breasts. In the vegetable drawer she found a cucumber, which she brandished with triumph. A wicked smile played around her lips as she kissed its green outer skin. She looked straight ahead, imagining Master was watching her, standing outside somewhere, then trailed the cucumber slowly between her tits to her belly, raising goosebumps with its chilly touch. She used her palms to boost herself to sit on the kitchen surface, facing the garden.

Her phone stayed silent, Josie imagined Master was enjoying the tease, so she brought the vegetable up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around, moving it in and out. She sucked it deep and long to get it sloppy, before letting it travel down her body, where her legs were spread wide. She sank its cool fleshy length deep in her cunt.

She groaned as her heat welcomed its girthy, cold solidity — the contrast was mind blowing. She sawed the cucumber in and out slowly. Her greedy pussy slurped, coating it with her musky juices. She’d almost forgotten she was wearing the butt plug, but its insistent pressure was creating a wonderful fullness. Her wanton arousal quickly became intense, an orgasm almost galloped towards her.

Josie moved instinctively, barely aware how deeply she was grinding on the cucumber. She’d spread her legs wide like the dirty slut Master wanted her to be. Her hunger must be satisfied. She dragged intently on her nipples until they ached, but she wouldn’t stop. While her pelvic muscles began to clench and throb, simultaneously her back passage pulsed around its silicone invader. Waves of orgasm peaked within her, making her insensible to anything but the throes of her climax. When her hand stilled its pumping motion, her pussy continued to clench and throb around the vegetable phallus.

Gradually her breathing steadied and her pulse slowed. Josie gently withdrew the cucumber from her battered pussy. She raised it to her mouth for a final kiss, savouring the tang of her musky juices. While the taste of her own arousal was exciting, mostly she wanted to please her Master with a saucy show.

When her phone pinged, the screen showed clapping hands and a smirking demon emoji. Although Josie scanned the dark outside her window, she still couldn’t work out where Master was. She closed her robe and eased herself off the counter, depositing the spoiled cucumber in the sink.

Time for bed. She turned her back on the window and snapped off the lights.

[To be continued …]

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