Woman's face, dark eyes, black ink or wax splash with trails around her eyes

She’s Turning up the Heat

Woman's face, dark eyes, black ink or wax splash with trails around her eyes
Image courtesy of Pixabay Stefan Keller

Femdom wax play — a submissive female’s first time

My lover undid the clasp which fastened my bra , then picked up the squat, lit candle.

My eyes followed the little tongue of light with morbid fascination, I could only guess what would happen next. I had never experienced wax play, but I had read some stories about it. I had gleefully told my lover, hoping they would take the hint.

I only had myself to blame.

She stood in front of me while I gazed up, totally in her thrallShe tilted the candle slightly and a drip of its hot, black wax spilled onto her own arm. My pussy was pricking with arousal as I watched. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, took a deep breath then leaned back to drizzle more of the wicked, molten wax over her breasts, moving the candle until she’d coated and obscured her nipples with its black trails.

My lover moaned as she experienced the heat and burn, showing me how to endure it. I could smell from the sharp tang of her pussy that she was loving it. This steadied my nerve.

“Lie still Nina,” my lover commanded.

I stopped craning my neck and eased myself back, my hair fanning out around my head. My pussy hummed with need, soaking my knickers. She’d removed my bra completely from my plump breasts, then — from a distance away — allowed slow drips of hot black wax to splash onto my sensitive skin. The bloom of heat was instantthe pain sharp, but brief. Its momentary burn morphed into a warmth which travelled back from my tight nipples into my central core.

groaning message of lust which my body could not ignore.

I expelled an erotic sigh, so my lover knew how enraptured I was to receive this treatment. She began to coax the wax drops onto the front of my thighs, where gravity drew the rivulets of stinging black liquid downwards, hurrying to my inner thighs in thin trails. I was barely aware that I was thrashing my head from side to side and moaning.

My beloved pulled at my legs so that she raised my knees and continued with the tilted candle, to dribble trails of heat that seared my soft skin, some of it running towards my pussy and perineum. I was experiencing pain and pleasure in an indecipherable mixso was barely aware when she pulled aside the gusset of my knickers to expose my puffy wetness.

Earlier she’d instructed me to insert a silicone coated cherry, the middle weight of a set of three, for training kegel muscles. Now her cool fingers tugged on its silicone tail; a drag and a pop — my pussy released it. She held it near my face, smeared with my creamy juices. Despite a squirm of shame, I put out my tongue for the silicone device.

When she brought it close to my mouth, I began licking the toy clean of my own slick juices.

Through heavy lidded eyes, I saw that my lover held a large pair of scissors, and, for one moment, my heart fluttered. Their cool blades slid up the hip of my cotton knickers, and with a snick on either side, she rendered me naked.

The lust building inside had me hoping she would fuck me, using toys until I shuddered to a shattering climax. I nearly broke all the rules and begged her.

“Please Mistress. I’m your dirty slut, use my hole, I beg you.

Instead I looked down at myself, trying to tamp down my clutching lust. With my legs spread wide I made quite a picture. Trails of candle wax had cooled and tightened deliciously on the silky skin inside my thighs.

But curse my greedy pussy, I wanted more!

My lover leaned over and possessed my lips, plundering my mouth with her tongue. She climbed aboard, to lie over my body, making our wax-coated breasts rub together, and clumps of their black crusting began to crack and peel away, exposing our skin beneath, pink and sensitive.

I kissed her back as if my life depended on it. In that moment I was lost — I’d do anything she asked of me, having succumbed completely to her dominant persona.

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