legs in hold-up black seamed stockings and high heels, with lacy thong knickers caught between the thighs

He Dressed to Thrill Me

legs in hold-up black seamed stockings and high heels, with lacy thong knickers caught between the thighs
Image courtesy of Delaforet onPixabay

When he wears ladies’ lingerie, we have twice as much fun

I slipped into bed with my man, who rolled on his side to cuddle me, but I squirmed out of his grip to slip straight under the covers. I’d been longing to worship his rock hard cock since I’d watched him parade around dressed in my lingerie, looking like something from a burlesque show. I nuzzled into the heat of his groin and inhaled his musky fragrance.

“Yes girl,” he growled.

He watched my plump lips encircling the tip of his penis, while his capable hands tangled in my hair to guide me.

“Why so greedy?” he grinned — as if he didn’t know.

Without bothering to answer I opened wide, to bob and dip on his engorged member, leaving tracks of drool, I sucked and licked sloppily, pleasuring him with my mouth.I cupped his balls and squeezed gently, massaging them in their hairless sacks. I loved this new ‘waxed’ version of my man and hummed my appreciation around him while I worshipped his length.

“Face or chest?” he managed to grunt, as his climax approached.

Evidently dressing like a whore for my satisfaction had excited him too. I reluctantly pulled off, strings of drool stretched between his throbbing glans and my mouth. Then I leaned back, pressing my boobs together. This created a cavernous landscape I wanted him to decorate with his cum, which followed shortly, propelled from his cock in warm, splashy ropes of creamy liquid.

“Hey, I’ve got enough for both,” Rob chuckled.

Using a firm grip, he pumped his foreskin, coaxing some dribbles of jizz to land on my chin.

I grinned lasciviously and flicked out my tongue to lick up some of his pearly fluid.

“That’s my girl,” he smiled proudly, kissing me, long and deep, and swirling his tongue with mine to taste himself.

Next he bent his head to my breasts, now coated with his sticky cum. Rob began to lap and lick, working his way to my pebbled nipples. Sucking to make them shine and strain, he blew gently over the wetness, and I groaned at the tingle.

With eager fingers, I swiped at my cleavage, scooping up his fluid to feed to myself. I sighed at the sensations now radiating out from my breasts thanks to Rob’s ministrations, he was laving with the flat of his tongue around my under-breast which felt heavenly.

He commenced suckling one nipple at a time, and I moaned aloud, an urgent need already building in my core. Rob alternated from one to the other, making them equally engorged and distended, a delicious torture.

Bite them, please,” I was squirming my bottom into the bed, feeling wanton urges within.

“I call the shots girl”, Rob growled, with a wicked twinkle in his eyes. “Rub your pussy, spread your wetness around.”

I responded to his instructions with alacrity. My labia were swollen, they felt sumptuous and cushiony as I stroked my fingers between them. I was eager to paint my hot little bean with the gloss of my arousal.

For every nibble and suck Rob delivered to my nipples, there was an echo in my clit. My hips pushed greedily upwards, while I pressed two fingers over and around the knot of flesh, and was rewarded with explosions of pleasurable sensation and heat.

“Oh Rob -” I groaned, grabbing his hair with my other hand and writhing. “I can’t -”

“Can’t what thirsty girl? Can’t wait? Can’t take any more?

You can and you will. Stop touching.”

He removed my hand from my liquefying pussy. Then brought both above my head where he held them firmly. He resumed his sucking and biting with increasing intensity. Using his mouth to tug on each nipple, he’d elongate it, before letting it spring back. The pressure inside me built incessantly. I pulled in gasping breaths which made me dizzy, while thrashing my head from side to side, my mouth forming incoherent words.

Suddenly Rob shifted position. He slid down my body and latched his hot lips around my clit, which had been straining for attention. Now it was under assault, Rob sucking it and nibbling, just as he’d done to torment my aureola.

My climax was an instant explosion. It burst, like a firework of pinks and reds, over my body. My hips strained against his face, thrusting at his mouth. My pleasure was intense, almost too much. I squealed my release, glad of his strong arms to hold me down. I needed an anchor, or else I’d shatter into pieces from the shocks which tremored through my body.

My imagination played a montage of increasingly sexy images: Rob stroking his cock with silk stockings until he came, teasing himself through my tightly stretched lace knickers as he stood before me, bending to show me a peachy rear view as he smoothed black seamed stockings up his strong legs. I came hard. My own legs shook with the intensity, becoming weak as a new-born foal.

Rob removed his mouth then encircled my hips with strong arms, to hold me until the aftershocks abated. His stern demeanour turned soft and nurturing as we touched each other tenderly. Soothing and exploring each other’s bodies, we luxuriated in a languorous afterglow.

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In a 3 part series: A guy hides his love of lingerie from his partner, but she finds ways to encourage it while maintaining the illicit thrill of cross-dressing

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  1. Beautifully written. Very bright and hot. I liked these two, ready to go towards each other, satisfying the desires of their partner.

    1. Mary Thanks – I think co-operation and understanding is always needed to make a relationship work, and a willingness to try something new is a real bonus.

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