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Before 2020 made me re-think how I used my blog and how my social interactions were received, I’d write a sharing post every Saturday. Here’s my 2022 version of Sharing

Some wonderful people in the erotica writing community host memes, which are a great way not only to showcase writing but to find pieces to read from talented authors – do you visit them?

Wicked Wednesday – hosted by Marie Rebelle
Erotic Fiction Deluxe – hosted by Liz Black
Snake Den’s AtoZ – hosted by Steeled Snake & Charmer
mmmMonday – hosted by Mrs K (I was honoured to be the featured mmmMaker for the month of April, where I gave an interview about Posy – my smut creating alter ego!)

There are other memes, but these 4 fiction ones are so ‘go to’ for me that they exist as shortcuts on my desktop.

Another writer who regularly shares what she’s enjoyed for other reader’s to dive into is Asrai with her Smut Peddler Interspiration posts – well worth signing up for.

If you like to listen with the opportunity to join in – have you tried Twitter Spaces? Follow the discussions and advice  dealt out by Dr J a.k.a Donna Jenkins who’s ‘Sexuality Space‘ sheds light on sex positive goodness. It airs every Wednesday at noon ET

I can’t write a sharing post without mentioning some of my favourite ‘magazine’ spaces on the Medium platform.

Most of you by now know I am one of 4 editors for Tantalizing Tales which must come at the top of my recommendation list. We host: flash fiction, short stories and serials, all with compelling content. You’ll find sci-fi and supernatural alongside  erotic fiction in most genres: romantic, BDSM, solo adventures, 1-time hook-ups, committed relationships – you name it!

If you can withstand or enjoy fiction that’s a little darker, transgressive even, get familiar with the excellent content on Redemption. Its editors: May More and Paul Mansfield curate content that’s highly original.

If you like what I create, I tend to share more frequently on Medium than I do here, so here’s what you may have missed from me:

*Picture Perfect Petra

*From A to B – C.W. transgressive erotica

*Unexpected Muse

*Your Words Can Never Hurt Me

*A MILF starts an on-line Blog

*Knicker-Loving Man

*Secret Diary parts: 1, 2, 3


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