attractive young man and woman looking pensive

A Zebra Doesn’t Change its Stripes

attractive young man and woman looking pensive
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I’ve based my story on the alpha male kind of action heroe that Hollywood keeps serving us – James Bond, Indiana Jones, Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher. Not a superhero but a resourceful, capable guy skilled in self defence with a side order of seduction. My Dark Darlings let me introduce …

Zebra 49, a special agent for the Shadow Service, who’s available for hire by only the most powerful or influential people.

Amid the sound of helicopter blades, Zebra 49 of the Shadow Service scanned the horizon, the landscape spread below him like a patchwork quilt in tones of rich green. Occasional roads, like ribbons, were narrow and winding. It was 5 minutes of flying time since he’d seen a town of any size. He checked the cockpit dials for altitude and air pressure. Suddenly the radio squawked to life.

“Control tower to Zebra 49, what is your location? Over. ”
“Zebra 49 to Control — I’m nearing my destination. ETA 6 minutes. Over”
“Very good Zebra 49, the wind’s picking up Nor, Nor West, factor that in when you take off. Agent F wants to brief you, I’m patching him through.”
“Zebra 49, I must reiterate the delicacy of this mission. Lord Barnstaple is not only a peer and member of the House of Lords, but his connections to the tech companies in Silicon Valley are vital to industries in the UK and to our undercover services.”
“Sir, with respect, this was all covered in the file.”
“It’s been a bit of a cock up 49. His daughter Claudine should have been safe within the confines of her low profile finishing school. Members of the aristocracy have been educated there for decades without incident. However,” he cleared his throat awkwardly, “Claudine was snatched by 2 Russian gang members from a nightclub at 2 am … on a school night!”
“That’s gotta be embarrassing! Which agency was guarding her?”
“That’s not important right now 49. Our agency has promised she’ll be rescued with her dignity and reputation unblemished. A safe return to the bosom of her family will earn us valuable kudos. Lord Barnstaple is a very influential man.”
“Leave it with me, Sir. Your precious heiress is in safe hands. I can see my destination now. Time to land. Over and out.”

Zebra 49 focused his attention on the read-outs and controls within the confines of the cockpit. Although the clearing was small and the terrain rocky, he landed the helicopter safely. While the blades slowed, he gave himself a pat down to check list the weapons and devices secreted both inside and outside his camouflaged garments.
Zebra 49 pulled a knitted full face mask in place and stepped out into the buffeting wind. Keeping low to the ground, he moved with speed and stealth, using rocky outcrops to shield his body from sight. His time in the army, then special ops, had made the technique second nature.
As he neared his destination, a remote farmhouse, he hunkered down behind a lichen covered crag. Pulling out tiny field binoculars he assessed the level of manpower with which he had to contend. He saw a meaty operative watching over the back of the building. A second, more wiry looking fella, made a show of digging a vegetable patch at the front. From the hang of his jacket, Zebra 49 knew a machine gun was hidden underneath.

He trained his sights on the windows of the building, every stake out took patience. After an hour, he was confident only one Russian was inside, dressed in civvy clothes. Zebra 49 was willing to bet he was the inquisitor; watching over the girl. More likely to be cunning and cruel than someone who’d come out fighting.

He pulled out a small radio, then used morse code to notify his team of location and how many operatives he was up against, before he manoeuvred himself closer to the back of the building, where he ambushed the guard with relative ease. Zebra 49 held a chloroform infused cloth over the man’s face until the guard sank to his knees, slumping against the rough brick building. Using plastic cable ties, 49 fastened the Russian’s hands and feet together, finally fastening his wrists to an iron down pipe.

“That ought to hold you, fella!”
Zebra 49 surveyed the unconscious man, then pulled out his radio and spoke into it.
“Zebra 49. 1 down, 2 to go. I’m going in!”

Claudine was feeling pretty pissed off. She was hungry, bored and feeling furious. The thugs who kidnapped her tore her Valentino gown in the struggle. They had bundled her into the car with a pillowcase over her head. Now she wore only lacy La Perla underwear. The pervy bastards had stripped off her dress before throwing her into this dingy room with only a mattress on the floor.

“Let me out”! She banged her fists on the door. “I’ve been here for hours. My father is a rich man. If it’s ransom money you want, he can pay!”

She rattled the handle of the locked door.
“Urgh!! Why does nobody come? Is there anybody out there? You can’t treat me like this.” Claudine kicked petulantly but ineffectually at the door.
Sounds of struggles and grunts were heard outside her door.

“What’s happening? Let me out!” she banged against the wood.
“Lady Claudine, are you in there?”
“You know I am,” she replied sulkily.
“I’m Zebra 49 of the Shadow Service. Are you alone?”
“Agent? Really? Yeah I’m alone.”
“Step back from the door miss, I’m going to shoot the lock.”
“Shoot? Wha- Wait a minute… OK I’m out of the way.”

She hears shots, combined with the noise of splintering wood as the special agent breaks down the door.
“Thank God,” she squealed, “what took you so long? I’ve been here for hours!”
“It took us a while to lock onto your location, miss. Your phone was smashed and thrown from the car not long after they snatched you. Without GPS tracking we were in the dark, but the agency has worked flat out to triangulate your most likely destination.”
“What are you staring at?”
“Staring? I — I hadn’t expected you to be so gorgeous.”
“You’re very bold! Remember your place.”
“That’s exactly what I AM remembering. You, me, alone in a remote farmhouse …”
Zebra 49 grabbed his radio decisively.
“Zebra 49 here. The bird is in the hand, repeat the bird is in the hand.”
“Congratulations Zebra 49, let me patch you through to …”

Cutting off the message from HQ, Zebra 49 fixed Lady Claudine with a smouldering gaze, which he’d used to great effect on more than one occasion. When he stepped towards her, she didn’t back away.
“Any reason you’re wearing nothing but your underwear?” 49 asked, raising one eyebrow.
“They said it was to check I wasn’t concealing a wire.” Claudine was still surly.
“Hmm, plausible.”
“Unlikely though. When I go clubbing with the girls I only carry my phone and a lipstick.”
Claudine looked Zebra 49 up and down, then flicked out her tongue to moisten her soft pink lips.
“I wonder — 49 — Would you mind awfully taking off some of your gear? You’re making me feel frightfully under-dressed.”

Zebra 49 quickly shrugged out of his windproof layer, its concealed pockets were laden with weapons and technology which made a thud as it slipped to the floor. His dark under-armour clung to well muscled pecs and defined thigh muscles.

Claudine itched to run her hands over him. Parts of her had begun to tingle with anticipation. Her knickers were getting damp and this rugged guy hadn’t even touched her. She needed to get a grip, but his warm breath caressing the slopes of her breasts made her giddy. He was standing so close that she could see his pupils dilate. Her nipples pebbled to hard points under his stare — he’d barely moved his gaze from her tits since he’d broken down the door.

“I need you to be very quiet,” Zebra 49 pressed one finger to her lips.
His commanding presence made her catch a breath, while further south she clenched in response to his dominant attitude.

“Don’t make a sound … ” 49 grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him.
Claudine gasped.
“I bet you like it rough, don’t you?” The agent nipped at her breast, while he pinched her other nipple, transmitting burning throbs which travelled like lightning to her slit.
“Yes! The rougher the better.” Claudine whimpered, her complexion flushing.
“So I see.”
When his hand moved from her breast to her lace covered mound, he eagerly rubbed and mashed the fabric against her delicate folds.
“You’re soaking wet.”
Claudine simply sighed.
“Spread your legs. Hands behind your back.”

Then the agent drew a knife from a holster on his calf, making sure Claudine caught the glint of its evil blade. With great precision he held it against her sternum, easing its tip under the fabric of her bra.
“Wait! It’s La Perla!” She squeaked.

The agent silenced her with a snarl. One snick and he’d cut the strap so her tits sprang free, her nipples rock hard, making his cock stir in response.

The heiress’ eyes burned with lust, relishing his rough attentions. 49 landed a slap which caught the underside of her breast, she barely stifled a groan of pleasure. Several slaps rained down, making her tits jiggle and her flesh warm from the impact. Claudine thought her knees might buckle. The ache in her nipples burned a trail between her legs, which throbbed in response.

The agent stepped back to survey his handiwork. Claudine’s heart pounded when he slid the knife sideways up her hip to cut through the lace of her designer knickers, which fell damply to the floor, soaked with desire.
Claudine’s shame was complete and yet … thrumming at the apex of her thighs, her body insistently demanded to be filled.

Zebra 49 quickly divested himself of the final layer. What he revealed stood proud, curving up towards his deliciously sculpted abs. Claudine licked her lips in anticipation, thrusting her hips towards him. She tightened her hands behind her back, making her boobs jut enticingly.

He palmed her mound. “You’re soaking my hand.” 49 plundered her slit with two fingers, “I love it!”

She bucked onto his hand, greedy for more. 49 obliged, thrusting his fingers past juicy lips into her channel. As he pleasured her, Felicity moved her pelvis sinuously. She welcomed the pumping action and when he rubbed his thumb against her nub, his command to be silent was forgotten. She moaned loudly.

“Steady girl,” 49 nuzzled into her neck, nibbling and sucking. Claudine writhed all the more.
Zebra 49 was highly skilled in unarmed combat, but even more skilled at drawing out a woman’s pleasure. His reputation was legendary. When he removed his hand, Claudine almost sobbed with frustration, but was silenced with a stern look. He circled around to observe the captive from behind, Claudine’s curvy rear was a delight to behold. He teased her, trailing one damp finger behind her ear, down the dip of her spine to the cleft of her buttocks.

“I wonder …” he said aloud.
“Please,” Claudine whispered.
“Are you asking for it?” Zebra 49 delivered a spank to her right buttock.
Claudine not only took the blow without complaint, she arched her back tilting her arse for more. With a delighted smirk, J landed another stinging blow to her rump. When Claudine just gasped with pleasure, 49 knew he’d guessed right, posh girls love a good spanking.

“Put your hands on your knees girl.”
Claudine complied, he remained behind her, slapping in a pattern so she couldn’t anticipate where each impact would land. It was delicious sport which soon made her backside glow rosy red.
“Stay there, dirty girl,” he crooned, taking cock in his hand. He fisted it slowly, lasciviously.
“Are you ready for this?”
“So ready!” Claudine bit her lip.
He stood behind her, teasing his stiff member along her slippery split. Without much of a nudge he slipped inside, and buried his length in her heat.
“Yesss!” At last Claudine was filled, and it felt so good.

Zebra 49 drove into her with a rhythmic hip action, She responded eagerly, pressing towards his thrusts. His balls slapped against her tender buttocks, their heat only surpassed by the confines of her pussy, the walls of which tightened. She milked him on every upward stroke, Agent 49 knew he couldn’t hold out for long.

“Touch yourself,” his voice was hoarse.
He wished he could watch her strumming her clit, but he applied himself to riding her, reaching forward to pinch her swaying tits. Like a wildcat, she bucked back, driving him satisfyingly deep.
“Plough me, I’m a dirty girl, I deserve it!”
“Come for me,” he encouraged her.

In a groaning, grunting symphony of pulsing and pumping hips, 49 shot his load at the same time Claudine enjoyed her own explosive orgasm, squeezing every last drop from him. They clung together experiencing the ripples of their climax until they ebbed, then he eased out slowly, pulling her with him onto the mattress. She curled into him and lay breathless and unable to speak.


In the helicopter, flying back towards HQ, Zebra 49 gave his passenger a sideways glance. She looked hot in his underarmour, which clung lovingly to her full breasts and curvy backside. He shifted in his seat to disguise his growing excitement, now that he was commando underneath his windproof trousers.

If they found somewhere comfortable before they reach HQ, they could assume a horizontal position and indulge themselves prior to the debriefing.

Thinking about debriefing reminded him of his passenger’s panty-less pussy, and Zebra 49 was rock hard. Claudine cut him a quick look and broke into a wicked grin — it seemed he wasn’t the only one hoping for one more tumble.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like more adventures from Zebra 49. This piece is submitted to #WickedWednesday #SnakeDenAtoZ & #EroticFictionDeluxe

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  1. “Zebra 49, this is Lingua 69. I’m sure you have already appraised yourself of Lady C’s unharmed condition. Suggest you bring her to the Shadow Debriefing Room first so that we can both give her an in-depth interlocution, examination and a hot shower and clean clothes before we return her to Lord B. Those damn Ruskies could have plied her with all sorts of nasties.”

    1. Lingua 69 – I’d be delighted to have you aboard for the next mission! Applying the little grey cells to it right now!

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