Plenty of Pirate Pillaging!


women dressed as pirates stand on the rocks, treasure in the foreground, a ship in the background

Pirates are rogues, but they are often portrayed as sexy rogues. They cheat and they steal and they have a woman in every port and still the life of a pirate is romanticised.

A few years ago I wrote a pirate-themed piece of erotica, inspired by many films and smuggler fiction I’d enjoyed. The series was posted on here and on Tantalizing Tales, but to whet more people’s appetite for the buccaneering adventure I took out the raw erotica and just left suggestions of it.
Pirate Plundering

You’d like the sexy version though, I’ll bet!
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
And for you grog-swilling landlubbers, these blog versions of the story have pictures of Pirate Posy!

Submitted for the #mmmMonday & #WickedWednesday memes

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