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Some Things you Might Like

Back view of man wearing sheer floral patterned pantiesI make no secret of liking to encourage other writers. I remember vividly the elation of being given  a ‘guest writer’ spot on a blog I admired – what a boost it gave my almost non-existent following!

@Scandarella suggested I start a Twitter account, also golden advice, because it helped me promote my work and find like-minded content creators.

A few months down the line, I wrote something which struck a chord with May More (she likes men in panties too). A real life friendship began – the importance of which I cannot over emphasise: Check out our publication Tantalizing Tales on the Medium platform – following us will give you access to magnificently diverse erotic fiction, sci-fi tales and thrilling short stories – often with a twist.

People sometimes reach out to me offering a chance to host their writing. I am happy to share and get more eyes on great content if it aligns with what Pillow Talk represents.

You will have read fiction by @Canadian_Erotica [here] and also @Stoked_Bram. I point you towards new dark fiction by Bram – a writer publishing his stories in a Twitter thread, so you’ll need an account to read them, but here are the starting points of his latest pieces.

The Reckoning

Control 1/3

Control 2/3

Control 3/3

For more hot and spicy content on Medium, why not visit High & Horny magazine hosted by Sonja Rae

Fireworks in the night sky

If you aren’t following Marie Rebelle’s blog – what are you doing with your Kinky life? A juggernaut of spicy lifestyle content, stunning photography and top drawer erotic stories  Rebel’s Notes celebrated 12 years in existence this week.

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  1. I can’t say that MIP does anything for me, I am a submissive woman after all, but I’m do glad you.f8und a noche for something you enjoy 🙂

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