Curls of multi-coloured streamers

My Year on Medium – 2021

Curls of multi-coloured streamers
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2021 was my first full year on Medium, I joined mid-way in 2020, as an experiment, and now I love it. Medium gives me freedom to be creative in many genres, whereas on my blog I think people visit expecting spicy, sexy content .

I was inspired to put a spotlight on some of my less seen posts from last year, can I tempt you to explore? 

For Beloved this year I’ve written relationship tales (some advice, others more cautionary) which has been lots of fun. 

My Spirit Animal
Here I dived in feet first, without researching what spirit animals actually represent, but I found an affinity between my personality and one of my favourite breeds of dog.

For Hand-Me Downs and Borrowed Clothes I explored how my youth has influenced my up-cycling attitude.

Living Dangerously is a catchy tune but I read deeper into the lyrics, out of concern that a risky sexual practice was being glamourised to a young market. 

I sometimes share playlists on Songstories, but here I wrote a post on what this song means to me.Like Tales of the Unexpected

I tried my hand at true stories with a humorous tone, which aren’t as pithy as my friends Nero Black & Paul Mansfield’s work, but try these for size.

Ever Had your Skirt Fall off When out for a Walk? speaks for itself, but retelling  Love Lies Bleeding highlighted some questionable empathy from my younger self.

My support from the Editorial team at Tantalizing Tales was never more necessary than when I was penning my first punt at fantasy. Liz Black was my priceless beta reader while my friend May More convinced me there was an audience.

Having lost my dad in 2019, I used some painful memories to construct this poignant tale (in 4 parts) which demonstrates that secrets will always find a way to surface:

Hide Away – [part 3 of 4]  Mabel the pug is a scene stealer!

Writing romance and YA fiction are new directions for me:

The Price of Being a Wallflower [2 of 2]

School Reunion [1 of 2] – part 2 gets more sexy


I’m probably best known for my erotic short fiction, and in 2021 I shared plenty, writing for MyErotica, Dirty Little Secrets, All Things Erotica, Tantalizing Tales and High and Horny. The latter is run by the indefatigable Sonja Rae whose erotica I admire.

Special Cookies (you guys probably spotted it was my previous post)

Fancy a Chip?

How Did We Get so Dark?

Trick or Treat II – More Goodies

I’ll signpost you authors whose 1-handed reads I totally recommend. Follow May More, Asrai Devin, Patricia Ray, F. Leonora Solomon, Hana Lang, Marsha Adams, Francesca Demont, Mrs K (Kinky Wife) and A M Harding. Better still, subscribe to Tantalizing Tales. I believe we have some of the best writers of erotica and suspense.  My newest discovery is Cassie on The Erotic Writer

Medium even has a destination for taboo fiction: Redemption is known for stories which tackle Dark subjects. Heather C Holmes, Paul Mansfield, Kinky Katie and Jackson Goode are excellent contributors who often hang out here. It’s where No Angel was featured, with themes of toxic manipulation and blood play – you have been warned.

At the end of 2021 my newest passion, Bullet Journalling surfaced. I wrote this after researching it. Now that I own a beautiful journal, I might share more. This pleasurable hobby promotes mindfulness and will help me juggle my editing and writing tasks to reduce stress. Marie Rebelle, a writer known for both erotic and creative pieces, introduced me to the discipline. Now we’re spurring each other on sharing creative page spreads.

To wrap up 2021 – the year that reminded me the value of a supportive community – I want to thank my dear readers, I couldn’t do this without you.



9 thoughts on “My Year on Medium – 2021”

  1. Medium is a great platform, although I haven’t explored it much, sticking to TT. You’re a fabulous writer as shown from your various styles. You seem to conquer any genre, and so few do.
    It has been a pleasure getting to know you 🙂

    1. You are very generous in your praise Mrs K – your support is much appreciated and it’s a pleasure watching you develop your own writing Style.

  2. I admit I don’t “get” Medium. I click through and read when you link your Medium posts (when it will let me — it seems I can only read five total posts in a month without paying a fee) when you link them to memes but I haven’t figured out how to comment.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself on that platform though and I wish you continued success with it.

    1. Ahh thank you Mrs Fever – you are very kind to support me. A non-member will only get 5 reads a month on Medium. To comment you click on a portion of the text and the option to highlight or comment should come up

  3. I read some of the related posts you link to and found it interesting, because life isn’t all about erotica and sex. The interests of different people can be very versatile.

  4. Actually, I’m not only looking for sexual content here. I read everything you write. Unfortunately, haphazardly and sometimes out of order. But I love that you’re such a versatile writer.

    1. Thank you Mark – what a lovely thing to have you riffling through my older posts. I always enjoy your feedback – Mwah!

  5. I like to read and get away from the current whirlwind. Moreover, many posts are not strictly tied to any particular day.
    Thank you for giving this opportunity.

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