Chocolate cookie with a missing bite

Special Cookies


Chocolate cookie with a missing bite

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The party was already high octane, but Jasper’s arrival – the crown prince of heartbreak, delinquency and bad-assery – cranked it up another level. Bradley gulped his drink, not managing to quell the flutter of impatience or jitter that this boy’s close proximity seemed to incite. With a bottle of something clear he topped up his drink, his hand shaking a little at the unfamiliar feeling.

By Jasper’s side was Fay, looking smoking hot. Her tight black shorts barely covered her ass, while over the knee socks and boots were a minor distraction from the cerise satin corset under a cropped leather jacket. She looked like royalty too, despite just landing on campus. Arriving two months after term began had lent Fay a mystique she clearly enjoyed.

The couple cut a swathe through the crowd of dancing, drinking, necking bodies of young people. Everyone wanted to say something or high-5 them as they passed, and Bradley felt the impossibility of being on either one’s radar keenly. He nibbled listlessly at a cookie from the airtight box on the counter in front of him. They looked homemade, unusual for a frat party where the most effort its hosts put in is buying movie size packs of pretzels and chips.

As he chewed, he watched in morbid fascination. Jasper bent his neck to kiss Fay and she returned the press of his lips with raw passion. Bradley felt the cookie’s sweetness burst on his tongue as a stiffness stirred in his pants, swelling alongside the realisation that he couldn’t pinpoint who he envied more, Fay or Jasper. A bolt of realisation hit him hard, he’d assumed he was heterosexual, he didn’t care much for labels but perhaps he’d been barking up the wrong tree.

Fay was beautiful, a sexy demeanour with some danger rolled in, you only had to look at how she was fisting his hair … oh fuck … When she bit and pulled Jasper’s lip, Bradley’s knees nearly buckled.

“What’s in these freaking cookies?” Bradley spoke aloud, but the commotion of the party drowned him out.

He looked at them more closely, and an idea formed in his head which saw him replace the lid on the box and clutch it to his chest. A bubble of optimism swelled in his chest and, trying not to think about other places which might be expanding similarly, he strode through the crowd of drinkers and dancers until he drew level with the objects of his obsession.

“Hi,” he stated.

Up close, Fay’s smokey eye-make up emphasised the amber gold of her irises. She regarded Bradley expectantly, an amused smile quirked the corners of her mouth.

“Who do we have here?” she drawled. When Bradley was too frozen to answer, she turned to Jasper. “Do you know this young stud?”

The look she was giving Bradley was almost hungry, so he silently thanked all the hours spent in the gym over summer break. When Jasper shook his head, Bradley realised he had to speak.

“I’m Bradley, I carried a watermelon!”

His smile was wide, but he hoped his joke wasn’t. Everyone knew Dirty Dancing, right? He held up the box of cookies and leaned in a little closer, speaking in a low voice.

“I’ve found the good shit. These cookies have a little something extra.”

Understanding dawned on the golden couple.

“Bradley, my man!” Jasper clapped him on the back. “Let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

And just like that, they left the party, pushing their way through the crowd of sweaty bodies in search of somewhere quiet. A side door opened onto a stony path, which led to some outbuildings where tools and mowers were probably stored. The padlock was strong, but the latch was not, and Jasper took up a rock and struck ‘til it broke; they all followed him inside. Fay found a light switch and they saw that the tight space was indeed a tool shed. It had an internal door, which led to a large garage, with a car and some old furniture shrouded in dust sheets.

“How very convenient,” Jasper observed, as he pulled the rough fabric away from a shabby couch. He sat, and pulled Bradley down beside him. “Did you make these?” He took the box and lifted the lid.

“No, I found them at the party. But they’re really good, I’ve only eaten one and I’m flying already!”

“Aren’t you the chatty Cathy?” Fay purred, reaching in to help herself to a cookie.

She took a dainty bite, looking very feline. From his low vantage point, Bradley could openly admire her smooth thighs. Her shorts were so tight he could see the outline of her pussy lips and he thought he smelled the spicy, smashed fruit smell of her arousal.

“Oh they’re good,” she affirmed. Jasper finally took up a cookie and tried for himself.

Everything seemed a little brighter, more defined, Bradley realised. The swell of Jasper’s Adam’s apple as he swallowed, the way the light behind Fay traced a golden outline around the edges of her body, catching in her hair like a halo.

“So Bradley, which team are you on?” her tone was playful, but her eyes sparkled.

Fay shrugged off her leather jacket, revealing silky pale shoulders and the upper slopes of her breasts. Bradley felt as if he could fall into the dark crevasse between her breasts, and he knew he would be happy there, snuggled between delicious globes of pleasure, tipped with puckered nipples. When he didn’t, couldn’t, answer, Fay giggled knowingly and chewed another bite of cookie, swiping crumbs daintily from the corner of her mouth.

“Not so hasty, my fair lady, I haven’t brought out my arsenal,” Jasper rose as he spoke.

“Is that what you’re calling it these days Jasper?” Fay giggled.

Their banter made Bradley’s head spin, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Jasper’s waist when he pulled his shirt up, over his head without unbuttoning it. As it rose up his torso, it revealed a happy trail of blonde hairs. Bradley licked his lips while a pulse thudded in his groin. The shirt rose higher, messing Jasper’s hair. When he cast the garment aside, his broad shoulders and flat abdomen caused Bradley to catch his breath.

Bradley looked from one vision of perfection to the other: like a kid in a sweet shop, he didn’t know which treat he wanted more. In a choreographed dance, Fay and Jasper stepped closer, touching each other’s skin and gasping out their pleasure at each new caress. This was a show just for him, so Bradley unfastened his jeans, the restrictive denim had been crushing him, now his boner sprang free. His inhibitions gone, he eased the fly wide apart and grasped the girth of his cock with a firm grip.

Fay eyed Bradley appreciatively, then licked her lips as she reached down to release Jasper’s erection from its prison. She eased it out, unfurling from its slightly sleepy state like a fire hose. She smoothed it upwards, letting the foreskin slip and slide around it, while making gasps of appreciation, but she watched Bradley intently. Precum had begun to dribble from the glossy dome of his cock. As he stroked himself rhythmically up and down, his thumb would swiped the tear of fluid to smooth it around as lubrication.

Jasper growled, a primal sound from deep in his chest, and sank his head to nibble Fay’s neck. His eyes were also swivelled to study Bradley’s carefree self pleasure and he too was leaking with excitement. Fay tugged his erection a few times more, firmly, effectively then suddenly she stopped.

“Come here Bradley,” she motioned, and in a daze the shorter boy rose to his feet.

When he was within reach she planted her hands on his shoulders and turned him to face Jasper.

“Kiss,” she commanded. When Bradley hesitated, she took his naked cock in her free hand and gripped it, moving her fist as he had been doing. “Kiss,” she said more firmly.

The guys shuffled closer together, Jasper inclining his head and Bradley tilting his upwards until their lips met. A tentative press of the mouths became more fervent as Fay continued to toss them off. Their passion for the kiss was fuelled by their building arousal, until their tongues thrashed and they sucked on each other with unabashed pleasure.

“Now do something for me,” Fay ordered.

In unison the guys reached for a breast each, dragging them from behind her corset to lickand nibble. Her dainty pink nipples grew and swelled with their combined attentions. Fay was vocal about her enjoyment and Bradley grew in confidence, unbuttoning her shorts he helped Jasper drag them down. She leaned on them as she kicked the garment off and, letting Jasper take her weight, she lowered herself onto the couch.

“Guess what I want, boys,” she crooned, slowing her movements on their dicks, without stopping completely.

“You want to be fucked,” Bradley was confident this was the answer, but her raised eyebrow told him there was more.

“I want to be fucked from both ends,” she gave each guy’s purple head within her grasp a soft, succulent lick, allowing her tongue to dip into both holes, something which made Bradley shudder with pleasure.

“Eeeny, meeny, money, mo,” Fay punctuated her counting with licks and kisses, watching their erections bob with eager enthusiasm.

“Bradley, as your cock is new to me, I want to savour it, so go at my head end, Jasper can take up the rear.”

“Aye aye captain!” Jasper helped Fay up onto her knees.

They moved her towards one end of the settee so she could use its arm. When Jasper slapped her rump several times, Bradley could almost see it throbbing with warmth, as if she was in a cartoon. He was sure he was baked, but he was getting all his wishes come true, so he wasn’t concerned.

Pushing his shorts and jeans further down his legs, he positioned himself in front of Fay, and jutted his pelvis forward. It was like a warm bath slipping inside the cavern of her mouth, a heat and a tightness which surrounded his cock that seemed to draw sensations up from his whole body, fingers, toes and his solar plexus. As Fay sucked, she gazed up at him, which was fucking hot, her eyes implied a mixture of submission and gratitude and he swelled in response.

Jasper lined up behind Fay, fingering so that he massaged her clit, spreading her juices around her dripping orifice. The liquid sounds of her pussy were loud to Bradley’s ears, accompanied by her greedy sucking of his cock, but her groan when she was claimed by Jasper drowned it out.

“Uuuh.. uuuh… uuh,” Fay moaned. Jasper began pumping her with forceful strokes.

Bradley had enjoyed a few blow jobs, but never one where the person giving head moaned, and the vibrations which travelled along his member were a delicious addition. Fay was soaking the chair, strings of saliva dripped down from her chin, but she was taking him there and he was electrified.

“I’m going to cum,” he gasped, alert to the tightening in his balls.

Bradley expected Fay to pull away, but she sucked harder, her lips sealed around him as her body jolted with the energy of Jasper’s thrusts.

“Cum man, our little slut will swallow it down,” Jasper grunted, spanking Fay’s rear like a pony he wanted to trot faster.

Permission granted, Bradley thrust like an athlete: If climaxing was an Olympic sport, he was racing to the podium. Each of them picked up the pace, Fay bucking back against Jasper’s thrusts. His response was to circle her anal pucker with his thumb and press inside her depths, so that when she came, she felt her climax bouncing the walls of her pussy and sphincter simultaneously.

Jasper released a toe curling wail as he pulled from her cunt. His throbbing cock delivered jizz in gooey strings to decorate Fay’s peachy backside. He felt as if he was turning inside out as the ropes of cum spurted, providing a glorious release and a delectable view. It felt so primitive to fuck this way and mark Fay with his ownership.

“Well you boys sure had your hands in this cookie jar,” Fay laughed, when they all flopped onto the couch, too exhausted to adjust their clothes for now. “Pass me another.” And her eyes twinkled with intent.


This was written for Sonja Rae’s publication on Medium called High and Horny and is now submitted for #WickedWednesday & #EroticFictionDeluxe

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