young man in swimming trunks at edge of pool

The Boy is Mine …

young man in swimming trunks at edge of pool

This delicious snippet was sent to me via DM last week, but life got away and I didn’t get to post it. I’ve shared erotic fiction from  Canadian Erotica before, it’s always popular. Please enjoy this, which is part of something longer he is writing.

Sandra heard her phone buzzing on the bedside table, and walked back into the bedroom as she towelled her hair.

[Here you Go]

Was the first of a series of messages from Ana

[These are fresh from last night. No face photos, sorry, but I hope you’ll enjoy them]

Sandra scrolled down, then lightly tossed her phone onto the bed in frustration as the photos very slowly started to download, one at a time. She stalked over to the door of the walk in closet, grabbing her maroon skirt-suit from the hangers on the door handle, but not yet starting to get dressed. She glanced over at her phone at a change in the light in the corner of her peripheral vision, and saw a number of images tiled together into a single message.

Lying down across the bed, she picked up her phone to have a look at the latest treats. “Yeah, okay, these are still pretty hot” she murmured. Unlike the previous photos, these weren’t selfies, but Ana had taken them from different angles. Better angles, really, allowing her to see the veins on the underside of his cock for the first time.

“Oh, this is very fine” Sandra rolls onto her back, and with her right hand gently teases first her right breast and nipple, then her left, pulling them slightly out of the bra so the nipples rest against the top seam of the cup. She hugs her breasts to her chest as she keeps scrolling down.

The next couple of photos show Ana’s hand clasping the beautiful cock, which has a visible pool of precum at the tip. “Oh, I bet you took that into your mouth, didn’t you?” Sandra wonders what it would feel like, laying across the side of her jaw and cheek as she would tease his balls. Would his precum get in her hair? So hot.

“Oh hang on, what’s this?” the final photo in the group was upside down, and showed a lot more of the young man’s torso than she had seen before. She tried to zoom in, and as she touched the screen, the video started playing. The video was nearly a minute long, and Ana’s boytoy was sitting in a chair, stroking his cock slowly. The screencap was from the end, and the video began focused very tightly in on his hand, and how he gripped his cock, but slowly zoomed out to show more and more.

Sandra released her left nipple with a sigh of vexation as the video ended just before going far enough to reveal his face. She turned on the volume, and started the video again, lightly pressing against her her neck and upper torso with the palm of her hand, listening to the young man describe a fantasy about Ana and fucking outdoors by the-

Sandra’s hand opened quickly, dropping the phone on the bed as she realized that she knows that voice, and knows that torso. It’s owner – the very hot young man with the delicious cock – had been admiring her by the pool the day before.

The video ended, and automatically restarted, its sound muffled by the down duvet, as Sandra looked down, mouth open, her mind spinning. Ana was sleeping with Simon. No wonder she was so evasive about revealing his identity.

Sandra picked up her phone again, tapping to leave the video and return to the conversation. Beyond her surprise – or was it shock? Her reaction was actually quite simple. “Oh, that’s pretty hot. God, I have so many questions.” After a few minutes, and a few messages typed and erased, she felt able to send something deliberately vague.

[I’ve got some meetings this morning, do you have any plans for this afternoon?]

Sandra tried to evade her nervousness by getting dressed, but it wasn’t until she was doing the breakfast dishes that Ana finally responded.

[Yes, I’m working from home today, but nothing too important. Do you want to come over around lunch and we can hang out by the pool again? It looks to be lovely, and the boys are away until dinner time]

[That’d be lovely. I’ll bring some wine and my new bikini]

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    1. canadianerotica1986

      I’ve heard Medium is going ot get rid of erotic content… and I don’t want to get caught. I’m quite happy to give my stories to Posy and frankly, the audience here is my ideal audience, both in terms of who’d I’d like to enjoy my stories, and the quality of the feedback

        1. canadianerotica1986

          I honestly don’t know why she’s willing to do the editing and everything but I’m very thankful she is.

  1. I love how she describes when she lets her nipple rub against the edge of her bra. It is an immensely erotic image for me.

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