Two female silhouettes against words about love and relationships

September Round Up of Writing

Two female silhouettes against words about love and relationships

Hello Dark Darlings

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little while I get my Medium account established, making sure there is lots on there to read. Please forgive me. Some of the content is brand new, and some comes from the Pillow Talk archives, but I’ve tightened up my writing and added new pictures.

I’ve been moving away from sharing pictures of myself, but I still love supporting other kinksters, so that still happens here on Pillow Talk. My blog is a safe space for men/AMAB who enjoy wearing ladies underwear to show off their images. I have some scorchers coming soon on my Lingerie Loving Men feature page.

In Case You Missed It from Posy:

My fictional fantasy series “It’s a Kind of Magic” came to it’s conclusion last week – but the links to all 12 parts are here. We hosted it on Tantalizing Tales, a publication on the Medium platform which I proudly co-host with May More. All fiction featured there contains an element which tantalises, but it’s not always erotica – we also feature thrillers, supernatural and sci-fi . May’s blog If Sex Matters is well worth a visit, she is a prolific writer of both fiction and non fiction, with a cracking photo gallery and some diverse guest writers. She also does Tarot readings for the price of a coffee.

I’ve been sharing my spin on Hansel and Gretel for a favourite meme #EroticFictionDeluxe. Read Part1, Part 2, Part 3, and now Part 4 is linked there, but if you click on the blue book  icon in my side bar you’ll fins all my twisted Fairy Tales listed. You can read to the end, or find any other story I’ve turned on its head and made NSFW! EFD’s host is Liz BlackX a regular writer for Tantalizing Tales. If you like hot bratty D/s stories or those about ‘bimbofication’ you’re in for a treat.

Last week on Pillow Talk I shared an exclusive new episode in my MILF series, it’s the third about a very sexy single mum. Shout out to sexy authoress Asrai who has featured it as one of her ‘Interspirations’ this week.

I’ve shared these posts on Medium:

Curious About Kink – in Dirty Little Secrets

Living Dangerously – in Beloved

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – in Tantalizing Tales

Maid Marion on her Tiptoed Feet – in Song Stories

My Spirit Animal is … – in Beloved

Fancy a Chip? – in Tantalizing Tales

Being a B*tch is my Kink – in Song Stories

Wicked Games : Dares for a Bad Girl – in My Erotica

Dreamscapes – in Illumination

Boarding School Blues – in Be Open

Don’t Take it Lying Down – in Song Stories

Ever have your Skirt Fall off While out for a Walk? – in Dirty Little Secrets

A Time to Die – in Beloved (which I’m proud to say was picked for further distribution)

You may not know but, when you’re reading on Medium, if you highlight a passage or 2 , it lets the “bots” know you engaged with the article. This helps the writer earn money and costs you nothing.

You may conclude that Medium is a a great source of articles and fiction, and decide to subscribe. If you do this and use my ‘subscribe’ link I get a little money for that. I tried the ‘free-reads’ version initially but I always ran out of reading credits too quickly. I reckon the subscription is easily less each month than going out for  a fancy coffee and it supports writers like me so it’s worth it.

My final reading recommendation is not by me, it’s a new piece of satire by Alex Gibbons, hosted on the 4Thoughts or Fiction meme where the prompt was “Narcissism”. Please budding writers think about contributing to the latest prompt as I’m judging the entries – I want to read posts on having a super power or involving a super hero. On your marks  … Go!

Post linked to #mmmMondays week 38 check out what makes other folk say “mmm”



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    1. I hadn’t thought of that May – but that’s a good call. I am following Asrai’s example, she makes sure people haven’t missed what she’s written in her different ‘arenas’.

  1. I love that you do this! I had thought of doing it myself at the beginning and then it never happened. Now I write so sporadically, it would have nothing on it. lol (I hope this changes soon though).

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