Tally Ho Rafael!

A message drops into my in-box which begins “Hola Mrs Posy” which I love, because I know it’s from my newest contributor. Raphael, a proud Spanish “man who enjoys wearing panties” my guest began visiting my site to view both the stories and pictures which I share celebrate how attractive I find AMABs wearing lingerie that’s designed for the female form.

Rafael has an archive of pictures, but he set them aside a while ago when some people shamed him for the harmless pleasure he gets from dressing up. Why@? It’s his private life. Although very unhappy to hear that the shade made him stop what he enjoys, I was pleased when he recently began to submit his written work to #WickedWednesday. It’s hosted on Rebels Notes – why not visit and read to show your support.

For your visual pleasure, with a cross-dressing theme, he is letting me post some of his pictures. I’ll pass you over to Rafael:

“I think I’m ready to openly share my panties photos under the name Rafael.

Diving in my archives I have rescued one that was the cover of a blog that I had a long time ago. And that I stay very original, with the very Spanish fan. It was highly appreciated by women, but especially by men. Oops!
I have also made for this occasion, a more recent one, also with my wife’s panties.
Finally I enclose an edited one, in which I am seen with a riding crop, ready for the game, and some views of the delicious panties I think.”

Rafael uses a Spanish fan to hide his modesty

Seated male in ladie's knickers


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19 thoughts on “Tally Ho Rafael!”

  1. It really saddened me when Rafael was shamed for the things he like. Love that he’s sharing more of his images here too, and look forward to more of his writings πŸ™‚
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Absolutely Marie – not the ‘live and let live’vibe I like to imagine we are grown-up enough to embrace. But he has risen like a phoenix from the fire and I’m glad blogs like ours can support him.

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