It’s a Kind of Magic – All 12 Episodes

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I’m a fan of magical, mystical things. As a child I loved story books which told of legends, mythical beasts, creatures from folklore and epic quests.

In my more erotic writing I have created several saucy versions of fairy tales (find Twisted Fairy Tales by clicking on the ornate blue book in the sidebar of this blog).

Recently I’ve been reading less about vampires and more about elves and mermaids, which has influenced my creativity. As co-host of a publication on Medium called Tantalizing Tales we encourage writers to share stories with more background and scenes with passion, so I’ve been encouraged to write a storyline like the YA novels I enjoy.

My primary motive for reading is escapism. An obvious form of escape is to imagine that parallel worlds exist that we could visit, if shown the way to access them. For another world I have licence to create characters looking, acting, travelling, even loving in ways which are plucked from my imagination. It’s very freeing, and yet it’s the most complicated plotting I’ve ever done (I’m a pantser folks! I make the plot up as I go, but I’m grateful to my beta readers to keep me on track.)

The links to It’s a Kind of Magic’s episodes follow. I have now finished the story, although I’m already having ideas for spin-off stories. One week, a fan told me what he thought might happen next, which furnished me with an idea for a twist another time watching a film showed me how my characters might handle their next challenge. Thanks to those who kept reading and gave comments and feedback – they help so much to keep me inspired.

Ep. 1 – which should’ve been a short story!

Ep. 2 – dealing with rejection

Ep. 3 – seeking information

Ep. 4Ā  – quest for answers

Ep. 5 – the plot thickens

Ep. 6 – fortune told

Ep. 7 – following clues

Ep. 8 – the prince is in trouble

Ep. 9 – broken dreams

Ep. 10 – using magic to assist

Ep. 11 – rescue operation

Ep. 12 – Safely home

Huge thanks to beta readers May More & Liz Black & to Tantalizing Tales on Medium for hosting my fiction

[I recommend you read their fiction]
& to Flavia Kate Peters whose book ‘Connecting with the Fairies’ I use for reference to the magical world of nature spirits and to author Holly Black whose Folk of the Air series introduced me to another world


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10 thoughts on “It’s a Kind of Magic – All 12 Episodes”

  1. Thank for your sharing this. I too grew up loving this kind of fiction, and connecting to the spiritual elements of life. It is coming back to me now and reading your work is a part of that.

  2. I really recommend this story – it is great to have it on Ttales Posy – I love a proper story with plot and twists and turns – and that is what u have created ….

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