Watching While My Friends Fuck You

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A Guest Post by Canadian Erotica
I’ve shared his writing before, sometimes it’s like a confession, other times he explores a hope or fantasy. I leave you to decide which this is!


“I love it when you talk about other men fucking me during sex” Natalie said. Her fingers lightly touched Simon’s chest, as they lay together in post-orgasmic mellowness.

“Oh?” Simon asked, curious. He noticed the way her breathing had increased, although the “fuck yes, that would be hot” was also a pretty good clue that she was interested.

Prompted by his response, Natalie moved her hand down to his cock, starting to stroke it gently, enjoying the feeling of lube mixed with his cum and her wetness.

“Do you think about it a lot?”

Simon didn’t answer for a moment, so Natalie stopped stroking and squeezed.

“Yes, I do. A lot.” More than she knew, but he suspected she would be thrilled to hear.

“How often?” Natalie kissed her way down his torso and stomach, then used the tip of her tongue along the shaft of his cock from the base to the head.

“Often. A lot. I love it”

“Every day?” Natalie asked again, playing with his balls.

“Yes, No. Sometimes.” Simon closed his eyes, and reached back to grab the top of the headboard. The bed had moved away from the wall, and he could get a good hold on the cushioned and quilted side.

“Why does it turn you on?”

Natalie slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth, while using her nails gently along the length of his shaft. She stopped playing with his balls for a moment to draw her hair back and give him a better view as she took more of his cock into her mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot. I love watching you masturbate for me. I love watching you cum.” Simon could feel her smile, the way her lips moved around his cock. “I love thinking about other guys fucking you, so I can watch you have fun.”

Natalie released his cock from her mouth, recommencing stroking, her fingers wrapped around the shaft. She was fascinated with watching his precum pool up, run down the head, over her fingers and hand.

“Who do you want to fuck me first” Natalie asked.

She moved up to put Simon’s cock between her breasts. She pushed her tits together, then moved slightly forward and back, to stroke him. His cock wasn’t long enough to reach all the way to her mouth, unfortunately, but she loved the feeling almost as much as he did, plus it was a good way to get his precum everywhere.

Simon gripped the headboard more tightly, trying to remain focused on the questions.

“Tom. Eric. Matt. All of them. I want you to fuck all of them.”

Natalie moved again, settling so that Simon’s cock lay against his mons pubis, and she could slide back and forth along the shaft.

“I’m such a slut in your fantasies,” she giggled. “I love it. One at at time or all together?” She kissed his chest, and held on to his biceps, with nails slightly digging in to control her movement along his cock.

“Both,” Simon moaned, “all together, please.”

Natalie kissed Simon’s chest. Moving up, she put her hands on his shoulders to pull herself up his torso. As she slipped off the head of his cock, it sprung up, teasing her lips and resting against her ass. She reached back with one hand, and placed the head against her anus, intending to slide back a bit at a time. She pumped some lube onto her fingers from the bottle on the bedside table, to prime them both, before continuing to guide Simon’s cock slowly into her ass.

“Will you fuck me too?” She just about managed to get the question out, distracted as she was by the head of the cock working in.

Simon finally let go of the headboard and opened his eyes. He wrapped one arm around Nat to keep her close to him, and rolled them both. Now she was on her back on the bed, he moved her legs so her ankles were over his shoulders. He grunted and drove down, pushing his cock deep into her ass.

Nat pulled on her nipples, and bit her lip as Simon pulled his cock most of the way out, and then plunged it back into her again. She loved having her ass fucked, and it had been way too long since Simon had cum in her ass.

“Will you fuck me too?” she persisted between strokes. This time it came out more like a mumble than a coherent question.

“Always,” Simon grunted. And he meant it too. “I want to feel you cumming as they fuck you.” He slowed down, teasing her.

Natalie shook her head. “No, dammit. Fuck me hard. Finish this so I can fuck your friends while you watch.”

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