Pleasure Can Be Found in So Many Ways

For the prompt pleasure, I’ve written in the form of an “accrostic” using the letters that spell pleasure to (alphabetically) prompt a header topic for each paragraph. Of course this is pleasure as it applies to me, right now in 2021.


I derive a great deal of pleasure from being Posy. I get to write and explore my kinky, darker side and there are people who want to read my work. I have friends within the NSFW Twitter community who inspire me, encouraging creativity while valuing my thoughts and opinions. I am published in anthologies and I edit fiction for the on-line publication Tantalizing Tales – my pen name helps me find my ‘tribe’.


Books/reading – very important to me, they are my preferred source of learning and a favourite way to spend my free time. I have a holiday coming up soon so my Kindle is loaded with fiction of many genres. I also belong to 2 book clubs, I’ve entered a month long reading challenge and I write reviews.


Visitors to my blog expect original erotic fiction, and that’s what I write, I have done since 2016 but I’ve been reading it far longer. I used to enjoy the glossy men’s magazines: Fiesta & Playboy. I read Harrold Robbins & Collette, later gravitating to Victorian erotica and Black Lace before most adult books moved to e-publishing. Currently I make time to read the erotic offerings of fellow bloggers who participate in the regular memes and those whose work is on Medium – it’s never a chore when the writing is good quality.


It really is just a number, so long as you still have your health. As you get older keep your mind active, embrace new ideas and don’t say you’re too old to try things. Eat well – I’ve been pescatarian for more than a year now and I feel better for it. My body doesn’t cope well with lactose/milky things, so avoid that and although I like a drink, I sip cider or G&T  in moderation. After a brush with cancer in my late 40s, I reached 50 feeling mighty grateful to be alive. I try to greet each new day with fresh hopes and dreams and remind myself to be grateful for the smallest pleasures: Chocolate, no traffic jam, birdsong, facetime with friends.


It’s my favourite season in the UK, my birthday falls in the summer and there is always time off with family to which I look forward. I’m a person who gets cold really easily, so I love the opportunity in the warmer months of June, July & August to dress in lightweight clothing or lounge about soaking up the sunshine. I still experience the delight of anticipation induced by the 6-week school holiday, days without a timetable and  a light sky until late seem to give me extra energy.


Lingerie really. I love the pretty stuff and I’m one who likes it all matching, be it dainty or restrictive, frilly or smooth, latex or lace. I used to share pictures of myself via this blog, participating in the photo-themed memes, but it began to feel like too much exposure. My body was, of course, better when I was younger, but back then I had neither the confidence nor the platform. NSFW Twitter folk are very generous, no mention was made of my skin (not in the first flush of youth) or my scar, so it was a body positive experience.


My erotic fiction is often romantic, because they say write what you know. I never sought one night stands, and as for love ’em and leave ’em – I was usually the one being left. Immersing myself in a chick flick is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours while stories with relationship-driven plots are my genre of choice. My parents stayed romantic into their 70s, when my mother passed away, and my father honoured her memory until the end of his life. I’ve definitely found ‘my lobster’ in Mr Churchgate who is my rock and my dreamboat through thick and thin – I feel very lucky.


Music is a great source of pleasure for me, as evidenced by my posts on Musically Ranting. I enjoy live music and putting playlists on in the background when I’m working or doing chores. This, by Dua Lipa is my favourite track right now. I also love to dance, although I’m not very good, but moving one’s body to rhythms is a pleasant sensation and releases endorphins. My newest audio pleasure is listening to books read aloud. It’s expanded my opportunities to absorb a book because, of course, I can do a task while I listen, like walk the dog or work in the garden. Podcasts are a similar boon, and I’ve enjoyed many which have sparked my thinking and inspired my writing.


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12 thoughts on “Pleasure Can Be Found in So Many Ways”

  1. Very cool idea to approach this topic as an acrostic. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    I am a pescatarian (fish & seafood are okay) now, but was a zero-flesh vegetarian for nearly ten years, so I know exactly what you mean about feeling better for it. Some people’s bodies just really do not digest meat well and I was one of those people. Diet makes such a huge difference — gut health is really a key factor to ALL health — and when we find one that makes us FEEL good, I think that’s the key to unlocking positive things.

    You’ll have to explain the lobster thing though… *laugh* Mr Churchgate is your lobster??? DON’T BOIL HIM ALIVE!!!! Lol.

    While I, too, love books, I really need silence and tactile pleasure. So audio books are not my thing. Lots of people seem to love them. But listening to people talk — radio shows, podcasts, etc. — is my idea of hell. *laugh* And I hate screens. So I’ll stick to holding good old fashioned bound pulp in my hands. 🙂

    1. Hey Mrs Fever, thanks for reading and commenting. Actually I should edit that, I am pescatarian too!

      “He’s your Lobster” is a Phoebe quote from Friends (she’s the hippy, flaky one) – a reference to lobsters mating for life – so, as you say, I must take great care of Mr Churchgate and not get him in hot water!

      Oh I love reading so much I’ll take in the words any way I can. I’ve found reading in different mediums allows me to juggle more books at one time without it being confusing. I still love a tangible book with pages, despite the fact that they gather the dust I feel great respect for a bound book.

  2. Lovely post Posy – and is wonderful to know there is pleasure is so many things – with all that has gone on in the world i think we may forget sometimes.
    I have been off all dairy and gluten for 2 weeks now and my skin is improving slowly but incrementally
    May xx

    1. Thank you May. It cheered me writing it, realising there are so many things from which I glean pleasure. I’m glad that simple dietary changes seem to be having benefits for you.

  3. It turned out to be a pleasant acrostic. Lightweight and sincere. Even when you write about a serious illness that you had to face, it did not cause a painful sensation.
    In terms of food, I like your choice. With such a diet, it is probably not so difficult to do without meat.
    I’m not as lucky with books as you are. I was able to get used to reading books from the screen of the gadget quite easily. But listening to books just doesn’t work. Apparently not mine.

    1. Lisa that is lovely feedback – thanks! I’m sorry audible doesn’t suit you – I do find I don’t take the story in quite so thoroughly as when I read, but a 2nd listen is just as nice, and it’s great to listen to as I fall asleep

  4. Such a clever and interesting idea and wonderful to read. I’m sure it will make reading you in the future an even more enjoyable … and certainly more personal … experience!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Talent is either there or not. You can neither buy nor spend or drink it.
    You wrote about yourself quite briefly, but succinctly. So much information in a short text.
    I am sorry about your illness, but I am glad that you are with us. So you are needed on this planet.
    I watched the clip of Dua Lipa and I liked it. Especially the video sequence that resonates with your way of eating 😊.

  6. It was nice to learn something new about you first hand. Let me wish you good health and further creative success. I read your posts with interest and pleasure.

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