The Choice – Part 3 – Decision


My Guest Writer Mr Bram Stroker usually shares his fiction via a Twitter thread, but has kindly allowed me to pull them together on my blog. To get the full sexy build up, I suggest you read Part 1 and Part 2 before you begin with his third episode. CW: DD/lg terms of endearment in this and part 1


He invited them both to his apartment the following weekend, telling them both the other was invited. Both accepted.

Maybe it was intrigue. Maybe it was the challenge of competition. Maybe it was something else, something base, but both would come to him.

Saturday evening arrived. 7 pm the allotted time rolled around and seemingly within moments of each other the two women arrived.

First was Devyn. As was her wont she wore black. A denim mini skirt, Doc Marten shoes, with orange stitching and a black sheer blouse.

He could see her black lace bra beneath it. Not a hair out of place on her perfect bobbed cut. She entered his open plan room and sat on a small sofa at the foot of his bed. She had an aroma of cigarette smoke about her. As she adjusted her position, Angela presented herself.

He noticed for the first time, how much taller she was than the other woman. She wore white. A tight t-shirt that seemed to make her breasts swell. It was short, revealing her stomach and the ring that pierced her navel. She wore a mid length white pleated skirt and heels. Her hair was loose over her shoulders although a white Alice band kept her fringe clear. She surveyed her surroundings noticing her adversary for the first time. A nod of acknowledgment was given reciprocally. She sat on a leather seat at the side of the bed.

He stood at the foot of the Kingsize and had to stifle a laugh as he considered the two Queens before him. One black. One white This was his game and the bed was his board. Angela, he thought fleetingly, was the antithesis of Devyn. The bed was positioned freely away from the constraints of the fabric of the building. A side table was sparse save for a burning candle that flickered in the light and a large glass of vodka and coke.

He spoke introducing the women to each other. Etiquette was essential. They smiled at each other.

‘And?’ said Angela somewhat impatiently.

Devyn grimaced at the impertinence.

‘Yes.’ He went on. ‘You both give me so much. You both feed my needs in different ways.’ They held each word. ‘You are both …perfect. ‘

Each woman took the compliment. Angela smiled. Devyn, feeling her blush, averted her gaze.

‘Nearly …’ he finished his sentence.

Both women shot a bolt at him. He interwove his fingers as he spoke, raising his hands as if to prayer.

‘I want you both to …’ Time stopped. They could feel their hearts racing with adrenaline. Both shuffled a little as they sat ‘…own me …’ he finished. Lowering his eyes.

The women looked at him. Then each other. A test ? An Invitation? A …switch ? It was Angela who stood first.

She placed her hands on her hips and paraded the room tracing her fingers over his belongings. She walked around the bed in a full circle before opening his pine drawers. From within the top one she felt the rough edges of his leather belts, each wound tightly. She removed one. Then another, unfurling 4 in total.

Devyn stood. She walked from the bedroom to his kitchenette. He could hear her shoes on the linoleum. She returned quickly. Her hands behind her back as she prowled into the room. Angela placed the belts on his bed.

‘Take your clothes off’ she directed.

He slipped out of his jeans. Unbuttoned his shirt. As he went to remove his shorts, she spoke again ‘not those’. He stood and waited. She directed him onto the bed and he lay onto his back. She rolled a number of pillows and placed them under the arch of his back raising him 10 or 12 inches from the mattress.

Devyn grabbed his ankle. She looped the leather around it and fastened it to the bedpost. She repeated it with the other.

“Ok Google” said Angela, her voice recognised… “play In the Air Tonight’.

The haunting synthesised pipes filled the room. Angela grabbed his left wrist and bound it and Devyn tied the right. He was saltired upon his own bed. His head just off the foot, his feet at the headboard.

The music built ‘I can feel it …’

Angela and Devyn stood above him. Angela at one shoulder. Devyn at the other as if his conscience personified.

From his inverted position he peered at them, his head rushing with blood from hanging over the edge. He could feel his body burning. The women looked at each other. Each stroked the other’s hair and Devyn removed the band from Angela’s ponytail. It was happening. He felt the cotton of his shorts restraining his growth.

Devyn turned her back allowing the other woman to unzip her skirt. It dropped heavily to the floor. She wore no underwear. She turned and faced Angela and replayed the scenario. The white pleats wafted to the ground. She wore a white thong.

Devyn removed the choker from her throat, tied it around his face. It pinched at his cheeks as the ring forced his mouth perpetually open. He drooled. She could see how hard he was.

‘Would you like me to release you …Sir ?’

She revelled in the power. He tried to speak but couldn’t. He nodded eagerly. Saliva covered.

‘Daddy, would you like it?’ queried Angela from somewhere between his feet.

He gripped his fists and the belts tightened. Devyn retrieved the 12 inch serrated blade that she’d brought from the kitchen. His eyes widened. Fear. Hunger. She traced its tip along his abdomen before slicing through his waistband. His erection was freed immediately and it pinnacled the mountain they’d made of him.

Each woman circled the bed. Angela took the candle and poured the freshly melted wax onto his chest and across his nipples. Devyn removed the ice from his glass and drew it across the same skin. In each circuit of the bed, both women gently tapped his swollen cock. The veins protruded and he needed release.

First Angela. Then Devyn. They teased him by stopping near to his head. He could smell them. He could see them; he wanted them to rinse him.

The drum crescendo built and climaxed in the song as his heart raced.

“Would you like to cum Daddy?”
“Do you want me to sir?“

He was beside himself. His pre-cum tipping.

Devyn took his phone from the bedside table, she began to type. She looked at his
straining body as she finished . He was so close. Oozing. She handed the device to Angela who began to read aloud.

“Please. Quickly. I’m at home. I need help.”

His face changed. From desire to despair.

She continued ‘Send …to … all.’

The demure Angel smiled. The innocent Devil laughed and the message was sent.

Across the planet the phones of his associates, friends and family sounded. A notification from him. With a photo of him – prostrate and cum soaked – attached.

Devyn walked away from the bed. She’d scrawled WHORE into the wax.

The women, who had known each other for weeks, gathered their clothing and dressed.

‘I can feel it coming..’

They left together, leaving the door open and made their way to the car in which they had both arrived. The decision had been made. And they chose themselves.



This fiction is submitted for Musically Ranting & mmmMondays


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