Why a Vampire Fantasy?

You may remember Kinky Katie, who I interviewed as part of my “New Voices” feature, demonstrating how deliciously naughty she is. Her current feature looks her kinks and explores why they work for her but also invites guest bloggers to explore fantasies / kink fodder too. I was pleased to be invited to share why vampires tap into something for me, making my heart flutter and my panties melt. Read on and see for yourself but also please visit her post as Shadowy Villain is also guesting with his fantasy kink.

Films are a good starting point for explaining my fantasy, I was brought up on the melodramatic films made by Hammer Horror, Christopher Lee as a menacing vampire and Peter Cushing as his nemesis  I was not much of a soft compliant girlie-girl growing up, but these films did something to me, they made me want to surrender because there was something so lust inducing about being a vampire’s suck-buddy!

The fascination that vampire legend has for me has grown, I’ve read many books in the genre, each author putting their own spin on being a blood-sucking undead being. What gets me squirming is the concept that drinking a human’s blood does more than fuel the vampire, it feeds into their desires, while building submissive arousal in their victim. In the Southern Vampire series of books (written by Charlaine Harris) a person who gets off on feeding a vampire is termed a ‘fang banger’ – I might be one!

In some story developments of Bram Stoker’s original Count Dracula, he heads up a coven of female vampires. These women call to hapless males, who are lured from the safety of their beds to be their plaything. These vampires ooze sexual awareness, they flirt and tease their prey for erotic enjoyment. When their male prey wake in their own beds the next day, they are woozy from loss of blood and confused, yet powerless to resist once night falls and the blood-letting sirens call again.

This scenario, of being predatory and impossible to resist, of having knowledge when another is uninformed, the power dynamic of holding a dangerous thrall over one who is helpless is both alluring and exciting to me. It taps into my dominant play.

Hence I cannot decide whether that is my fantasy or …

to be the innocent one, travelling alone after dark without protection. I accidentally attract the attention of a gallant but persuasive man. He would be polite, apologising for startling me and ensuing conversation would lull me into a false sense of security when he speaks of books or art or the stars – topics no one my age discusses with me. The way he looks at me would be different too, as if I was exceptional, precious, a prize of incredible value, soon something in his gaze makes me wonder if it would be wrong if we kissed.

The sexual tension would build and, if he was reading me right, glamouring would be unnecessary, I would be putty in his hands. With panties dampening my heart would beat faster – making a pulse in my neck that (unbeknownst to me) calls to him. If he moves in to kiss and nibble at my neck, past experience shows my knees would buckle and I’d feel pulses of excitement in my pussy. I’d want his gentle sucking to grow stronger against my neck and clavicle. Welcoming more, I’d want the pressure to escalate into a bite.

I’ve earned several love bites this way from not feeling the urge to say stop. In the arms of a real vampire, their fangs could puncture my skin without me putting up any resistance. The reward which follows, a rush of sexual pleasure, will keep us prey coming back for more until mortality is lost and either death, or the change to becoming a vampire yourself, sets in.

It would seem as if the preternatural power of vampires, their strength, speed, invulnerability are all attractive to me. The power to glamour (not used by every creator of a vampire tale) feeds into my CNC fantasy – the ability to exert their will over another’s, to make a person desire what may not be good for them, is a very sexy concept.

The bite / fangs of a vampire are not only functional, a vehicle to feed the vampire blood which they need as fuel, but they deliver sensations akin to sexual satisfaction for both the giver and the receiver of blood.

Why is a virgin’s blood better than anyone else’s? I suggest it taps into many folks’ attraction to a ‘bad/dangerous’ character – with a vampire and a virgin being the extremities on this scale. A pure, unsullied person being preyed on by the most deadly creature is D/s power play in the extreme. Is a virgin’s blood extra nourishing because of its purity, or sought after because of its rarity (in our modern life)? Surely one who’s had no previous partners will be devoted to their vampire lover as often happens with our first love.

Flying / shape shifting / preternatural strength and speed – at a surface level these are not part of the attraction of a vampire, but having a lover who can protect one against incredible odds is very hot.

Film makers and a wealth of authors are much to blame for my perception that a vampire would become cultured and genteel. Theirs is a life which often spans centuries, so many of the undead are portrayed as passing their time reading books and collecting art. Time spent with such a deep thinking and polished person seems idyllic and appealing.

Vulnerable to silver / bright light – well every creature has a flaw! If we fang bangers are going to look to a vampire to protect and rescue us, then (as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman) we need to rescue them right back! So here are their vulnerabilities with which a human (or day walker) can help.

I’ve asked Kate Pasithea & Vlad Lioncourt – co-authors of Alina Rising
an erotic romance featuring vampires, to share what they believe makes vampires a popular kink.

KP: For me, vampires have never been about the hypnotic allure of Christopher Lee’s eyes, but the animalistic reaction of the body to harsh contact of teeth. The neck is a highly sensitive erogenous zone for most, but the first time I experienced a real bite there, I came very close to climaxing from that alone. In that moment, I understood the true sexuality of the vampire. Not the hypnotic intimations, not the flowing of one’s lifeblood into another being, but that searing, consuming pain that sends fiery rods straight to the centre of my sexual arousal.

VL: I absolutely agree with Kate. There is something visceral about biting, especially if the risks are dramatic. Is it not the pinnacle of escapism? How many dream of escaping tedium in the arms of an immortal? Commitments beyond normal.

To me, it is also the ultimate example of primal, raw lust. The pinnacle of the power exchange; the vampire wants ALL of their prey, quite literally. And the prey wants to give it ALL…sometimes. lol. But, the result is that, in the classic storyline, she becomes enslaved to him. The D/s, and M/s dynamic is front and centre. I suspect those with latent submissive needs find vampires the sexiest of the monsters.

It has an interesting parallel to bondage. People love bondage with a trusted lover because it gives the illusion of being helpless to another’s need. Well, isn’t that what happens when a vampire visits? I bet anyone who loves bondage also loves vampires. A slave to another’s need… so it is mental and physical.

KP: Ah yes, the danger is certainly also a draw. Vlad and I have spoken often about hunters and prey. That though, isn’t something I inherently link to vampires – though it is obviously an element of their attraction.

This extract is from Walk in Moonlight by Rosemary Laurey – which I highly recommend as romantic and erotic vampire fiction.

“Imagine the talk, you refuse Sebastian then hotfoot it over to my house. We’d have to fight a duel for certain.”
“I thought they became illegal in the last century.”
“I’m a man with roots in the past.” He squeezed her hand, as if in farewell. Dixie wasn’t ready to have him go. She touched his shoulder and reached to kiss him goodbye.
[…]She aimed for his cheek. He turned and her mouth met his lips, cool as the marble on the pantry shelf. But as her lips caressed his, she knew only warmth and softness. He tasted of night and spice and excitement. Her mouth opened as his pressed on hers […] Almost reluctantly, his hand smoothed up her neck and through her hair. She sighed and her tongue reached for his.
The heat of summer burst through her. She gasped, but not for breath; for more. And he gave it. Sweetness flooded her soul and need surged like a current through her brain […] Time stopped. Dixie knew nothing but spiralling warmth and an aching need for more.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

If you’re interested in the books which have fuelled my love of vampire fiction, here’s a list:
The Southern Vampire series / The Midnight Texas series : Charlaine Harris

Fat Vampire – Big Fat Boxset : Johnny Be Truant

Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter : Laurel K Hamilton

Samantha Moon – Vampire for Hire : J R Rain

Alina Rising : Vlad Lioncourt, Kate Pasithea

All Souls Trilogy : Deborah Harkness

Twilight series : Stephanie Meyer

Blood of the Eternal Moon : Simon O’Neill

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13 thoughts on “Why a Vampire Fantasy?”

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  2. In my opinion, here we are talking about domination without consent, which in other words is called violence. And this is exactly what is contrary to the basic principles of any relationship. And the forbidden sweetness of this situation is alluring.

    1. I agree that’s much of the allure and why it is fantasy only. In choosing a mythical being for my fantasy it can never be anything but.

  3. Oh yes the forever sexy vampires – u gotta love em! and i do – i have – i have sat up late into the early hours reading Bram Stoker and Anne Rice –
    The virgin thing – youth is power and potent – the untouched more so- just waiting for the one!
    May x

  4. I don’t like vampires, vampire books, vampire films, but thanks to your article, I saw this topic in a slightly different light than I imagined. I do not want to say that now I like it, but at least I will treat this topic differently than before.

  5. I’ve always had a fascinating with vampires. It started with Dracula and then Lestat and his brood. The dark romance of it all…the rather sexual connection of the hunt and the bite and the turning. (Is there a way to subscribe to your site? I forget to read if it doesn’thit my inbox.)

    1. A fellow fang-banger! Hurrah! There always was a ‘subscribe’ function on the home page, have I chosen a layout without one? I’ll check

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