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My name is Posy Churchgate, and I’m addicted to books.

I saw Brigit’s prompt for #tellmesomethingtrue and immediately wanted to respond, because I love to talk on the topic of books/ reading – if you visit my blog you’ll know I sometimes write reviews.

I am sharing a picture of one of my bookcases – it contains my beloved vampire themed books and a few erotic novels. On the upper shelf you will see the Best Bondage Erotica Volume 2 and on the lower The Gift – both of which anthologies (I am proud to say) feature a story I’ve written. Having my work in a tangible book put a tick on my bucket list!

I am, however, trying to wean myself off having too many books on shelves so I’m devoted to my e-reader. The majority or my erotic reading material is filed under the heading “Romance with Benefits” on my Kindle. A huge plus is identifying a book & being able to read it immediately (downloaded in seconds). I can look up the meaning of a word as I’m reading, and have also begun to use the bookmark & notes for material I may wish to feature in reviews or for discussion in book club.

Bridget suggested talking about the last book I read – that was Alina Rising by Vlad Lioncourt & Kate Pasithea. Having read other novels by these authors, I already knew that they write well developed characters and thoughtfully crafted sex scenes which clearly demonstrate  the relationship dynamic of the participants.

Alina is an unusual girl, strong both physically and in her mental attitude and principles. This sets her apart, as a heroine, from some vampire books I’ve read. Being my favourite genre, I have many with which I can compare and contrast. The central vampire character – Marquis Dasculu – is one of the original vampires, hence his powers are highly developed. He has an old world genteel attitude and romantic nature which Alina finds appealing, and so did I.

Vlad and Kate explore the symbiotic relationship a vampire colony could have with humans and the hierarchical nature of vampire society, which is a refreshing change of direction. There was plenty of humour and enough unbridled lust and sex scenes, with a BDSM dynamic, to keep me reading late into the night. The plot has suspense and drama, interpersonal tension and personal growth within a traditional love story. Vlad & Kate have crafted intelligent erotica, leaving themselves room to write a sequel, which I’m hoping they do.

But my fiction addiction doesn’t end there – I embrace audio books too! A fairly recent addition to my life, I began subscribing to Audible early in lockdown. Enabled to enjoy a narrated novel while moving about, I can walk the dog, do household chores or work in the garden while I listen. One of the best things about audio books is when a talented professional’s narration bring the story alive. Reading this way enables me to juggle more than 1 novel at a time because the features of a traditional book and an audio book are so different they don’t get muddled in how I process them.

My TBR ‘pile’ on my Kindle is several pages of titles long. I have a whole library to choose from when I’m selecting what my next literary entertainment will be. In choosing a new book for the book club to read, we consider classics, current popular novels and books written by authors known to us via Twitter. There’s such a wide variety out there, so many stories in which to immerse ourselves.

Reading a book is the best way I know to walk in someone else’s shoes, to hear another person’s thoughts or to see places I would not otherwise visit. I am never going to apologise for being addicted to books.

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  1. Are you familiar with Lynsey Sands? She writes vampire romances, and her first set was absolutely hilarious! I love her sense of humor. 🙂

    I’m afraid my shelves are stuffed full — though I recently downsized my stash significantly, I have lots more to choose from!

    I’m currently working my way through my TBR Agatha Christies. Most recently, They Came To Baghdad.

    1. Oh thank you Mrs Fever, I love a book recommendation. In my comment to Brigit I shared a couple more, but if you like vampires & humour, let me suggest the Fat Vampire series (Johhny B Truant) – they come at vampirism from a fresh and modern perspective.

      Yes my shelves are stuffed with several genres too, lots of my mum’s favourites have come from her house, alongside a bookcase! Agatha Christie is on my TBR pile too.

    1. Thanks sindee – I find a hardback book is too heavy in my hand (my grip has deteriorated due to finger injuries) but I love the look of a hardback book so am with Mistress Kate there.

  2. I do a lot of audible books for the same reason. It allows me to read several books at the same time. I have one going on in the car, sometime on kindle, and then usually a paper or hard back, too. Right now I am listening to The Sanatorium, reading a hardback of The Last Apothecary, and reading one of Vlad’s books on my Kindle. I love how I can bookmark and make notes on my kindle, and bookmark certain spots in audible when I am driving. Though, I’ll be honest, I write in books and fold down pages, so it’s no different for me there.

    I used to be very much into Anne Rice’s vampire books…but I was recently pointed in the direction of Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf trilogy…I might give that a listen.

    1. Hey Brigit, that’s a lot of reading being juggled too! I didn’t realise I could bookmark audible, I will investigate.
      Vlad is a great writer, very diverse. But I’ll look into Glen Duncan’s books – I read 1 by Anne Rice and wasn’t the biggest fan. I recommend J R Rain’s vampire heroine and L K Hamilton.

  3. I bet most of us here have a mild addiction to reading. 🙂
    I had to downsize my personal library every time we moved.
    Oh and when we combined households I had to get drastic, there wasn’t enough room for them all. Selling them to Half Price Books made it a little easier. Each on has a memory both of story and when in my life it was read. Thanks for sharing your addiction.

    1. Thanks for reading David. I’m so torn currently, clearing my parents’ house, both were voracious readers (particluarly my mother who reviewed books & wrote for a living) Lockdown means, sadly, much will go to landfill, although I’ve sneaked several home – plus a new bookcase! Lets be bibliphiles together xoxo

  4. What a great addiction to have Posy! I must admit my bookshelves are overflowing. Pet still reads to me at night as well. It beats listening to an audible as his voice soothes me to sleep. 😉

  5. The love of reading books is a good addiction. I don’t think it makes sense to apologize for him. Reading books, as you rightly noted, gives us the opportunity to live, if not other people’s lives, then at least episodes of other people’s lives. And see and feel how it was. Thus, we expand the horizons of our own lives without leaving our own reality. I think so. Cinematography has similar functions. But there it happens at the expense of other means.

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