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For this month’s Interview with a Blogger I am welcoming Suzie Mace who is also the guest host on the For Thoughts and Fiction meme – the prompt Suzie chose is “Exposed”. Why not try writing something to link up and reading what others have submitted.

Suzie hosts a fascinating blog, exploring life from the perspective of a cross-dressing submissive persona. It is packed with a variety of kink and sexual curiosity, shared alongside plenty of Suzie’s original fiction and photographs. Read on to find out more about Suzie Mace.


To introduce yourself, please tell us one possession which you treasured as a child (0-10)


My red Raleigh Grifter Bike – A freedom machine


Describe your blog using 3 words? Could you expand your description a little:

Revealing, Intimate, Kinky


My blog is written from the perspective of Susie who is my submissive Crossdresser, vaguely bicurious feminine self. I like to share my experiences, my adult themed fiction and sometimes biographical and fetish themed non fiction.


Twitter @smsub67


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/smace67/


Is this your first attempt / foray into blogging? What attracted you to the genre of blog you’ve chosen? 


No, I have been blogging for sometime. The genre I blog around is related to wanting to grow in confidence as a submissive male with curiosity about my own gender


What 3 keywords do you use when you’re looking for kinky inspiration?


Spanking, BDSM, Crossdresser 


If you were stranded on a desert island (with no power issues) name 3 things you would want to have with you (for instance kinky accessory / partner / book / film)


Panties, Oh Dear Dilan, Poetry


You’re in a drag or burlesque act – what’s your stage name? 

Scarlet O’Hoara


Which do you think evokes stronger memories – music or smell?
Please share an anecdote:


Music, when I listen to the Smiths, I am 18 again and wrestling with so many strange thoughts and temptations with no Internet to resolve or indulge them. My favourite song has to be Reel Around the Fountain.  

I love its lilting melody and  feel both alarmed and empathetic with its powerful suggestion of threat and resignation to that risk.


You can invite anyone (dead or alive) round for dinner; name 5 guests and tell us why


Michael Foot – To discuss his feelings about socialism

Margaret Thatcher – To have a word

Morrissey – To find out who he really is

Dita Von Teese – To be intoxicated by her

Tori Amos – I am intrigued by her music and the way she writes


Have you ever done something sexual in a public place? Spill! 

If you don’t have a personal anecdote you can “tell us about a friend!’  


Yes I have been spanked in a wood with a branch from a tree!

Quick Fire questions:

Temperature or Impact Play – Impact Play

Chocolate or alcohol
– Alcohol

Professional porn or amateur – (genuine porn) Amateur

Stinging nettles or brambles – Nettles

Quickie or sleepy sex – Sleepy

Coffee or tea – Coffee 

Play sport or watch sport – Play


How do you see your blog progressing – hopes and dreams?


I’d like more followers and some admirers. I would like to achieve some recognition for my fiction and photographs and I would like to make it look better. I would like to collaborate with others again. Recently, I have written with a Twitter friend, Vixen Lee @VixenLee3 and been inspired to write by Dilan @OhdearDilan.


 Vixen and I met online and discussed our shared need for a dominant outside of our relationship. Together we wrote Being Fine Online in 2020 and The SafewordD/s Club were kind enough to host this for us


Oh Dear Dilan is the Twitter account of Dilan who is a beautiful spanking enthusiast, pro switch, kinky role player and more. Dilan’s posts have inspired me to write some fiction in which I imagine being dominated by her.  My Dilan inspired fiction is fast building into a book! If you are tempted to have a read, have a look at the latest episode. 


You’ve been so generous to share, let me return the favour. Tell me a “tool/aspect of blogging” about which you need a better grasp. 

I’ll provide some information and bloggers reading this can add input via the comments.

Formatting WordPress posts to improve their appearance

Well I am not really the best blogger to give advice on the technical tools to make things look better, but I have confidence May can, and perhaps visiting the Blogable site will provide guidance too.

What I’d like to offer is the chance to collaborate. I’d love you to share some thoughts and attitudes to lingerie accompanied by images if you’d like to guest on my blog.



13 thoughts on “Put your hands together for SMsub67 – my latest Interviewee”

  1. Great interview – It is such a pleasure to work along side Susie on 4thoughts. I will have a little look again at Susie’s blog and see what i can recommend
    May x

      1. Oh Susie that’s kind, but you’ve done all the work. It’s lovely how people have invested in you since reading the interview.

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    1. Thanks Mark – have you seen that Suzie is now writing a fiction serial for @TantalizingTales on Medium? Delicious school themed strictness for a young sissy maid.

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