A Lie in and Inspiration! I Like Mondays


I don’t work on Mondays, so they usually make me go Mmm because I can have a lie in. Not too late though, because I need to get out and walk my dog.  Wrapped up warmly, I put my headphones in and set a podcast playing – this way I can let the dog dawdle and sniff every leaf and twig without feeling I must hurry him along.

I’m listening to a podcast about fairytales – Phillip Pullman has studied some classics as gathered by the brothers Grimm and I’m interested in their construction and the recurring themes because – as you can see from the blue book icon in my sidebar – I like to play around with fairytales and give them an adult theme.

However, this Monday I’m not listening very closely to the podcast because my mind is mulling over a storyline. I need to write the next episode in an ongoing story set in a girls’ school in the 1950s. My ‘sister in smut’ Eve Ray’s submission left me with a cliffhanger and my chapter needs to move the action along while providing equally intriguing plot development.

Suddenly an idea begins to form – Eve gave me feedback yesterday and I realise which sections I’ve already written are dead wood and need pruning. It’s almost as if my characters tell me what direction they are taking next. Someone I introduced months ago now has a bigger part to play and its as if the secrets and motivations are revealed to me. As I return home with my dog I have a spring in my step, I can’t wait to jot these ideas down, and after breakfast I am able to flesh them out into an episode which (I hope) provides a satisfying read.

“Tell me why? I don’t like Mondays. Tell me why? I don’t like Mondays.” 

I’m happy to say that the refrain from that song  by the Boomtown Rats [the lyrics of which were inspired by a tragic school shooting in USA] does not apply to me – I won’t adopt it as my song for 2021!


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    1. My 1st draft re-told too much of Eve’s Ep. and lacked suspense, so I’m glad you found my chapter a satisfying one – thanks.

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