A Kink-Mas Carol [5]

Here’s the culmination of our NSFW Dickens-themed piece of fiction.
Part 1 by Posy

Part 2 by Nero

Part 3 by May

Part 4 by Posy

Part 5 by Posy & May ~

Read on to find out how Ebony Scrooge – Agony Aunt with a heart 2-sizes too small – gets woke!

The clock struck several times and Ebony stirred awake. She stretched in the warm embrace of her quilt, the cold, clammy chill induced by the terrors of the previous night transformed into a memory, a story she could barely get her head around. She wondered had she been dreaming? Ghosts were the kind of nonsense promoted in books and films. But the visitations had seemed so real they’d imprinted their meaning and importance deep into her conscience.


Grabbing her phone from the side table she checked its display – Christmas morning – they’d done it in one night! She still had the chance to celebrate with friends and family, to demonstrate how her heart and mind had opened under the cruel to be kind instruction of ghosts: Marley, Miranda, Jenny and the enigmatic ghost of the future. 


She had peered through ‘time travelling’ windows at the lives of Jack, Mr & Mrs Wilkins and her colleagues at the magazine, feeling shame at how judgemental she’d been in her past life – but no more! Starting right here, right now there was a new girl in town! Ebony Scrooge planned to sprinkle love and kindness everywhere she went, like Tinkerbell’s magic dust. Understanding and tolerance would now be uppermost in all her dealings with people – those she knew, and others she did not, but who wrote to her column seeking advice.

Using apps on her phone, she scrolled through products to examine sex toys she’d become curious to try since her vision of the Wilkins. Browsing their range, Ebony realised that images of fantastical shaped dildos reminiscent of a dragon’s appendage, were getting her quite wet. Who knew she swung that way? Squirming with delight, she moved a deliciously knobbly one into her virtual basket.


She ordered corsets, stockings and matching knickers, lots of lingerie gifts for Jack and his wife. Gleefully she bought a bodystocking and some latex panties for herself. What Marley had worn the previous night had been seriously hot!

Visiting an online bookstore, Ebony purchased non-fiction which elaborated on sexual practices she’d previously scorned on her magazine page. Keen to evolve and be educated,  she signed up to websites catering for transgender readers and the gay community. Finally she downloaded fiction: lesbian domination, slave training, hotwives and cuckolds. Then, slipping one hand inside her pyjama bottoms, she lay back against the pillows to enjoy her reading.


Ebony had decided to take her brother and his wife up on their offer to join in Christmas day celebrations. They invited her every year, but she usually shrugged it off as a load of humbug. Wrapped up warmly in her coat, she took a train out of London to the suburbs where she grew up. The station was empty, and the waiting taxi seemed glad of her fare. On a whim she asked the driver to take her to the churchyard she’d seen on her visit with the spirit the previous night.


A real wind whipped around Ebony as she stood and paid her respects to the parents who had raised her kindly, if a little coldly. At least she’d had her little brother Jack and her time at university to warm her. Dressing up and play acting had been fun, and she’d let loose with Miri and Phil, that’s for sure. A smile crept over her face and she vowed that she would have happy, crazy times like that again.


She grabbed her phone from her bag and scrolled through her contacts list; she knew she had Phil’s number, though she’d never had the courage to use it. Time spent with the ghosts had taught her to seize the day. She’d rather try and fail than spend any more time regretting. Ebony pressed the green icon and the number began to ring.




“Is that you Phil?”


“Yeah, who’s this?”

“It’s Ebony, you might not remember me, but my friend Miri and I used to -”

“Ebony? Girl I remember you alright! How the devil are ya?”


“You do? I’m fine, great in fact. Happy Christmas! What are you doing today? Am I interrupting a family thing?”


“Not at all Doll, it’s wonderful to talk. What you doin’?”

“Just visiting my home town. It got me thinking … about the old days …”

“And opportunities you missed?”

“Well – sort of. I know I messed up, chickened out. I always wondered …”

“So did I Girl! I’ve spent many a lonely night with my hand round me’ old boy thinking of your lovely warm backside.”


Ebony burst out laughing – she’d forgotten how direct Phil could be. It was refreshing.

“I was wondering, would you give me a second chance?” She bit her lip. “Could we meet up sometime?”

“Now there’s a tempting offer. No time like the present. Where are ya?”

She was taken aback, but when she told him the name of the station, he assured her he’d catch the next train. Excitement bubbled up inside – she’d missed the energy of companionship. Phil coming to meet her was just the fresh start she needed. She spoke aloud, as if Marley or the ghosts of her parents would bear witness to her vow.


“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep its attitude all  year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all three kept alive within me. I will no longer shut out the lessons that they taught me.” 


Then she returned to the taxi, directing the surprised driver back to the station to meet Phil.



How about a game of “pin the clit on the lady?” suggested Jack, whose eyes were, by this point, looking rather bloodshot.


There’s no such game!” Ebony laughed. Sitting close to Phil on her brother’s sofa, she was tantalised by the warmth and pressure of his thigh against hers.

There so is! It’s like pin the tail on the donkey, but for adults!” Melanie cried with delight.


Ebony and Phil shared a look that spoke of humour mixed with confusion.


Paper, we need paper!” Jack called as he rummaged in the cupboard under the stairs, reappearing triumphantly with a roll of wallpaper.


You first.” Melanie pulled Ebony up by the wrist, despite her protests. “C’mon Sis,” she coaxed.

Remember your new start,” Jack joined in, as he handed a Sharpie to Phil with a wink. “Draw round her please. Lie down Sis.” He indicated the wallpaper he’d rolled out on the floor, white side up.


It was mad. She felt foolish as she lay prone.


Legs apart Miss Ebony.” 


Phil’s eyes darkened with desire and a thrill ran through her at his look and his tone. This was what she wanted, to submit to his commands, to follow his orders, doing what pleased him. It was as if all her troubles ebbed away when she let him call the shots.


Ebony felt tingles everywhere as Phil leaned over her, using her body as a template. His pen travelled over the paper, creating a rough outline of her waist and hips. His fingers grazed her breast and she remembered other firmer touches earlier that afternoon. 


She rose shakily once the outline was drawn, Melanie noticed her blush and gave a cheeky wink. Ebony was so glad she’d had a chance to talk privately with her sister-in-law, to explain to her that Jack’s pleasure in cross-dressing was not an indicator that he was homosexual. Many men get a frisson from wearing women’s underwear, the sensual fabrics, the constriction, its taboo nature. For some it was the freedom associated with embracing another ‘persona’. She’d advised Melanie to embrace it, to encourage it and to incorporate Jack’s fetish into their bedroom fun.


In the mean time, Jack passed round several pink ovals of paper, cut to represent examples of a clitoris for each player to stick in place.


Melanie used double-sided tape to fasten the wallpaper outline of Ebony’s figure to the back of the kitchen door.


Another drink everybody?” Offered their host. Jack topped up guests raised glasses and passed out bottles of beer.


Here’s a scarf for a blindfold,” Melanie returned to the family room, brandishing a dark length of silky fabric.


Silk is always best,” agreed Phil, rubbing his thumb against Ebony’s wrist. He hadn’t let go of her hands since he’d helped her up from the floor. Now she leaned into him dreamily, suspecting he was referring to bondage rather than blindfolds.


It all got quite suggestive after that. Ebony squirmed in her seat as party guests, their sight stolen by the blindfold and their senses confused by being turned 3 times, made hilarious attempts to stick the little pink clits on the outline Phil had drawn. She felt as if all the people in the room were thinking about her naked body, while seeking out her clit! The more drunk people got, the less necessary it was to spin them around to confuse their sense of direction. The hilarity rose as everyone’s inhibitions lowered.


Time for the presents.” Melanie clapped her hands.


Ebony couldn’t give out the things she’d ordered online just that morning. Instead she used Jack’s iPad to show him and Melanie the corsets and lingerie she’d picked. They were delighted with the luxury underwear. She could tell from Jack’s expression that racy bedroom scenes involving them both dressed in satin and fishnet were already running through his mind.


I’ve also bought myself some special things,” she whispered to Phil.


I look forward to you modelling them, wench,” he growled back.

And the piece de resistance,” Ebony smiled, while her brother made drumming noises on the edge of the table, “is that we have tickets for  The Rocky Horror Picture Show on New Year’s Eve!”

There was a stunned silence, before Jack began whooping with excitement as he twirled Melanie round.


Me too?” Phil asked.


Yes of course – if you want to,” Ebony beamed. “I purchased the tickets while waiting for your train, we’re all seated together.”


Smiling, Phil whispered in her ear, “Can’t wait. I’ll have a collar and tag engraved for you. To add to your costume – if you’d wear them?”

Ebony realised she was being given a second chance. Phil was asking her to be his. In her stupidity she had lost him once before, so without hesitation she nodded. Just as suddenly, he grabbed her wrists and was twirling her round just like Melanie and Jack, except at the top of his voice he sang  –

Let’s do the time warp again.”


This episode was jointly written by May More and the series was written in collaboration with May & Nero Black  – without whom I wouldn’t have dared tackled such a traditional tale. Their writing brought style and humour, their commitment and edits helped me meet the seasonal deadline! 

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17 thoughts on “A Kink-Mas Carol [5]”

  1. An epic finish – well done!
    I think you might have a Part 6 waiting there – NYE at the Rocky Horror Picture Show?!
    maybe a stand alone story – or a new trilogy?

    1. Thank you Marie, you’ve drilled right to the heart of the message I /we hoped to convey. Thanks so much for reading & commenting.

    1. Oh May – we had so much fun, you made things so much easier for me with your dedication. Yes Nero needs persuading and nagging to share his writing with us.

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