Stockings & Knee Highs

You’ve probably never met me in person, and any photos I’ve shared are always cropped, so you may not know that I am quite a petite lady – only 5’4″ tall. I tell you this because it relates to how a stocking, or over the knee sock, fits my physique.

Tights are warm, tights are convenient (especially if you like short skirts which I do) but what I hate about tights is if they begin to fall down. When the crutch/seat area of tights sags I’m left feeling gross and ugly, as if I’m wearing nappies.

The first stockings I ever wore were my mother’s – original silk stockings. There is nothing like them for the glide and the gleam, although a close 2nd is modern synthetic stockings which give the illusion of an ‘oiled leg’. I used to run my hand up my legs, feeling a thrill at the texture under my fingers, imagining what a partner would think.



For day wear I bought OTK socks and wore them with long suspenders to keep them up – cosy but sexy! Win win! I’ve also tried wearing these longer socks over flesh coloured tights, and that keeps the socks in place quite well too.

Boys/men I’ve been out with are, without fail, excited by the realisation that I’m wearing stockings and suspenders. The magic begins when they notice the tell-tale bump of the suspender fastening high on my thigh. Or when their roving hands detect the lacy finish of the sheer nylon meeting my bare thighs and the unfettered fabric of my knickers – it’s Payday, pass Go and collect ¬£200.


I’ll admit to wearing stockings to thrill my partners, but mostly I wear them to please myself. I like to feel sexy and they achieve this. They create a Zone crammed with intimate pleasure points – the thicker top of the stockings demarcates the extra sensitive flesh of the upper thighs, the inner thighs and the crease at the top of the legs which is often known as the bikini line.
The suspender straps also act as a frame, vertical lines on either side of the triangle of knicker fabric. One should take time to enjoy the material of the knickers, be it silk or satin, lace trimmed cotton, fishnet or sheer. It may hide the pussy or reveal it, but there’s no concealing that what the fabric embraces, what’s within my panties, is my own personal treasure. Not to she shared, revealed¬† or enjoyed without my express permission.

A hand stroking up my leg, resting on my thigh, teasing the sensitive skin behind my knee is delicious foreplay. A heady rush builds as I anticipate its progress higher, to those sensitive planes not hugged by the nylon of my stockings. A pulse begins to thud at my core, a warmth which builds alongside other instinctive reactions to external stimuli.

I cannot deny that the sheer act of dressing myself in stockings is arousing in itself. Once my legs are waxed or shaved, I gather the stocking material in my fingertips and draw the nylon over my toes and begin to raise it up my calf and to my thighs, smoothing it’s path. If there is a seam or pattern in the weave, I make sure it’s straight. I prefer suspenders which fasten at the front and at the side, but with a seamed stocking front and back fastening keeps them straighter.



I also enjoy hold-up stockings, they work well on thighs which are slim, but they do miss out on some of the sexy ‘framing’ described previously. My favourite kind of stocking is fishnet, I find all sizes of mesh attractive and the newest diamante fishnet now finds itself on my wish list.

I’ll illustrate my pleasure in Stockings and Knee High Socks – linking up to #4Thoughts_Fiction and a picture to participate with #FestiveLingerie





9 thoughts on “Stockings & Knee Highs”

  1. Oh Posy your legs and body look so lovely, fabulous and sexy. i also wore my Mothers real silk stockings and garter belt as my first experience. Very interesting as you wrote ” I used to run my hand up my legs, feeling a thrill at the texture under my fingers, imagining what a partner would think.” Exactly what i would and still do ! Also this “I cannot deny that the sheer act of dressing myself in stockings is arousing in itself.: I still love running my hands on my hosed legs. I used to wonder if anyone ever noticed the suspender straps under my pants when i wore them at work under my pants.
    Love all the pics of your beautiful legs .
    Merry Christmas

    1. That I struck a chord with you sindee is delightful – I bet there are plenty of times we think we are the only ones to savour an experience – til we share it!

  2. Oh my word Posy, what gorgeously sexy photos and your writing has left me feeling all ‘unfettered”. Never have I read such erotic words about the pleasure of wearing stockings. You have left me aching with desire.

  3. In my opinion, stockings are the sexiest piece of clothing. And you so sincerely described your attitude towards them. And even the feelings that you experience in the process of putting them on. Very well.

  4. this is such an erotic post Posy – and you have amazing legs – they look so long. when I met you I was surprised at how petite u are – as you legs go on forever xx

  5. It is impossible to overestimate the depth of the moment when a man realizes that a woman is wearing stockings. At this moment, his consciousness turns over.

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