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A Man Called Alice Shares his Version of Wonderland


If you haven’t yet met A Man Called Alice on Twitter, or followed his story as told via blog, then you have a pleasure deferred. Imparting great humour and honesty, Alice’s blog and tweets add a ray of sunshine to my timeline. Since lockdown in March, Alice has provided us with wonderful glimpses into the wonderland that is her wardrobe: Dress of the Day, she’s featured her collection of Negligee’s, all selections combined with her enviable selection of shoes.

To introduce yourself, please tell us one possession which you treasured as a child (0-10):

As a small child I would never go anywhere without my teddy… (Yes, I still have him somewhere)


Describe your blog using 3 words:

Honest, Revealing, Shoes

Could you expand your description a little:

So far, I have confined myself to talking about my experiences of cross-dressing, how I got here and some of the pain suffered along the way.


Is this your first attempt / foray into blogging? What attracted you to the genre of blog you’ve chosen?

Yes. People often asked me when, why, how and I wanted to tell my story. I guess I’m just a big show-off and exhibitionist at heart and wanted to share my experiences with the world.

I have been sharing photos online for many years (Flickr), but wanted to add some context and description and blogging was an obvious choice. Encouraged by Twitter folk (including you!) and when suddenly confronted with Lockdown and working from home, it seemed like a good time to start (my first post was in March).

What 3 keywords do you use when you’re looking for kinky inspiration?

All my writing so far has been based on personal experience, so I guess “memories”, “shoes” & “lingerie” are the key words.


If you were stranded on a desert island (with no power issues) name 3 things you would want to have with you (for instance kinky accessory / partner / book / film)

A camera, a pair of high heels and a dress…

You’re in a drag or burlesque act – what’s your stage name?

Can’t I appear as A Man Called Alice?


Which do you think evokes stronger memories – music or smell?
Please share an anecdote:

Hmm, tricky to answer that one. There are many songs that remind me of people, events or experiences, but a suddenly caught smell can trigger long forgotten feelings or memories. Perfume is often a trigger and will remind me of a particular girlfriend or partner and bring a smile to my face.


You can invite anyone (dead or alive) round for dinner; name 5 guests and tell us why

Bill Bailey as he has so many entertaining anecdotes.

Professor Alice Roberts, no other reason than I just fancy her really, but she has done so many interesting things.

Keeley Hawes, because I am just in love with her.

David Olusoga, again such an interesting guy, and his voice is just…

And Mary Seacole as I would love to hear about her experiences.

Or could I just have 5 Twitter friends round, as hopefully we would skip dessert…


Have you ever done something sexual in a public place? Spill! 

If you don’t have a personal anecdote you can “tell us about a friend!’

As if… At 15, at the pictures with a girlfriend, I was somewhat surprised when she started giving me a hand job…

In 2016, I was pegged by a girl while sucking a trans-girl’s cock, but you can read about that on my blog…


Is there a blogger who inspired you to set up your site? Why?

Both your good self Posy and May have been very supportive and encouraging of my writing.


Now you are a blogger, what’s your ‘go to site’? What draws you to it?

I still spend far too much time on Twitter and catch up with various people on WordPress when I can.



Quick Fire questions:

Temperature or Impact Play –  Temperature: wax and ice!

Chocolate or alcohol –  for consumption or sex play??? Alcohol for drinking, chocolate for melting on a body

Professional porn or amateur (genuine porn)  – always amateur.

Stinging nettles or brambles –  brambles – I mean blackberries who wouldn’t? 

Quickie or sleepy sex –  quickie for sure

Coffee or tea – both… if forced to give one up, I think I’d have to keep coffee

Play sport or watch sport –  Watch these days…


How do you see your blog progressing – hopes and dreams?

I will continue to write about my experiences and illustrate them generously with my pictures, but “experiences” have been a bit thin on the ground this year. I guess I may start to add fantasies in future, but let’s be honest, people “read” my blog for the pictures…


You’ve been so generous to share, let me return the favour. Tell me a “tool/aspect of blogging” about which you need a better grasp. 

I’ll provide some information and bloggers reading this can add input via the comments.

I would like my blog to get a wider readership and expand my followers, but I guess the best way to do that is to write more and write more interestingly…

Posy: My advice would be to spread your reach a bit more. You already use memes (which I see as a way of introducing yourself to a new audience) so I’d suggest seeking out more to participate in. Maybe even host one of your own with clothing or location challenges – that scavenger hunt kind of theme.

Alice is also guesting on 4Thoughts_Fiction – his theme of Stockings has a lot of people contributing great thought pieces, fiction and sizzling images.

7 thoughts on “A Man Called Alice Shares his Version of Wonderland”

  1. It has been a total pleasure having you host 4thoughts and this is a great interview – i still have my first teddy too.
    In regards to your blog posting consistently – say once a week – would get readers used to visiting on a regular basis and also promoting with a photo on twitter saying ‘more to be found here’ – and then give them url of your latest post…

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  3. 1. Having a collection of shoes at home is cool. I like.
    2. To be on the island in high heels and a dress? I would not want to be so bullied.
    3. Alice is a good name. Why not?
    4. And yes. Blogging is cool.

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