Stockings – are they a Weapon? Guest Author

Pay attention class! Miss Churchgate had to step out for an hour so your supply teacher will be Mr Lioncourt – Vlad to his friends. Vlad is the author some BDSM themed books which you will find in the “put your oven gloves on, these are hot!” erotica category of Amazon, Smashwords and etc. Check the footnotes for the links to his short and his long stories. You’re strongly encouraged to follow this link to #4Thoughts_Fiction meme to see what other folk are sharing if the current topic of Stockings piques your interest.


The Ultimate Weapon of Male Destruction
by Guest Author :Vlad Lioncourt


Stockings = Anne Bancroft.

The most basic algebra in my world.

The full power of the stocking first hit me when as a young man I watched Ms. Bancroft play the iconic role of “Mrs. Robinson” in the movie “The Graduate”. In those pre-internet days of innocence and abstinence, porn was spoken of in hushed tones – something only the luckiest ones saw at bachelor parties or at clandestine gatherings organized in secret with great care, when someone’s parents were away. And those ‘by invitation only’ parties could only be arranged by people with right connections to get such films. Playboy magazines were tucked into slots on the wall behind the counter at the local store, the top of the magazines peeking out like a beautiful woman’s décolletage, screaming wicked promises.


So the only option we had was patience: waiting for the risqué movies of the day to be released to the networks, which they played very late at night. Even then, serendipity had to grant you the favour of access as parents and siblings would often make it impossible.
All the stars aligned for me one night, and I was able to watch Mrs. Robinson make poor Benjamin completely lose his train of thought in under ten seconds… simply by lifting her bare, shapely leg and slowly unrolling a stocking (nylon actually) up over her lovely foot and ankle, right up to the delicate, pale skin of her upper thigh. When she repeated the process on her right leg, Benjamin was putty. By the time Mrs. Robinson was finished, and sitting on the edge of the bed in her underthings and stockings chatting with him, she knew that she had Benjamin again. The man never stood a chance. Anne Bancroft could not have played that scene so perfectly had she not been aware of the power resident in a few seductive movements with a few pieces of perfectly formed silk.
As an aside, it was also the first time I understood that to me, eroticism is not at all linked to nudity. It encompasses a lot more than that. That bedroom scene was all about emotional and physical eroticism, the art of seduction and the power at play in sex, and ultimately the connection between two people and the needs they have.
Most ladies are aware of the sensuality added by a pair of stockings or nylons, especially when paired with the classic “little black cocktail dress” and a gorgeous pair of heels. But I think a lady’s understanding typically stops there (possibly due to the old adage that women dress for other women).
Ladies, to fully understand and appreciate this ultimate weapon of male destruction, try using your peripheral vision to watch your partner’s reaction to your re-enactment of this classic scene. Or up the ante by adorning thyself with a classic pair of lined grey stockings and perfect heels, and again use your peripheral vision to watch your watchers (men, please) as you take a leisurely stroll. Or if you are in ‘full-minx mode’, I dare you to hit a cocktail lounge after said stroll, and try the ‘shoe dangle’.
Pay attention…


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Miss Posy has returned to the classroom to clarify that anyone can wear stockings, they are designed to adorn legs, not any specific gender of legs. They can be appreciated by the wearer as much as the beholder … but that’s for another post!


15 thoughts on “Stockings – are they a Weapon? Guest Author”

    1. Thank you so much May! There’s something about everything in that simple action. Tough to figure it all out. From the beautiful lines and curves to the softness crying for attention, to the unspoken promises, to the graceful movements and the understated power…


  1. Ah so correct. I have always been fascinated by the spaces in between…
    In between the top of a stocking and upper garment border of a skirt hem as that bare flesh may be exposed in her entry into a car or taking a seat.

    Ah the. Power of lines hose or better yet lined hose with a Cuban heel and a pair of high heeled pumps. Classic.
    Oh the visuals you conjured good Sir!

    Thank you

    1. Why thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate them.

      I agree. The lined stocking seems to kick up.the sensuality even more. I have a dear friend who loves lined black stockings and red-bottomed heels. I must say she would cause traffic accidents if she were to venture out in that ensemble. What a devastating look.

      There is nothing that isn’t deeply erotic about it: from her toes to her hips, the entire panaroma is sex itself.

      You are most welcome!


  2. Wonderful memories. I think saw The Graduate in 1968 at the cinema in Grantham when I was 15. The miniskirts that were so popular then sometimes revealed a stocking top and an inch or so of flesh, which was enough of a sexual stimulant to tip this schoolboy over the edge.

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