A KinK-Mas Carol [2]

Continuing a #NSFW adaptation of the seasonal tale by Dickens “A Christmas Carol”

Ebony Scrooge, a closed minded Agony Aunt was visited in Part 1 by her former colleague Marley Jackson. He warned her of dangers in her attitude and foretold that she’ll be visited by 3 enlightening ghosts.

#GuestWriter Nero Black takes up our tale:


Her eyes weren’t closed long before they were opened again by the chime of her clock. As she blinked and tried to focus, she saw it was 1 am – had she slept at all? She blinked again, noticing another shadowy apparition at the foot of her bed. This time it wasn’t Marley, it was… Miranda?


“Miri?” called out an incredulous Ebony “why are you here?”  This night had started out crazy enough already and Ebony wasn’t even going to question why her college roommate was in her dreams. This was a dream, right? It had to be a dream, it was so surreal and nothing made sense.

“I’m the ghost of Xmas Past, girlfriend!” laughed Miri. “I’m here to remind you of all the fun we had at University, and to get you to pull your head out of your puritanical arse. What happened to you? You weren’t always a stick in the mud, remember?”


Ebony winced as the memories came flooding back. Her scholarship at a prestigious University had pulled her far from home, far from her working class neighborhood, far from her family and her church. Without these anchors Ebony had drifted into a maelstrom of varsity life. It wasn’t quite ‘Girls Gone Wild’ but it had got crazy.


Like her, Miri was there on a ‘diversity scholarship’ so naturally they were assigned the same dorm room on arrival. On a floor full of white girls, the only two women of colour, one West Indian from Brixton and one South African Londoner, got parked together, at the end of the corridor…


“By the Fire Exit!” laughed Miri, finishing Ebony’s thought.  Their room had only been one floor up and the girls had quickly discovered they could climb out of the window and down the steel stairwell outside without triggering alarm. From there it was a mad dash into the local town, down some back streets, and across the cobbled lane to the Pig & Whistle – a 200 year old pub where a girl could find a local lad willing to shout them a drink in return for a laugh and the hope of something more.


The girls very quickly became adept at scoring free drinks by dancing provocatively and playing the men off against each other. They’d sneak out of the dorm every Friday at 10pm, rush to the pub, to down as many drinks as they could before ‘last orders’ at 11pm. Of course the barman wouldn’t toss them out until midnight, meaning the girls could keep moving from table to table to help the boys finish their pints. 


In the first semester they would wobble back to their dorm immediately after closing time, but in the second term Miri had cajoled Ebony to accept an offer from two likely lads to ‘come back to ours’ for another night cap. Ebony was wary, but couldn’t leave her friend alone – they were safer sticking together.


“Safer?” snorted Miri, “that’s a laugh! And don’t rearrange your memories to put it all on me. You were just as naughty. I might have convinced you to go back to theirs – but it only took one round of vodka shots before you suggested we all play a game of strip poker”


“I did no such thing,” retorted Ebony “I proposed we play cards, because Phil was getting ‘handsie’ and trying to cop a feel. It was YOU who suggested strip poker to ‘make it interesting’”


“Really? Such selective memory,” snapped back Miri, “you had no problem with Phil’s hands when he had you bent over his knee and was spanking you!”


Ebony shuddered at the memory, but it was true. She wasn’t good at poker so it wasn’t long before she was down to her bra and knickers. That wasn’t a big deal, she’d reasoned with herself it was no different to wearing a revealing bikini on the beach, but when she lost the next hand she baulked at what was expected. She might have been drunk but she was not taking off her bra. OR her knickers, which was what a laughing Miri had been demanding.


Sensing her discomfort, Phil had playfully suggested she pay a forfeit instead and, without waiting for an answer, he had grabbed her wrist and yanked her to him. In one quick movement he pulled her onto his lap, manhandling her into position over his knee. 


“People who break the rules need to be punished” he had said sternly, and suddenly he had brought his open hand down on her arse. Ebony was shocked – she hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl when her father had been angry with her for going to the park by herself. That day, her father’s rage had shocked her so she’d learned to be a good girl going forward – but this was entirely different.


She was in a stranger’s flat, clad only in her lacy black bra and panties, and this brute had her laid over his knee and was ‘disciplining’ her!  She struggled and squirmed but Phil was just too strong. He held her wrists with one hand as he slapped her butt with the other, and then– 


“Uh huh, don’t stop” said Miri softly, “I was there sis, I saw what happened next too.”


Ebony gasped aloud as the full force of the memory came flooding back. 


Unable to break free from Phil’s grasp, she was at his mercy – but he was showing none. He kept swatting her arse with his hand. She felt her cheeks getting hotter and hotter with every blow. The abrasive burr of his rough denim jeans rubbed against the soft skin of her tummy with every blow. 


She felt the firm bulge in his pants as his erection grew and the hardness pressed against her. But most of all she could feel the wetness flooding her cunt as the heat spread from her red arse to her throbbing clit. 


She was warm all over, the feeling was electric and it all seemed focussed on one point – it was zeroing in on her clit. At the very moment that Phil decided she’d had enough and released her from his grip, as he delivered that one final blow to her ass … as all that dark, unexplainable pleasure peaked in one final tumultuous wave. Ebony came.  


Ebony felt like she’d been struck by lightning and twitched and convulsed on Phil’s lap as more waves of pleasure washed over her.


But the moment was immediately ruined when Phil, oblivious to what his spanking had done, concluded she’d had too much to drink and suggested it was a good time for Miri to take her home. So the pair made their long walk of shame back to the dorm. Ebony resolved, despite being sent home, that next weekend she would persuade Phil to take her back to his room where he could hold her down on the bed and fuck her hard as he spanked her arse with wild abandon.


“Yeah but you didn’t, did you?” interjected Miri. “You got cold feet, you claimed we were never going back there. You said we had to focus on final exams and shouldn’t be wandering around town like sluts and whores…”


“I wanted to be a writer,” countered Ebony, “I had a scholarship and I didn’t intend to throw away that opportunity on a few local boys. I could have had a dozen similar if I’d stayed home.”


“Yes Ebony, but if you want to be a great writer you should have something to write about. You need life experiences. Anyone can write a blog, anyone can be an Agony Aunt in a magazine, but to be a real writer you need to live life and write about that. That night I saw a spark in you that I’d never seen before. It broke my heart to watch you snuff it out so quickly”


Miri took a step back, shaking her head as she observed Ebony pitifully. As she moved further into the shadows, Ebony realised she was leaving.


“Don’t go!” she cried out, “don’t leave me! Tell me what I should do…”


“Go to a fucking Sex Club” laughed Miri, her voice trailing away as she vanished into the darkness. “You live in London… there’s… hun… dreds…”


And she was gone. 


Ebony looked at the clock. It was five past one and yet she felt like she’d been up for hours. She pulled the covers over her head and shivered. She wanted to sleep, badly. Damn that cheese!


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To be continued Part 3 by May More

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