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Tickled Pink to Meet Blogger Raspberry Ripples!



My Dark Darklings – I have Raspberry Ripples stepping up to the Mic today for another fun, frank interview with a blogger at the start of their journey!


To introduce yourself, please tell us one possession which you treasured as a child (0-10)


A possession I treasured as a child? That’s hard for me because very very early on I realized possessions often don’t last. When I was about five, one of my grandparents bought me a rainbow umbrella. But someone shorter and younger than I was, opened it up and stamped all over the struts breaking it.

I could give you so many examples of how things I loved were ruined by a friend or relative. I think I accepted that it was better to love people than to love things, because there was a good chance anything I became attached to would be destroyed.

Describe your blog Raspberry Ripples using 3 words:

Then expand your description a little:





I am terrible at keeping things concise so three words was hard. I started the blog thinking I would frequently be mentioning ABF/breastplay/nipples, and I still think they will be a regular theme. Yet I have found myself branching out into other subjects. I live to keep things lighthearted and fun. Ben is very funny and his sense of humour has influenced me over the past couple of years. I am surprised I have shared so much of myself, when starting out I thought it would be mostly fiction and poetry. I have read the personal accounts of other bloggers who are very honest and open. I think I must seem kind of boring compared to some of them…but I prefer the word “cute” to boring.

Is this your first attempt / foray into blogging? What attracted you to the genre of blog you’ve chosen? 


I wrote two erotic novellas with my boyfriend and published them at the start of August. Ben suggested a blog would be a way to promote them. I have a friend who blogs and she said to use WordPress and gave me lots of tips.


What 3 keywords do you use when you’re looking for kinky inspiration?





I guess that characters are key to my writing. I can’t just write about sexual acts without having a clear idea in mind of WHO is in the scene. WHO are they? I don’t just mean their physical descriptions, their personalities, their backstory – it’s all important to me in influencing the scene, especially the dialogue. I want to know WHY the characters in my scene are together. Where and when did they meet? Why are they attracted to each other? What led to them having sex? I want to know HOW they go from zero to 90mph. The dialogue and non-verbal communications is important. How does foreplay act out? How does she feel when he breathes in her perfume and starts to kiss her neck? How does he react when she pushes him onto the bed and leaps on top of him? How does the sex end? Is there going to be a next time? How will their story develop? How do they know they found the right person for them?


Perhaps it does not always show in my short fantasy fiction stories on the blog, but I know that when it comes to my novellas, I put a huge amount of thought into getting to know my characters and asking those questions to keep the story coherent and authentic.

If you were stranded on a desert island (with no power issues) name 3 things you would want to have with you (for instance kinky accessory / partner / book / film)


Ben: he would have to be there with me. Ben has a proper Swiss Army style knife which would be extremely useful. A wind-up torch would be useful too. 

I also think we would need a bucket. Do you have any idea how useful a bucket is? We’ve both had to rough it in areas where we did not have any modern amenities. A bucket is so useful for retrieving fresh water. It’s helpful for washing yourself and your clothes. But I guess we could make a bucket from materials on the island.

You’re in a drag or burlesque act – what’s your stage name? 


My burlesque name…erm…off the top of my head…

Sugarkiss Starlette

I might have to give that question more thought. Ben is just getting use to the idea of me as Raspberry Ripples.

Which do you think evokes stronger memories – music or smell?
Please share an anecdote:


I think I find music more evocative. I find it easier to recall or access music that has a strong emotional connection. There are some aromas or scents (Simon’s woody cologne, the strong scent of polish Ben had used to clean his car the first time we were frisky) that bring back powerful memories, but I have to go in search of them and I come across them more rarely. 


I have some great musical memories. I remember the songs that were special to me and my first boyfriend…and the songs I relied on when we broke up. I remember slow dancing with Ben years before he asked me out. It was all a bit weird that night. I had dated his brother a couple of times (and knew we were not going on a third date). I was at a party and the music was uptempo most of the night. I do remember noticing Ben because he looked like his brother (but more gorgeous) and I felt self-conscious. I was trying to avoid him really but we ended up near each other a few times. He eventually approached me at one point to say hello and he muddled an apology about his brother. I did not know what to say to that. I just tried to smile and be polite. It was so awkward. Ben asked me a couple more questions that I answered briefly and then I then had a mind blank. Ben was having to make all the effort with that conversation. Then a song started and immediately Ben said he loved that song. I said I did too. He asked if I wanted to dance and held his hand out. What the hell was I supposed to say to that? We slow-danced. I could not stop thinking of his brother (his brother did not make a good impression on me, but I won’t share that now as one day he might be family). It was all kind of weird, but now I treasure the memory of that night and that song brings back the scene to my mind.

I remember the first time I slept with Simon in his bed and he played a tracklist on YouTube or Spotify. I was gazing into his eyes while these great songs were playing. I can always search those songs when I want to relive the memories.

You can invite anyone (dead or alive) round for dinner; name 5 guests and tell us why


Invite dead people round for dinner? Nope. Although I guess they would not eat much.

I think technically Ben would have to be one of them….because we are only allowed a gathering of 6 people from two households here in the UK. I think I would choose Ben’s parents and his sister and her husband.


I bet you want a more interesting answer to that though! OK…I would invite Taylor Swift because I think her music is awesome…and her Joe, because you know, dinner parties are better when you invite other couples. Another couple I would love to have dinner with is John Torode and Lisa Faulkner, because I love having dinner with foodies.


Have you ever done something sexual in a public place? Spill! 

If you don’t have a personal anecdote you can “tell us about a friend!’ 


Yes. Yes I have. I am not going to give you too many details here because I don’t want to get myself in trouble. The first night I met Simon, we started foreplay in the back of a cinema…before we moved along to the hotel I was staying with. But for the next year we would go out on day-trips together in the countryside and yes, numerous

times we got frisky in public places. 

Is there a blogger who inspired you to set up your site? Why?


Well, as I mentioned above, it was Ben’s idea. But I have a friend who already has a WordPress blog and looking at her site gave me lots of ideas. She gave me many tips.



Now you are a blogger, what’s your ‘go to site’? What draws you to it? 

I have a few that have helped me feel comfortable very quickly. I feel as if there are at least three lovely ladies who write erotica and personal accounts who are like pillars in providing some direction, stability and encouragement. Some of them also host prompts which have given me a lot of inspiration. Actually a lot of the other bloggers are women and I like the supportive and kind atmosphere amongst them. As a female blogger, it makes me feel safer knowing they are there.


But I also really like Rory (A Guy Called Bloke), because his blog is like a club where people pop in to say hello. He has a good way of gathering lots of bloggers and he is a very interesting man. Don’t just take my word …go and ask him. He is ultra-friendly.


I am also real sweet on Gentleman Dave (The Poet’s Kiss). Dave writes amazing poetry that captures the excitement of sex and foreplay. But he is also such a great guy to talk to. The temptation is there to flirt with him like I was on a date, and I am sure I am not the only blogger who has a blog-crush on him.

Quick Fire questions:

Chocolate or alcohol – ER – LIQUOR

Professional porn or amateur (genuine porn) – NOT FUSSED ABOUT EITHER, BUT EROTICA YES

Stinging nettles or brambles – BRAMBLES

Quickie or sleepy sex – SLEEPY SEX

Coffee or tea – COFFEE

Play sport or watch sport? – PLAY

How do you see your blog progressing – hopes and dreams?


I don’t think I have dreams about the blog. I see it more as a responsibility. We have written and published three erotic novellas (and have another one in the pipeline). This is an important way to support those novellas and to also keep developing my writing.


I would like to be a better writer. It’s interesting to read the work of other erotic writers.


You’ve been so generous to share, let me return the favour. Tell me a “tool/aspect of blogging” about which you need a better grasp. 

I’ll provide some information and bloggers reading this can add input via the comments.


One thing I have noticed is that sometimes I will be reading another blogger’s post and I am genuinely worried for them. Sometimes they sound in anguish about the status of their relationship or a break-up. Or I read of a blogger describing sexual acts that to me sound horrific and leave me disturbed. One blogger’s post was to me on a scale that I could not get my head round and it made me think I needed to call Captain Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU to go and investigate. There are some posts which are too much for me.


So I guess I am at a stage where I have found a lot of erotica blogs who I am much more comfortable with and some lovely bloggers. I think I need to resist the tendency to be some kind of agony aunt or try to verify the mental health/emotional wellbeing of the blogger. But neither do I want to ignore something that seems disturbing.


So I wonder how other bloggers handle that. When you read another blogger lamenting and in anguish because the guy who they have been with seems to have rejected them. Or when a blogger graphically describes scenes that sound extremely dangerous. Do you just ignore it? Or do you ask a few questions to settle your worries? Do you try to offer some support? If you think that the sexual practices a blogger is describing sound more disturbing than anything you have come across, do you just ignore it and find things that are more your cup of tea? Or do you try to find out why this person has ended up in this kind of a relationship? I have only been blogging since August and so I am interested in what those bloggers who have more experience would say.

Posy says: A very valid question to pose, relating more to our role as the reader/audience of the blog than as the blogger.

From the standpoint of a blogger, it’s commonly accepted that we have a responsibility to put a content warning (CW) at the start of our posts if we think our content might trigger some readers. As you observed, some posts are bravely honest but they can feel ‘too much’ to read depending on your own experiences. So dark topics such as non consent / abuse / self harm / blood play need to carry a warning – even on a work of fiction.

Some bloggers will schedule their posts, perhaps months ahead, so advice and support given in comments (although appreciated) may be irrelevant at the time of publishing.  If I know the person better and something in their post causes me concern, I’d probably reach out to them by DM to offer support or a listening ear.

You can find Raspberry Ripples on her blog

Or Jenna Kirkpatrick’s  novels Lost

and Found are both available for purchase from Kindle.

To get to know Raspberry Ripples a little better, why not visit  the 4 Thoughts or Fiction meme. Jenna Kirkpatrick has suggested the current prompt of TICKLE and she will be picking a top 3 from the writing posts submitted.




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  1. Hi Jenna – lovely having you hosting on 4thoguhts and here on Posy’s blog. She is my partner in crime 😉
    As to your question I really think it is important that you read what you’re comfortable with as you have to look after yourself and many of us blogggers are tortured souls who let it all pour out – I know sometimes when I write a very personal post or some tricky fiction I feel liberated. If I knew a blogger well and could tell they needed support I would reach out – but pleanyy of times I shut the page and move on – there are always going to be some things that you won’t be comfortable reading – and that’s why using content notices are a good idea
    May x

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