Give & Take Anal Play (3) Guest Post

Read more of the sexy fun : a young MF couple play out fantasies & indulge in experimentation. They explore anal play with toys and teasing. Alex tops from the bottom, Simon shares a spit-roast fantasy.


Finally, the toy was in as far as it could go, the wider base and balls resting against her. “Press up against it. I want to feel your cock against my pussy. And pull my hair.”

Simon did as she asked, feeling the base of the dildo against his mons pubis, gathering her hair and pulling back on it slightly, his other hand grabbing her foot, and moving it slightly so that the entire length of her stiletto heel was against the side of his ass. Alex started moving back and forth using a few centimetres of his shaft, pulling  off a bit, and then pushing back into her harder, as if trying to get the toy deeper into her.


“Do you want me to pull it out and fuck you with the toy?” Simon stuttered, finding it slightly difficult to concentrate and sound cool.

“Um, no.” it took Alex a few seconds to respond. “Move back a little bit, but I want the head of your cock to still touch me” He did, and she reached back with the fingers that had been playing with her clit and pussy, and slowly pulled the toy out of her ass. SImon jumped a little pushing head of his cock slightly into her pussy as she paused, then pulled the head of the toy out of her with a slight pop. She leaned forward, so Simon moved with her to maintain contact. 


“Now it’s time for you to fuck me.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “Go lie on the bed.”


Simon pulled away. A disappointed moan escaped as he lost contact with her warm, very wet pussy.

“Actually, wait”. Alex stopped him.

She straightened up slowly, then reached over to grab the shaft of his cock in her hand, using it to lead him over to the bed .

“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks” she said “I think later we’ll have to try that outside… a couple of feet just isn’t the same thing as I’ve been fantasizing about.” 


“Well, we can do that this afternoon… it should be nice and warm, we’ll take the scenic route to hanging in the hot tub together.”

“Ooh, that sounds decadent.” Alex grabbed the bodysuit that was now gathered around her torso. She lifted it over her head and threw it towards their shared bathroom. “Sorry, but it was bugging me.  I want to feel your body against mine as much as possible.” She gestured instructions for Simon to lie down, rather than be up on his elbows watching her. 

“Tell me a fantasy you’ve had about me that you haven’t told me yet” Alex commanded, as she climbed onto the bed between his legs. She grabbed the bottle of lube, to put alongside them, before gently wrapping one hand around his cock. Her nails dug into the side in a row and she looked at him pointedly.

“Lie back, close your eyes, and tell me” 

Simon swallowed as Alex’s tongue circled the head of his cock “I’ve been thinking about us being nude in the hot tub with Mike” 

His head disappeared into her mouth, she took his balls in both hands, engulfing as much of his cock in as she could. She paused, and he continued.

“I imagined you sitting in his lap, next to me so I could see your tits, see you facing him, feel your calf against my leg as you straddle him.”

Alex  pulled back slowly, freeing his cock to ask;

“Do you want to watch him fuck me?” before taking the head of his cock back in her mouth again. 

“Yes. You know how much thinking about watching you get fucked turns me on.” She nodded, her teeth gently scraping against his shaft. 

“I thought of you looking at me, as his cock is inside you. Feeling so full; Biting your lip”. 

“I do that when I have a cock inside me” She reached over, adding more lube to his cock and stroking it softly. “I’m not sure how I want to do this. I want your cock in my ass… and i’ve been very patient. I want more than your cock.”

“What do you want me to do?” Simon opened his eyes, enjoying the visual of Alex crouching by his cock, her  tits hanging down, almost brushing his legs.

“Move over and follow my instructions.”

Simon rolled to the side, and Alex climbed up where he had been, she stayed on her knees, leaning forward.

“First, get the wand, and put it against my clit.”

He did so, and Alex took the stem so it was pointing towards her breasts.  She turned it on, fairly slowly and adjusted so that it was in the right spot. 

“So glad you bought this. Best present ever!”


Simon leaned down, and held Alex’s cheeks apart, to use his mouth and tongue on her vulva, perineum and anus. He focused on her anus and he moved to slide first one, then another, then a third finger into her very wet slit.

“That feels so good in my cunt baby but I want something else. Slide your cock into my pussy. Deep and slow. Don’t lose control baby.”

Simon tried to put the tip of his tongue into her ass, but pulled away, instead he inched closer behind her. He put his hands on her hips, and her feet came up, digging her heels into his legs as he slipped the head of his cock inside her.

“Yes. mmph. Good. Now, slow, and deep, I want to feel all of your cock in my wet cunt.”

Simon slowly thrust into her, leaning forward as he did.

“No, babe. Don’t lean over, I want to feel all of you in me, please.”

Simon straightened up to push slightly deeper into her, until his balls were resting hard against the wand and he could feels its vibration. 


“Hold still, I want to feel this for a moment. Just… keep it like that, oh my god.”

Taking the reins, Alex bounced gently back against him, rocking on the vibrator. She moaned again. “Oh..kay. Next.” She swallowed, turned her head to the side, bit her lip. “Ok. Now take your gorgeous cock out… and put it against my ass. Use that other dildo… and put it inside me.” 

Simon nodded, pulling his cock out slowly. Grabbing the double-ended dildo on the bedside table, he lubed up his cock and the toy before placing each against her pussy lips and anus. 

“Now… Slide the toy in my pussy – slowly, but deep. Please.” Alex sighed, “please, I’ve been so patient but now I want to be full.”

Simon obeyed, playing gentle, he stroked her pussy lips around the toy as he did so. 

“Okay, now I need you to slide your cock into my ass, but just the head.”

Simon smilled, and guided it slowly in, enjoying the tightness, the glide of the lube, and feeling the dildo in her pussy against him.

“Okay babe, that’s far enough.”

Immediately he stopped. Alex pointed her toes, tensing around his cock.

“I need to get used to this. Tell me more about your fantasy”.


She moved forward and back slightly.

“I was leaning over,  playing with your tits while Mike was fucking you.”

“Did you fuck me too?” Alex started to thrust, moving harder, also turning the vibrator to a higher setting.

“Yes, we got you onto a deckchair, so he was in your pussy while I was in your ass”. 

This made Alex moan. “Uh, yes, please. God. I want to be fucked. I want you to fuck me now. Slowly.”

Simon withdrew until just head head of his cock was inside her ass, and then pushed back in by increments. 

“Then … after he came in your pussy,” he grunted, as he reached as deep as he had been before, “I pulled out. I ate your pussy, then we switched so I was in your pussy and he was in your ass.”

“I want you to cum in my ass” Alex responded, breathlessly. 

“In the fantasy?” Simon was confused.

“No. Cum in my ass now. I want your cum…I want to cum. Fuck my ass harder. Now” she instructed.

Simon grunted his assent, grabbing her hips to thrust, harder and faster, causing Alex to squeak with every in-stroke.

“Please babe deep and slow, not fast and shallow. I want to really feel your cock filling me up.”

She pressed back into him as he stopped on a too-shallow stroke. Now Simon thrust deeper, grabbing her hair with one hand. 

“Don’t hold back on me, I want it ” Alex urged, shuffling back into him. She reached around to grab the shaft of the dildo with her fingertips and began fucking herself with the toy.

“Push into me hard, plough me with that gorgeous cock”.

She thrust back onto Simon while he leaned forward, grabbing her breasts and bucking his cock deeper into her ass than previously. “Oh god yes. Just like tha..a.a.a.t!” 

“I’m going to cum,” he warned, “I’m going to cum in your ass.” Simon drew back, half the length of his cock, for a final deep thrust.


“Yes, do it! Cum in my ass, cum in me please.” Alex began to tense, shoving back against him as she too came, squirting all over the dildo in her pussy, the wand, Simon, and the bed. 


They collapsed and rolled ecstatically onto the bed, her back against his chest, her kissing a hand that had been on her breasts,  their legs tangled.


[To be Continued …]

Part of a serial written by @CanadianErotica submitted for #WickedWednesday 441, featured imaged by  Anastasia Gepp at Pixabay

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