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A Saucy SassC Interview and October’s SoSS


October’s ‘Interview a New Blogger’ introduces Sass C, a new voice in the community who has been very honest about lust and loss in her posts. Sass has recently thrown herself  wholeheartedly into the writing memes.

Sass C is currently judging the latest #4Thoughts_Fiction posts submitted in response to the prompt theme of “Haunted” which she suggested – right on time for Halloween! 

Let me clear the way for you to get to know this blogger better.


To introduce yourself, please tell us one possession which you treasured as a child (0-10)

Do you remember those cassette recorders called TalkBoy? Well I had a pink one and it was called TalkGirl. I love music and I love singing. So I remember that I would take it everywhere and make up random songs. There was one song that said something like, “Baby blue won’t you come to me. Hunny I like you too.” Ha ha. I’m not sure if I heard it somewhere or if those were genuinely my own lyrics, but I’ve never found a song with those lyrics on google so I’m thinking that I made it up. I must have been about 7 or 8 at the time. 

Describe your blog using 3 words:

Could you expand your description a little:

1- Honest. I try to be honest about my feelings or what I am experiencing even if it’s not so pretty.

2 – Messy. Of course there are memes that I participate in, but my thoughts are a bit all over the place and sometimes, I word vomit on my blog. 

3 – Secret. Those in my ‘vanilla’ life are kept in the dark about my blog because what goes on in my head would be deemed inappropriate by them so it’s definitely my best kept secret.

Is this your first attempt / foray into blogging? What attracted you to the genre of blog you’ve chosen? 

No, I’ve blogged before. As a teenager, it was mainly just stupid high school drama. Later, it became about the woes of crushing on guys that I was invisible to. With sex blogging, it actually wasn’t my idea to get into this genre. In January when things were going well with Sir, he suggested that I start a blog to review sex toys. It ended up turning into something bigger than reviews. 

What 3 keywords do you use when you’re looking for kinky inspiration?

1 – Bondage (pretty self explanatory…it’s one of my kinks). 

2 – Milovana (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a website with web teases. Honestly, the ones for women are a bit lame, but sometimes, it helps stir up some kinky creativity). 

3 – Lingerie (ever since CL came into my life, I look up lingerie more. I mean more lingerie means more naughty photos ha ha).

If you were stranded on a desert island (with no power issues) name 3 things you would want to have with you (for instance kinky accessory / partner / book / film)

1 – A man

2 – A flare gun

3 – A machete

You’re in a drag or burlesque act – what’s your stage name? 

Temptress Tokyo Tits. I’m Japanese and I show my tits a lot. I also think I seduce men by merely being Asian and having boobs so it fits I guess ha ha. 

Which do you think evokes stronger memories – music or smell?
Please share an anecdote:

Definitely music. Sometimes, I’ll listen to a song and it’ll bring back memories of a person and I’ll start crying out of nowhere. I’ve had to stay away from listening to Nightwish and Tarja because Sir would have me listen to their music and we’d have conversations about the meanings of the songs. The wound he left is still pretty fresh so listening to their music makes me think of him and it’s too painful at the moment. 

You can invite anyone (dead or alive) round for dinner; name 5 guests and tell us why

1 – Sir because I want to be able to ask why he just ghosted me. I want to know how he could just so coldly drop me after talking to me daily for 8 months.

2 – Elliott. Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. I have a bit of a blogger crush on him…probably because of all the dick pics ha ha ha.

3 – Emily Dickinson. She is my favorite poet and the reason why I started writing poetry to begin with. There’s so much sorrow hidden in her poems and I want to hear her story. 

4 – Lucy Liu. Random as it may be, growing up, she was one of the few Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. We didn’t have a lot of Asian American celebrity role models so seeing her in Charlie’s Angels and making a name for herself when I was a kid was a big deal.

5 – My late grandfather. He died several years ago, but after he passed, I didn’t want to feel the emotional pain from losing him. I made myself numb and I’d like to be able to see him again at least one more time to tell him all the things I regret not telling him before he passed. It’s a constant reminder to tell others you love them while you still have the chance. 

Have you ever done something sexual in a public place? Spill! 

If you don’t have a personal anecdote you can “tell us about a friend!’ 

I went on a date with this guy last year. I was wearing a dress and no panties. While we were eating, he would kiss me, squeeze my boobs and occasionally slip a hand under my dress to feel my pussy. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to talk in his car. His car was still in the restaurant parking lot, but I got into the backseat and he joined me. There was no talking because as soon as he got in, he lifted my dress above my waist and started eating me out. Then he took off his pants and fucked me. The windows got quite foggy and the car was shaking violently. I’m sure bystanders knew what we were doing in there. 

Is there a blogger who inspired you to set up your site? Why?

I was completely new to sex blogging in January. I had never read any sex blogs before and I didn’t know that there was a whole community. It was really my own project with some suggestions from Sir. But the blogger that eventually led me to building more connections in the sex blogging community was Submissy. When she started following me, I was actually really excited ha ha. I was like, “Wow! I think she’s a really popular blogger and she noticed me!” Through her blog, I was introduced to memes and when I started writing for different memes, I built connections within the community. 

Now you are a blogger, what’s your ‘go to site’? What draws you to it? 

First of all, there’s Elliott. I mean you can’t have a blogger crush without regular visits to their blog. That’s why the comments I leave for him are quite flirtatious ha ha.

Then there’s MLSlavePuppet. I think her life is quite interesting and I love participating in Tie Me Up Tuesday. If I do ever enter another D/s relationship, I want a Mistress so her blog gives me a bit of a taste of that life. 

And with the changes I’ve been making to my site lately, Blogable has definitely come in handy. I’ll have to explore more. Hopefully, by the new year, my site will be all that I want in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Quick Fire questions:

Temperature or Impact Play
Chocolate or alcohol 

Professional porn or amateur (genuine porn)? (Don’t watch a whole lot)

Stinging nettles or brambles? (I guess)

Quickie or sleepy sex

Coffee or tea

Play sport or watch sport?

How do you see your blog progressing – hopes and dreams?

I don’t really know. My blog is called The Sassy Sub Daily and it was intended to be about daily life as a submissive. Sir said I was sassy and I needed a pen name so it’s how sass c was born. But I thought Sir would be my forever Dom and I thought this blog would continue to document what it was like belonging to him. Now, I’m not so sure how this blog will progress as he left me and so I’m not so sure if I can even call myself a submissive anymore.

I think I’ll continue to blog daily until I hit at least the one year mark, but I need to re-evaluate the purpose of my blog. But one thing is for sure, my dream has always been to write and publish a novel so hopefully, I get there one day. 

You’ve been so generous to share, let me return the favour. Tell me a “tool/aspect of blogging” about which you need a better grasp. 

I’ll provide some information and bloggers reading this can add input via the comments.

Well, I blog daily and on the date that I’m answering this question (September 29th), I’ve written 260 blog posts. I haven’t missed a day since I’ve started blogging. Given how prolific my writing is, how do you suggest continuing to come up with new content? Sometimes, I feel as though I’m repeating myself because I can’t come up with new ideas anymore.

Thanks for your answers to my prying questions, it’s been a gift finding out more about you. My advice regarding keeping things fresh is to seek out prompts to ‘spark’ your inspiration. Story in 12 is a great Twitter prompt as is Fishnet Friday.  There is something happening most days; some picture prompts while others require words. On a Saturday you could create a sharing post #SoSS is a tag to use if you’re sharing links to posts you’ve enjoyed.


Let me lead by example:

Bibulous1 is finding a good ending in talks with his wife

KDaddy23 wonders why don’t more men act on their bi-sexual fantasies?

I’ve recently discovered the Meet Rosy site, and was particularly impressed with this post encouraging self pleasure, in particular for vulva owners, because in the past this has not been encouraged

EveRay wrote the wonderful How I Became a Woman which was quite an eye opener about the honour and responsibility which comes with our genitals

I’ve recently participated in the Fiction Relay and I’ve loved reading everyone else’s contributions to the storyline, little clues solved and yet the mystery deepens. Up North by Cousin Pons is my favourite episode  and here’s  Let Fate Decide Kate Pasithea’s stunning follow up to my part 10.

The final ‘share’ is that the Book Club has selected a Kay Jaybee novel for November, so if you’d like to join us, then download Making Him Wait  and get reading!  We will be discussing our thoughts and opinions on this book on Thursday 26 November at 9 pm – Join us in the ‘Library’ chat room of The Safeword Club (you can have Book Club membership only)

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18 thoughts on “A Saucy SassC Interview and October’s SoSS”

  1. I loved reading this interview from Sass! She is such a fabulous blogger.
    I am so sad about Sir, I could tell you were heartbroken, although things are looking good with CL.
    But Sass, just being human is so endearing and appealing. I am glad you didn’t decide to review toys. There are too many sex toy posts which are boring and seem to be competing in sounding more ridiculous than the other. But there is enormous appeal in someone exposing not just their intimate body parts, but their heart. I have found it really moving to read your accounts and those of other bloggers who are candid about their hopes and disappointments, their moments of glory and those times they came down in flames. I love when bloggers share something we all can relate to, it makes me want to keep coming back for more.

    You are a very good writer, and I am sure that novel is on the way. My advice on a novel is start now. Let it be your project. It is very hard to sit down and write a novel in one go (although some people do it). But if you start writing chunks when you are in the mood, six months later you look back and you are amazed that you have a collection of 100,000 words. Then the harder part is editing it and shaping it into a story. Self-publishing is very easy, it takes half an hour if you are using the right software. Submitting a manuscript to publishers is like going on a date with 300 different men and some of them sending you a message afterwards saying they had a nice time, but don’t think it will work….and the rest don’t bother even getting in touch. It’s exhausting and demoralising, but every now and then someone does actually get a traditional contract. Others go for a more pay & print arrangement, or they pay a publishing company a lot of money to edit and market for them but most people are unlikely to make anywhere near as much money as they paid. That’s why we went for self-publishing – it was super quick and free. But now it’s up to us to market our own books (so we rely on the social media of some of our friends who have thousands of followers and we also use our blog to mention the books we have published.)

    1. Thank you. I have five paragraphs written for the start of a novel haha. There’s been no progress since February. I have no clue where I was going with it. Some people are just so gifted with coming up with plot after plot. For me, I have yet to complete a full story as I tend to get tired of it and abandon ship at some point.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Posy and thanks to Sass for the mention. I am so pleased to have encouraged you and am sorry that life ran away and I have not been able to keep up with commenting on all of your posts.

    I love your writing and hope that you will continue to blog. I think what I have learnt is that this space in yours so don’t allow yourself to get boxed in. Your blog should be able to grow and evolve with you so if you don’t want to blog every day then don’t. You can be the sassy sub and blog weekly if that is when you have something you want to share. Either change the name to sassy sub or keep it because you are probably a sassy sub every day whether you are writing about it or not.

    I know lots of submissive who are not currently in relationships. If it is part of your identity then you can own that. There are no right or wrong rules about how to be and it sounds like submission is important to you and something you will explore again.

    I suppose my advice is wishy-washy in that it is about doing what makes you happy. Don’t allow yourself to be confined by what others might think. You are building something here which is personal to you and it is fine to let it change direction as you focus on different things.

    Missy x

    1. Thanks Missy. I think I have a lot to think about moving into a new year. I’ve been trying to work through possible changes to my blog and the frequency of posts as well as the type of content I put out there.

      As for submission, I finally updated my Fet profile to reflect that I was no longer owned and that moving forward, I was only looking for a Mistress. I guess that was the first step, but I still only get messages from college boys haha.

  3. Great interview sass c – love the 3 things for a dessert island. I do have to say most of us have a crush on Elliott lol
    As to content – invite some people to write for your blog – some who maybe thinking of blogging but have not started up yet. And remember it is ok to repeat yourself as new readers will not have read it the first time 😉
    Also it is ok to miss a day now and then.
    May x

    1. So right May – I love her humour and I don’t even mind sharing Elliott with her! Blogging should be fun not a chore, share what she’s comfortable with would be my advice.

    2. I don’t know what it is about Elliott that makes him so sexy haha. Maybe it’s because he shares his dick pics so freely or maybe it’s because he’s open about how some images/blogs give him a hard on.

      I always worried about being too repetitive which is what I often thought I was doing when I wrote about Sir or lover. I guess I shouldn’t worry too much and just write whatever is on my mind.

  4. I really enjoyed this interview, Sass, and learning even more about you than all I have read on your blog. Just for the record: I LOVE your blog! I always enjoy reading you 🙂
    As for advice on coming up with new content: prompts are always a nice way to come up with new content, and don’t worry if you repeat yourself. After all, your blog is who you are, and it’s inevitable that you will repeat yourself. Use the prompts to write about a memory, a dream, something you wish to accomplish in the future, or just as inspiration for an image. Oh, and if you can’t come up with something to write, just post an image 🙂
    And never beat yourself up when you skip a day. The fact that you have ‘daily’ in your blog name shouldn’t make you feel like you *have* to post daily.
    Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us, Sass!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks Marie. I think it’s a lot to do with my perfectionist personality. Even when I would train at the gym, they would say to take days off, but I wanted to workout 7 days a week and if I skipped a workout, I’d beat myself up over it. Maybe, it’s partially because of how I was raised. Expectations on Asian kids were beyond normal and raised the standards of what perfection looked like (though it’s never attainable). I guess it’s something I need to unlearn and give myself a break from time to time.

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