P is for Panties

It’s so important to support each other, and some wonderful people have done that for me today. Compliments and sharing has abounded on my Twitter timeline, and that’s a very positive thing.

On this blog I occasionaly share pictures – selfies in lingerie. Many of my sex blogging friends do the same. Different genders and varied body types – we’ve all got something we could show off.

I used a hashtag phrase on Twitter – #pantiesfromthepast. I wielded it like a call to arms and people with awesome bodies and lovely knickers and pants joined in. They shared pictures and I appreciated every one – re-tweeting them for others to admire.

I’m hoping this post is a suitable way to thank my friends. If you’re on Twitter. I urge you to visit and type in #pantiesfromthepast to get the full force of the fabulous images shared by some of the best people I know.

Hands on hips dressed in boots, black panties blouse & leather jacket






I’m sharing this on #SnakeDenAtoZ – P is (obviously) for Panties – For the featured image – huge thanks to my friend Jacques

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